A massive thank you to all our sponsors, without whom BattleBots simply couldn’t happen…

Platinum sponsors

Mowbot: Clean. Green. Quiet. Mowbot is an innovative franchise concept on a mission to disrupt the lawn care industry! They have partnered with Husqvarna, the leader in robotic mowing, to ensure their franchisees are equipped with the best technology to provide the highest quality lawn care. With low start-up fees and a clear plan to help you become quickly established in business, Mowbot is your chance to get in on a groundbreaking concept! Help them change the way lawns are maintained while reducing pollution. HUGE thank you to Mowbot for supporting BattleBots!

Silver sponsors

Lincoln Electric: BattleBots would grind to a screaching halt if is weren’t for Lincoln Electric. For all our events, they have set up General Botspital: a welding station for restoring broken bots. They also supply top welding talent, who have logged 100s of hours bringing bots back to life. Thank you Lincoln. Weld Red!

Become a BattleBots Sponsor

If you’d like to help BattleBots and the Robot Building Teams by becoming a sponsor, please email sponsorsATbattlebots.com – packages are still available for the current (2020) season.Download the 2020 Sponsorship One-Sheet to find out more.