5 Star Reviews for BattleBots Destruct-A-Thon – Voted Best New Show in Las Vegas

There is nothing like BattleBots live in Las Vegas…This experience is something that I will cherish."

– Perez Hilton
“BattleBots: Destruct-A-Thon is just crushing it in Las Vegas…BattleBots is for all ages… an explosive mix of destruction derby and Las Vegas spectacle… The unique, adrenaline-fueled experience is performing at BattleBots Arena at Caesars Entertainment Studios behind Horseshoe Las Vegas on Koval Lane"

-- Las Vegas Review-Journal
“The fighting is adrenalizing, with crunching impacts and sparks flying from powerful grinding wheels driving live audiences into frenzies."

– Las Vegas Magazine
"Witness five epic battles between robots as they crush and dominate each with saw blades and fiery flames. Whether you're new to Las Vegas or simply enjoy watching a good fight, bring a friend and experience next level excitement at BattleBots DESTRUCT-A-THON"

– greg.lasvegas
"A Las Vegas show that I would have begged my parents to take me to… who are we kidding I had more fun as an adult"

-- - Vegas Feedz
"This has been my favorite experience in Las Vegas. The people at the event center were so nice and welcoming. Jackpot and Malice drivers were present to talk to. The show was fun to watch. We always watch it on TV, so we were so excited to see it in person. If you are a fan then this is a must do. You will love it and enjoy seeing the action in real life. It is so awesome to see how big the bots really are."

– Jana H.
This was our 3rd time coming as a family. Each time it gets better and better! So fun for the kids to see the arena hazards and bots live! Some great fights with some unexpected surprises. We really had a blast! Just know when you come that it’s not the Discovery filming for the regular tournament. It is a live show with real unscripted fights and we loved it!."

– NYMom
"tl;dr Destruct-a-thon was the best thing we did in Vegas

… turned out to be the most wholesome, genuine, worth-the-money activity that we did while we were in Vegas. I highly recommend. Nothing better than nerds having fun. Few things you can do in a city like Vegas are equally as engaging and exciting to both 10 year olds and to 30 year olds."

– Nicholas
"Loved everything. I will be back. What a great fun environment that is positive for families, teens, couples, anyone who wants to have a great time in Las Vegas that isn’t drinking and gambling. Nice to see kids so engaged in science! Loved the merch selection."

– Happy fan
"We had a wonderful time at Destruct-A-Thon! Lots of great fights, high energy announcers, enthusiastic and knowledgeable Bot teams and well organized event! We bought general admission seats but still had an excellent view of the arena. Good merchandise and snacks were available, along with photo-ops with the Bot Teams! If you like BattleBots, you'll have an awesome time."

– Tara
"You get to watch 5 battles of pure robot carnage and mayhem…My kids absolutely loved it"

– Vegasstarfish
"Wonderful experience fun for the whole family. Was a very exciting and fun filled event. I hope it continues to grow and develop as the next generation gain interest in robotics."

– C.B.
"The show is full of energy, interactive and the boys had the best time. There's not a bad seat!"

– Vegas Family Guide
"It was crazy! There was fire and all sorts of chaos going on. I honestly didn't know what to expect when I came here, but If you're looking for something to do in Vegas for all ages this is the spot."

– Terrakimberlyscott
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From the creators of the TV show BattleBots comes the world’s first daily robot-combat show. An intense, fast-moving, family-friendly, fight-fest staring robots that have delighted millions of fans all over the world. Come see the likes of Witch Doctor, Kraken, Mammoth, HyperShock, Whiplash and more, as well as several new bots specially created for this live Vegas show. Some performances will feature fights from rookie teams eager to try out for the next BattleBots World Championship. Come see BattleBots Destruct-A-Thon – Recently voted Best New Show in Las Vegas!

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Meet the robots

Banshee (WCVII)

Beta (WCVII)

Big Dill (WCVII)

Black Dragon (WCVII)

Blip (WCVII)

Bloodsport (WCVII)

Captain Shrederator (WCVII)

Claw Viper (WCVII)

Cobalt (WCVII)

Copperhead (WCVII)

DeathRoll (WCVII)


Doomba (WCVII)

Double Tap (WCVII)

Dragon King (WCVII)

Emulsifier (WCVII)

End Game (WCVII)

Free Shipping (WCVII)

Fusion (WCVII)

Gigabyte (WCVII)

Glitch (WCVII)

Gruff (WCVII)

HiJinx (WCVII)

Horizon (WCVII)



HyperShock (WCVII)

Jackpot (WCVII)

Kraken (WCVII)

Lock-Jaw (WCVII)



Malice (WCVII)

Mammoth (WCVII)

Minotaur (WCVII)

Monsoon (WCVII)

Ominous (WCVII)


Quantum (WCVII)

Ribbot (WCVII)

RIPperoni (WCVII)

Riptide (WCVII)


Rusty Jr. (WCVII)

SawBlaze (WCVII)

Shatter! (WCVII)


Skorpios (WCVII)

Slammo! (WCVII)

Starchild (WCVII)

Switchback (WCVII)

Tantrum (WCVII)

Terrortops (WCVII)

Triton (WCVII)

Valkyrie (WCVII)

Whiplash (WCVII)

Witch Doctor (WCVII)

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