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Tickets are ON SALE NOW for BattleBots 2020 taking place April 3-15 in Long Beach CA. Just click over to our Eventbrite page and purchase your tickets today!

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Event Details

The hit show BattleBots is back, where world-class fighting machines battle to the death in the hopes of winning the most prestigious prize in Sports: The Giant Nut. Once again, we’ll be descending upon Long Beach, CA to do glorious battle in front of live audiences. We’ll have two ticketed sessions per day starting April 3rd through April 15th (except dark days – see schedule below) culminating in the crowning of the 2020 BattleBots World Champion. Don’t miss the spectacle of live robot combat—get your tickets now!

In every session, the audience will witness metal-munching, head-to-head, monster matchups. BattleBots has one-of-a-kind fight cards containing multiple main events between legendary BattleBots All-Stars; Undercard fights from incredible newcomers; Battles between the best international bots from overseas; and jaw-dropping exhibition matches, robot rumbles, grudge rematches.

We’re filming a brand new television series and YOU can be part of the live audience. Not only will you witness the awesome spectacle of robot-on-robot, gear-grinding mayhem, but you might also be seen on the new TV show!

So get your tickets now! Space is limited! Bring your friends, bring your family, have a great time and experience the robot fighting awesome saucesomeness that is BattleBots!


  • VIP Tickets (see below for details): $55/65 (weekdays/weekends – including Friday evening)
  • General Admission: $25/35 (weekdays/weekends – including Friday evening)
  • Tunnel Tickets (see below for details): $10
  • Super Mega Ultra VIP (see below for details): $950
  • ADA seating available

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Six Simple Rules

  1. Be On Time: Please show up for your chosen session on time. Latecomers may not be granted access. Tickets are non-refundable.
  2. Be Strong: Plan on staying for the entire duration. A typical session can last between 3-4 hours, and we will need you pumped and excited for all the incredible robot fights. We are counting on you to be part of our great TV audience. Please commit to staying for ALL matches during your session(s). We need you.
  3. Be Cool: NO spoilers, NO photos, NO videos. You must keep what you see at the event private—don’t spoil it for the TV viewers. When purchasing your ticket, you must agree and accept the Audience Waiver: Revocable License and Confidentiality Agreement.
  4. Be Stylish: You might be seen on TV so look good! Dress sharp, dress cool, dress in full-fan-regalia or as your favorite bot. Show the world how great BattleBots fans are. Please no logo wear (shirts, hats, etc.), except Official BattleBots® gear, of course. If you wear logo’d apparel (with the exception of BattleBots® apparel), we will ask you to remove or cover it up. You can purchase Offical BattleBots® gear at our online store (please don’t buy BattleBots T-shirts on Amazon – they are counterfeit). There will be a sign making booth on site complete with a list of matchups for your sign making pleasure.
  5. Be Parentally Guided: Kids under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
  6. Be Awesome: This is a TV taping for a show that will be seen around the world—so bring your energy and enthusiasm, make signs, dress up, go crazy!


VIP Tickets

For the ultimate BattleBots experience come as a VIP!

VIP status buys you:

  1. PIT TOUR: You asked for it – you got it. For the first time ever VIP tickets will include a guided tour through the BattleBots backstage including The Pit.
  2. VIP SEATS: The best seats in the house in an exclusive VIP seating area.
  3. VIP PARKING: Closer to the venue. Less walking, less stress, your VIP parking area awaits you.
  4. SPECIAL EDITION VIP BADGE: All VIP ticket holders will wear a special edition event badge to gain access to VIP perks around the venue.
  5. SOUVENIR PROGRAM: All VIP ticket holders will receive a free, commemorative event program—great for getting those bot builder autographs!

Pit Tours

VIP ticket holders will enjoy an exclusive, guided tour of the BattleBots backstage area, including the Pit: the massive area where builders prepare their bots for battle. A wise bot builder once said, “The Giant Nut isn’t won in the BattleBox, it’s won in the Pit.” Witness the struggle, see the robot builders in their native habitat, and watch how it all goes down backstage at BattleBots!

Pit Tours will occur either an hour before showtime (Pre-Show Pit Tour), or directly after showtime (Post Show Pit Tour). When purchasing your VIP tickets please choose whether your want your Pit Tour to be Pre or Post-Show. Tours will be on a tight, rotating schedule so please be on time.

If you select a Pre-Show Pit Tour be sure to show up at least 1-hour before showtime (earlier the better). Post-Show Pit Tours will begin directly after the show concludes. Our VIP Coordinator will greet you on site and schedule your Pre or Post-show Pit Tour on a first-come-first-served basis.

NOTE: There will be some outstanding photo opportunities during the tour. However, no photography or video will be allowed in the actual pit area. This is to prevent accidential spoilers of the TV show.

Tunnel Tickets

If you’ve seen BattleBots on TV, you’ll know that Main Event robots enter through a tunnel where they wave to the audience before their big match. BattleBots is excited to announce that we have a limited number of seats available that are right next to this tunnel, and they offer a unique experience that the other seating options don’t deliver:

  1. Tunnel Tickets are one of the best places to sit if you want to be seen on the TV show, as cameras will be looking for your reaction as the Main Event robots enter for their fight. So dress up, wave signs and get noticed.
  2. Tunnel Tickets are in an area where much of the show production is happening so you might also catch a glimpse of all the goings on behind the scenes: like Faruq practicing his lines, or Chris and Kenny prepping for an interview.
  3. Tunnel Tickets are behind the BattleBox Arena and have a restricted view of the fights—hence the discounted $10 price—but don’t worry, there will be a large monitor setup so you will be able to see the fights just fine.

Super Ultra Mega VIP Tickets

We will be selling a very limited number of Super Ultra Mega VIP tickets, the ultimate BattleBots fan ticket package. The package includes: single tickets to ALL 20 SESSIONS of BattleBots; tour of the BattleBots Pit; VIP Parking; free BattleBots 2020 Event T-shirt; access to our Executive Lounge; Super Ultra Mega Badge; free souvenir program; and more surprises! The quintessential BattleBots fan experience.

Each package is $950 per person. If you’d like to purchase please contact us direclty at

$10 OFF Weekday Tickets

When purchasing weeday tickets you’ll see a second price catagory called the Weekday Saver Special. Choose that price as it will get you $10.00 off weekday tickets. This discount is good for both General and VIP weekday tickets (excluding Friday evenings and Tunnel Tickets).



Important Note

This is a TV taping so expect delays. We’ll do our best to bring the fights out as quickly as possible but we need to capture all the required shots for the TV show (some of which might include you!). Your patience is greatly appreciated. That said, bring a small cushion, some water (no glass bottles) and settle in for a fantastic spectacle you’ll never forget.

Insider Tip

Insiders know that the first few sessions of the season include some of the best fights. Come and see the bots brand spanking new before the battle scars set in. Also, our weekday shows regularly have some of the best fights of the season, including the finals!


Parking is FREE and available on site at parking lot 8 (we’ll have signs out to direct you):

Parking Lot 8
2770 Industry Ave,
Long Beach, CA 90712

NOTE: When searching this address in Google Maps, the city may change to Lakewood, CA. Don’t worry – Lakewood and Long Beach are interchangeable as Lakewood is on the border of Long Beach CA, adjacent to the Long Beach airport.

Food & Merch

Food and cool BattleBots merchandise will be available for purchase.

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