Outtakes, deleted scenes, and special footage

If it doesn’t wind up on the TV show, we’ll do our best to show it here and on our YouTube channel.

BattleBots: 2020 Season promos, specials and outtakes

BattleBots: 2020 Tale of the Tape

BattleBots: 2020 Behind the Battle

BattleBots: The FAN Show: Red Square/Blue Square

BattleBots: How to Build a DUCK!

BattleBots: Witch Doctor and Friends

BattleBots: 2019 Season Basement Tapes

BattleBots: 2019 Season – In the Pit with Jenny Taft

BattleBots: 2019 Season promos, specials and outtakes

BattleBots: Amazon re:MARS live event

The F.A.N. Show Interviews (2019)

BattleBots: Resurrection

2018 Season promos, specials and outtakes

2018 Season Basement Tapes

BotCam: 360 fights powered by Insta360

Season 2 just the fights

Season 2 specials and outtakes

Season 2 Basement Tapes

Tale of the tape (season 2)

Season 1 just the fights

Season 1 specials and outtakes

Season 1 Basement Tapes

Bobak’s breakdowns (season 1)

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