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1 day ago

THE DOCTOR IS IN: Eight teams battle it out for an appointment with the Witch Doctor, This Thursday 8pm on Discovery!! ... See MoreSee Less

THE DOCTOR IS IN: Eight teams battle it out for an appointment with the Witch Doctor, This Thursday 8pm on Discovery!

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We’re honored to be the Bounty this week, and can’t wait to battle versus one of these bots! Such a variety of bots to prepare to fight against!

I Haven’t seen yet. Should be decent but honestly there’s no way these bots stand a chance against Witch Doctor. Huge and Valkyrie if they are in perfect operational form but I’m expecting Witch Doctor to win this one!

I have seen all of the Bounty fights. I subscribed to Discovery+ primarily for two programs. Now these are coming to cable TV. The rest of the shows on Plus I have already seen or aren't worth watching. Being disappointed with Discovery Plus.

No spoilers, “but there’s a 2 for 1 Special” that is one of the coolest things I’ve seen on BattleBots Excellent tournament!

Can't wait - it's gonna be epic!!!

Concerned... I’ve heard this was filmed prior to the regular season and Witch Doctor was having a lot of issues at the start of that. Would love to see it scrap some bots, but... might see another legend go down

Why are you posting these as if they haven't already been released? We've all seen I and we all know what happens.

We want RUSTY!!!!

Let's hope it's better than last week. It was a little slow until the last two matches. But love us some BB!!

Witch doctor is my favorite

We want to see DEADLIFT again

Why are these no longer being uploaded to Discovery+ ?

***Please add 2 more boxes to write in- who competes against bounty hunter and the WINNER

Seeing as it got beat badly in this years season, why is it the bounty bot?

I Bet Its Huge And Witch Doctor

The Doctor might give you a diagnosis that you wont be able to fix. No matter how many techs got you!! 🤷🏻

Landon Reed

It is interesting that people rarely refer to Witch Doctor as a "she", in the way that Mega Tento, Chomp, and Valkyrie are. (I actually think it is pretty cool when builders gender their bots. Gives personality although Witch Doctor has plenty of that already!)

I though Icewave was next?

Yessssss! The Doctor is in! ☠️

These match ups look pretty predictable, i think... Valk > extinguisher Sub zero > pain train Malice > tracer Huge > slap box Just based on track records. After that its tough to call between valk and sub. I think huge will beat malice. Huge over all i think has the best chance to beat witch doctor

Seen them all, need more 😉

Witch Doctor is my favorite!

Go team Witch Doctor - BattleBot 💀💚💜🖤


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4 days ago

🤔🤔 ... See MoreSee Less


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Battle bots on tour please shut up and take my damn money now

Hopefully the arena is okay with someone taking a chunk out of the floor... an inch of ice isn't as tough as it sounds.

Battlebots........on ICE! I have my routine ready

C'mon G/T, do it! For scale, (and reconsideration). Some Maya renders from twenty years ago... 2001.

Please don't tease us like this. It would be awesome if Season 6 were to be held someplace like the Forum!

Bringing back Icewave after all ‘eh?

Stop teasing me now because this box is so damn good in the way it looks and I love tonight's episode

Potential season 6 locations? Somewhere closer to the east coast. Somewhere closer to the east coast 🤞🏻

Solves the uneven floor complaints.

BattleBots on ice!? I think this might give full body spinners an unfair advantage as they are big hockey pucks.

Would be a good time to start making little tire chains for traction...

Battlebots on Ice tour

A Battle Bots Arena tour perhaps?

Give hypershock some tire chains and he'll take the tournament

I see what you're doing... Leveling the playing field for Ginsu... Brilliant

mech madness irl

Imagine Chomp ice skating, or rather a 500lb Bambi on ice.

BB on the rocks.

No more floor issues, just run the zamboni after each match.

Touring? TOURING?!?!?! OMG YES PLEASE!!!!

Well flamethrower weaponry would definitely be more interesting...

What country is the field in?

I think that the 1 bot who would have an advantage is CHOMP

Duck at the ducks?

Now you are just teasing!

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4 days ago

🤔 ... See MoreSee Less


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And now do you understand? Apple Sausage (no chicken)

When do tickets go on sale for next year!!!??!

Baker Hanger at the Santa Monica Airport? Awesome space!

Hopefully an upgrade from LA Hangar Studios? I loved attending Sesaon 2 but during the day it got pretty sweaty in there.

Please don’t be teasing!!! 😂

😮 With a space that big it’s time to build the bots Transformer size

A new permanent location?

Bring back the Lightweights! We want Ziggo!

After the season time to hit the road and tour fight around the country. The show is a big hit here in upstate NY and a bunch of schools have robot clubs at the schools in my small area. I trip to California to see the show they love is just not in the cards for most kids but bringing it to them then at least they have a shot.

A traveling show would be great, move say quarterly around the country.

battlebots thunderdome?

Mammoth getting a bit rediculous with their robot now...

“Welcome to BattleBots Hangar!”

Bring back the classes light middle heavy and super heavy

If you ever decide to come to the UK to do a show we have 2 of the biggest hangers ever made here in Bedford England look up cardington hangers

Moffett Airfield in Mountain View?

I thought it was the em-50 at first glance



With all the great bots and new builders, any chance of a tiered competition? Could be cool if lower tiered bots could move up after being successful.

They should use the old Tustin hangers. They have plenty of room!

Aerial battlebots?

Battlebots on the road?!?! Please tour!!!!

Everybody’s downsizing. It’s ok. 😌

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5 days ago

TONIGHT: Eight teams enter the fray to take down the mighty hammer of Beta. DON'T MISS BATTLEBOTS: BOUNTY HUNTERS - 8pm - Discovery ... See MoreSee Less

TONIGHT: Eight teams enter the fray to take down the mighty hammer of Beta. DONT MISS BATTLEBOTS: BOUNTY HUNTERS - 8pm - Discovery

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Why don't they use a war hammer end instead of the pill shape? Also, you actually do damage if you swing. I don't think they swung more than 3 times all season. Spinners constantly are trying to do damage. Hammers have to wait for fleeting opportunities.

Win or lose, I always enjoy watching Lockjaw do battle. But tonight, Lockjaw was just plain awesome. Congratulations for the win!

Hammer bots never seem to work that well because they have to aim too much. I was never really impressed with Beta. Sure it has a powerful hammer that can do some damage when it can connect in just the right spot, which is rare.

Lockjaw and Bloodsport was the best match this week. Beta was kind of a disappointment. Didn't seem Beta even came to compete after such a big buildup.

Craig Danby from Slammow has the absolute worst sportsmanship that I’ve seen on multiple occasions. I hope his team doesn’t get invited back in any future season.

I would like to see similar bots paired, Beta vs Shatter, flippers like Hydra vs other flippers, spinners vs spinners.

I just came here to read the comments about Beta. I knew they weren't going to fire their hammer. They never do. What's the point of entering these competitions if they are too afraid to brawl it out?


My favorite quotes: Axebackwards - hit me again Axebackwards - I’m moving, he’s not. Donald - Crank it up. Bamm Killshot!!

I was leery of Beta being the hunted on this one, I am never very impressed with them and this "battle" proved that out, one of the worst performances ever. Rusty would have been a far better opponent.

Loving these bounty episodes!! ❤ Congrats to Lockjaw!

Love BattleBots but last night's show was boring until the last 2 matches. Then.... BOOM!

These main event fights have been quite disappointing.

Hijinx had one wheel going but Slammow had no wheels moving . The count out was the right call .

Beata would up having a bad case of Lockjaw and didn't survive. Donald Hudson prevailed again. Go Donald!

Look, I’m not saying Donald Hudson is Kevin Bacon with a wig on... But I’ve never seen the two of them in the same place 🤷🏻‍♂️

Who was the guy in the background with a shirt that said "I'm a ray of f***ing sunshine"?

I hate the vertical armor. It seems to be useless if the idea is to win.

Lockjaw was on point tonight.. bloodsport and lockjaw was a helluva match

Lockjaw wins!

Oh no.... Not a hammer bot... Nnnoooo

The "mighty hammer" that didn't do anything all season?



Beta is a "legend"??? Did they even swing their hammer all season? Duck and Minotaur would be much better legends (hint hint)!

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1 week ago

Another awesome episode from HEXBUG of Behind the Battle! This week we celebrate Team Skorpios, the 2020 recipient of the Founders Award. What's that you ask? Watch and find out. ... See MoreSee Less

Video image

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My hat is off to Skorpios for crushing (literally) my favorite bot in one of the bounty matches!!! I’m bummed that IceWave lost so decisively, but they couldn’t have been beat by better team who used the prize money for a great cause. 🤖

News from HEXBUG has been really dry lately. There was no Toy Fair this year, so we have no idea what's coming. Still anxiously waiting for this year's BattleBots toys to get revealed.

Part 1 !?!?!

Helen Carole Miller

1 week ago

DO YOU THINK YOU'RE BETA THAN ME? There’s a huge cash bounty on the head of BETA, as 8 hopefuls fight to become the Bounty Hunter—including veteran Lock-Jaw, fiery Axe Backwards, flashy HiJinx, and grappler SlamMow. Only one will survive. Watch BattleBots: Bounty Hunters Thursday 8pm on Discovery ... See MoreSee Less

DO YOU THINK YOURE BETA THAN ME? There’s a huge cash bounty on the head of BETA, as 8 hopefuls fight to become the Bounty Hunter—including veteran Lock-Jaw, fiery Axe Backwards, flashy HiJinx, and grappler SlamMow. Only one will survive. Watch BattleBots: Bounty Hunters Thursday 8pm on Discovery

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if beta wants to win, he should use that pointy hammer of his.

My money is on Bloodsport or Lock-Jaw making it to the Beta fight. No one spoil for me if I'm right or not please.

Beta lost really badly. And totally sucked. It’s new armor configuration was a total disappointment. Was hoping for at least one more good fight with the hammer 😞

I cannot wait for the Witch Doctor fight!

Looking at this lineup, it seems odd that Lockjaw wasn't the bounty instead. Lockjaw has competed in every season of the reboot, has gotten further in the tournament than Beta ever did (Top 4 against Top 8), and Donald Hutson is one of the most decorated drivers in the history of the sport.

I'm putting my money on lock-jaw.

Beta sucked. It was a massacre.

But beta is awful?

This was honestly the worst one of the season

Wont watch this one. Bot didn’t do anything all year.

So love Thursdays. Battlebot time!

If Beta Learned From The Fight With Ribbot, They May Stand A Chance Against Lockjaw Or Fusion

I like the bounty Hunter shows

Wouldn't Lockjaw be a bounty bot?

Easy win

These are all re -runs

Discovery + sucks


Seen it, Lockjaw’s gonna win by KO

Bring back Rusty!

Anthony Venet

I think two match ups are easy preditions. Lockjaw and bloodsport will win -- and i think these two are most likely to go all the way to beta. Any others, i am unsure of

Who's your favorite but mine is end-game comment yours

Is this show no longer on Hulu?

Old newes.. BETA loses.. obviously, garbage pile of a robot.

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2 weeks ago

Can someone take down the King of Kinetic Energy? Find out TONIGHT: BattleBots: Bounty Hunters - 8pm - Discovery ... See MoreSee Less

Can someone take down the King of Kinetic Energy? Find out TONIGHT: BattleBots: Bounty Hunters - 8pm - Discovery

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This was the first time Tombstone's blue blade was used since Season 2.

It's been done before, but always a very entertaining fight!

I agree tombstone needs to cover his wheels other teams have learned to beat him.

That was some great fights tonight

What is Bounty Hunters? When are these shot compared to the usual tournament season? Are they earlier unaired fights? Is this a whole new thing filmed after the tournament? Are competitors housed nearby somewhere? Aren't they from all over the world?

I’d say yes the way his tournament went.

Victor Soto has a really crappy, arrogant attitude!! That’s not what Battlebots is about! His bot got pushed around and controlled the entire fight. Just because Beta didn’t need to use their weapon to do it doesn’t negate their success. Bad sportsmanship should be an automatic disqualification!

Ray Billings deserves better than some of these comments. He used the horizontal spinner made from the same grade steel that won him a NUT in 2016. As for anyone asking who won, watch for yourself.

If AI gets too intelligent, they will outlaw Battlebots!

if he secures his wheel, he won't see defeat! It is really very successful.

Smeeeeeee vs Mammoth is the real main event.

Bite force can take down the legendary tombstone

After so many session, those wheels still uncovered!


There are people talking about Tombstone needing an update. The main problem this season was the building rules. Weight limit on weapon as well as speed/ energy output. The Tombstone of old hit harder on average.

End Game has entered the chat...

Is this an April Fools Prank?

Wooooohooooo Congratulations Tombstone!

Pretty much any bot with a low front wedge...

What a fantastic fight!

Say what you want to about Tombstone but it could beat the crap out of any of those over designed turd-bots that Zoe Stephenson (Chomp) builds.

Tombstone is a legendary bot but since a couple of seasons builders are catching up and there is no better exemple than Bite Force,Skorpios, Rotator to name a few who proved that Tombstone's blade can't handle all bots.I suggest a wedge on the back to at least transform Tombstone into a push bot battle proved than even wedges can make the mark if the blade fails to score maximum control points and tip the scales in a battle agains a good oponent.

tombstone is gonna win no problem no matter what bot.

My all-time favorite Bot!

And that would be a great big NO

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2 weeks ago

Check out the amazing BattleBots fan art by the super talented @l._duderino — so awesome that BattleBots CoFounder @megagreg had to purchase some! ... See MoreSee Less

Check out the amazing BattleBots fan art by the super talented @l._duderino — so awesome that BattleBots CoFounder @megagreg had to purchase some!Image attachmentImage attachment

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I so want that HUGE vs Mammoth picture

BattleBots Loteria!!!

Fantastic job!

Saul Chacha

she entered the middle one in a competition and won that well deserved what do you think of my battlebots art

Welp, that's me out of a job. :v

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2 weeks ago

Do we have a King Slayer? Find out Thursday 8pm on Discovery as eight teams fight for the right to face the iconic spinner Tombstone! ... See MoreSee Less

Do we have a King Slayer? Find out Thursday 8pm on Discovery as eight teams fight for the right to face the iconic spinner Tombstone!

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I think Jackpot will go against Tombstone.

Hm, I feel that Jackpot or Mammoth will most likely be the one to make it to Tombstone. If either of them fail to make it Kraken might be able to pull it off. I would also love to see a Gruff vs. Tombstone rematch! That said I can't see any of them except for Gruff beating the king of kinetic energy.

I’d love to see mammoth leave the arena in a trash can

I So Wanna See Smee Or Mammoth Go Against Tombstone.... But In This Episode.... That May Not Happen

Jackpot and Kraken have the best chance out of the group

I can't wait to watch myself. I usually see them on Instagram, and it makes me want to build again. I missed this show for years. I have a weak spot for unique designs but tombstone is in a league of its own

I had my doubts about these battles, but they’ve been great so far! Very entertaining.

Interesting, some bots are doing more than one bounty hunt

I unfortunately have to watch on cable, but these can easily be done in one episode. I just watched the first half of the Bronco bounty hunt, and prepping the next fight to end the episode is just dirty 🤣 Excited to see icewave come back in episodes 3&4

Wait, wasn't the next episode supposed to be Beta?

Great set of matches, does not disappoint!!

Tombstone will destroy all of them if he learns how to drive again, hahhahha

Smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeans mammoth is a dandy you won’t be disappointed.

Is this new or the same? I keep looking on discovery+ and don't see any new episodes

Tombstone is the proof that sometimes less is more. Such a simple design but an engineering feat at the same time.

Kind of mean but would love to see Smeeeeeeeee go up against Tombstone.

Tombstone vs mammoth

Didn't this already air??

How have i allready seen the 1st half of this?? Unless its a freak accident none of the challengers even have a destructive weapon.. Yall all but loaded him with alot of shoulda been gimmes all season.. His bot doesnt seem near as well constructed as the past.... Quick change parts? Or what..?

Gemini looks like Tombstone’s babies .

Tombstone - BattleBots is the bot that got me interested in watching the program—years ago! I’m hoping the King of kinetic energy will emerge victorious from the “bounty hunter” matches.

So far none of the scheduled final round bots have been victorious and Tombstone has had some issues this season. We pick our brackets before each match and every final match with me picking both Ice Wave and Bronco has resulted in a loss for me. I know if I don't pick Tombstone then it will probably win. 😂

“Do we have a king slayer?” I mean

Tombstone is washed up

Dang I already know how this goes. That's crazy. 🤐🤐

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2 weeks ago

Could this be DUCK! 2021? ... See MoreSee Less

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I really missed seeing Duck this year!!

Duck was missed last year. I look forward to seeing if this new lifter is more effective than the previous lifter.

I love Duck but he does need more of an offense weapon My opinion

Yesssss!!! I ❤️ Duck! It is built like a 🧱 🏠, but is the bill supposed to act like a lifter? It doesn’t seem like much of a offensive weapon. Hopefully there is a little extra in there somewhere.

I love duck. This is adorable. I want him to have a white Spinner Killer Tail on back (like the old bill, but white) and the new Bill on the front is his clamping Sass Talker. -^

Wow, looks exactly like Slap Box if the team actually had money... Can't wait to see how closely the attachments mimic ours too! 🤣

Ok I be the one that says this: So what are the chances of this duck sneaking under and making tombstone distroy itself??

So what is the weapon? This beak doesn't look strong enough to be a flipper or grabber.

It even makes duck noises. It's the new Giant Nut winner because of that.

Truly missed Duck this last season. Great driver and bot. Just needs to do a bit more damage.

I do hope we get to see the armoured pizza box fight again. 👍

before the test drive i was thinking "they need to put a horn in it so it quacks everytime it opens its beak" i was not disappointed

Are those actual vents on the front? Hard to tell if they lead right to front drive motors. If so then it’s venerable to flame throwers.

The liposuction joke was 👌

I love it That being said I am a bit worried about how exposed the wheels are now that the lifter doesn't block in front of the front wheels anymore. Nevertheless, the bot builders are much smarter than me, and I cant wait to see Duck in action!

What is his primary weapon?

Guess I am the only one that hasn’t been impressed with Duck, and surely doesn’t have the personality Rusty does. 🤷‍♂️

Do we really need Duck anymore when we have Rusty?

This video is Chapter 6 from our DUCK! 3.0 build report. Watch the whole build report here:

Should shoot fire out when the mouth opens.

Our duck is back!!

Can it drive upside down, and it needs to ram into something to make sure the beak isindestructible

Exposed wheels?

Duck was missed last season.

What a quack! 🤣

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