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18 hours ago


BotFans - please like, follow and support the Robot Combat Competitors Fighting Cancer Facebook page.

Started by survivor and Bot Builder Kevin Berry from Team Moebius and Team Kraken, their goal is to raise money for highly needed bone marrow and stem cell transplants that are saving lives.

Please consider donating, and many thanks for your attention.
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Thanks to BattleBots for helping a great service organization, Be The Match in their support of patients fighting blood cancers by matching transplant donors and recipients.

1 day ago


AMA with Team HyperShock tonight at 8pm ET over at ... See MoreSee Less

AMA with Team HyperShock tonight at 8pm ET over at

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A valiant effort this past Friday. Definitely the best that HyperShock has ever been.

One of my favorite teams!!

Great effort last week. Keep it going! Stay aggressive! Rooting for you guys!

I’m having so much fun watching Hypershock this season!!!

You definitely had the durability but could not inflict major damage to Biteforce; it was limping. What could you have done differently?

Great fight Friday

This guy gets wayy too much face time. I like the bot but wouldn't mind seeing some other teams in the pits.

Definitely a great battle against Bite Force, but dang those exposed wheels are like candy to other vertical spinners.

You guys are doing really well this season 🙂

Can you start linking the actual thread itself as well as the battlebots reddit? Idk how to use reddit to well and I can't always find the ama. Either way love yal

Damn, I woulda asked about what kinda frames the lime green ones are that he always wears

You guys are killing it this year! Go Hypershock!


Need to cover those wheels!

Team Velcro Armor Fastening Systems...

Waiting for someone to come up with a 100k+ rpm fast ramp spinner.. but that would probably kill 5 batteries.

#1 driver!

Poor HS

That was an epic fight Friday night

Go HyperShock! Kick Bite Forces’ butt!

They drove so bad against Bite Force 😒

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2 days ago


A FIGHT TO THE DEATH! Nothing is held back in this battle as Whiplash tries to stay alive against veteran all-star Donald Hutson and his robot Lock-Jaw. Another fantastic fight from the recent Amazon re:MARS event held live from Las Vegas. And don't miss BattleBots this Friday at 8pm on Discovery. Lock-Jaw will be fighting B… Oh wait. You'll have to wait until the fight card drops this thursday to find out. ... See MoreSee Less

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This was a fun event. I hope Battlebots can do more of these in the future.

Good fight, made so much better by not having constant cutaways to see the drivers and announcers instead of the bots.

Very good fight

Donald Hudson used to have the most unqieue designs. I feel like Lockjaw is pretty bland when compared to the rest of the competition.

What a lucky boy 😉

So battlebots, does this mean you will return to Las Vegas again? I miss seeing it there! Please.....

good fight

Its gotta be bronco. Last time, neither bot was driving properly. So, this is probably a rematch, to truly see whose bot is best.

WoW hoki

We've got to really go for some better sound mixing on these Vegas clips.

Great fight! Looking forward to seeing the new episode this coming Friday. I can’t for the fight card ‘cause I wanna see some intense matchups, maybe see some robots explode.

Love robot fighting time!!

Okay, Marketing Idea. Why can't we combine battlebots and the new automated McDonald robot kiosks? Robots, fighting to the death to create your burger.

On the fight... damn, Whiplash is tough as hell.

Great fight, Whiplash - BattleBot!!

Battlebots raw with box audio only and no cuts to announcers would be awesome.

Jhon Edier Morales Clavijo


Matthew Deane


What a fierce battle

Lígia Obara

the background sounds are not real ....

Sco Lib

This is a great fight Amber!

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2 days ago


🚨Spoiler Alert🚨 Post match interview with team Copperhead. Become a BattleBots Supporter to see more post match interviews and other behind the scenes footage. ... See MoreSee Less

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I feel bad for bronco this season, seems like hydra going to take over as the best flipper eventually

I hope people keep it up with the full body spinners, they bring all kinds of surprises to the sport.

Copperhead team is full of good peeps <3

What was that long pole thingy in front of Chronos main bot? What was it supposed to do? I’d really not have baby bots, but use the time and material to strengthen my main bot.

lol, "Timeline," nice. I couldn't get a good look at it, though... is it supposed to be a long wedge to high-center opponents, or just a step to block/slow down movement?

That was a massive hit..

Please give me link of new guest frog team

That fight was crazy

Love the show, except for that bearded screaming idiot and his lame ass puns, almost totally ruins the show.

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3 days ago


🚨SPOILER ALERT🚨More bots. More battles. Watch #BattleBots 8p ET on Discovery and on Discovery GO. ... See MoreSee Less

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This was a fantastic fight


An awesome battle! Love Valkyrie!

That was a great one!

My son and I Love the Bots and the creators but when the battle goes to the judges they often screw the pooch. We have some suggestions to help. Monitors, the team drivers and judges should have monitors to view the battles from the best angles at all times because it is clear they are missing things, that is why the same mistakes are happening repeatedly. Good Luck, GO Duck!

I love ❤️ battlebots, I spend hours watching this every night

Great Fight!



I'm loving those hypershock plasters

This is one of the best fights!

De lujo!

The best fight!

One one hand I'm happy that Valkyrie is now 2-1, but on the other hand I'm upset that Monsoon is now 1-2.

Que buenas batallas Saludos desde México 🇲🇽

This would be a really cool idea for a video game

That was a proper Brexit from BattleBots :-))) great job Valkyrie

Good fight

Wow 😍

Fully expected monsoon to walk away with the win

I just wanna know, are the commentators mainly from Sports? 🤔 they sound and look like they like it more for than humans fights. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Plus, I'd like to see a robot they build. Which weapons? The NAME?

Who knew the Greg Gibson Yeti approach would work so well for Valkyrie 😅

This not on in uk love the show

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3 days ago


Team Valkyrie - BattleBot used both Markforged composite and metal 3D printers in the development of their combat #robot for the show BattleBots.

Check out this video to learn more about how 3D printing was used to produce over 100 parts this season.
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Amazing behind the scenes. I’m hoping Valkyrie can make to the Top 16, and maybe face a new opponent that could give them their run. I’m thinking Witch Doctor, Tombstone or Mammoth. I hope the selection committee give them a matchup worth seeing!

Awesome use of additive manufacturing!

Valkyrie is very quickly becoming one of my favorites this season

Nice job 🥰

Scott Moyse Gavin Bath Matthew Weake Joe Huang a pretty cool use case for a Markforged

Es extremadamente hermoso como hacen las modificaciones

Technology has certainly come a long way since the beginning of battlebots.


Why does valkyrie seem so much smaller than other 250 pound bots

Renato Yoshizaki

Joshua Huber this is so cool

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3 days ago


AMA with Team PCP - Petunia - Battlebots tonight at 2pm ET over at ... See MoreSee Less

AMA with Team PCP - Petunia - Battlebots tonight at 2pm ET over at

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Even me as a dutch fan, i have to say this bot cant compete. the weapon is too slow and it seems like the whole bot is a lightweight compared to the rest of the competition.

Great looking bird, and flies pretty well, too!

Wow looking forward to see this wonderful match

Adam Cruz

“Spittoonia” has been on fire more then it’s won!

It won't pierce anything , stupid concept. But I understand the show needs different bots

Had a rough time of it

I keep hearing brags about that crushing power. Would like to see that beak pierce something

that name hahaha. im sorry but the name has me in stitches

the dork squad

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4 days ago


This is NOT the position Petunia wants to be in while facing Hydra. And the position YOU want to be in is on your couch, snuggled with your family and your dog/cat (it's okay to let 'em on the coach this one time), watching BattleBots on your TV. Hurry up! #BattleBots is on Discovery NOW! ... See MoreSee Less

This is NOT the position Petunia wants to be in while facing Hydra. And the position YOU want to be in is on your couch, snuggled with your family and your dog/cat (its okay to let em on the coach this one time), watching BattleBots on your TV. Hurry up! #BattleBots is on Discovery NOW!

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Kudos to hypershock for hanging in there, great fight!

i hope bronco will go back in shape. What a sluggish season for bronco so far. 🙁

I've been gone on military orders and the best part of coming home is watching battlebots with my family, all the furbabies, and our friends on their 72 inch tv vs my phone

This show needs to be an hour long. Way too many commercials and nonsense.

Great fight! 👍

These flippers always seem to get the most impressive knockouts. First there was that time Bronco placed Duck precisely between the wall and the glass barrier, now it’s that time Hydra made the clock clock out and went on to place Petunia exactly on top of that wall.

i missed it last night! 🙁 where can I watch it?

I hope bronco can pull a minotaur and get back in this.

Wow, Bronco, disappointing season.

I'M WATCHING RIGHT NOW...its a commercial, but I'm watching

OMG! That was such a fun fight!!

That was a great fight

⛓⚙️🛠 But, tonight there were more pieces on the floor and fires 🌬☔️💦🔥‼️

Heck Yeah!!!,.. i'm Watching too, most the picks i wanted won already, waiting for Main event,.. going for Hypershock for the Win!!!Lets just see who wins!!!

Flippers are cool and all but when is Hydra going to fight something that can hurt it. Beating Free shipping and Petunia and claiming your winning the giant nut is crazy. Fight any of about six or seven of the vert or horiz spinners and beat a couple and I will be impressed. At least hydra put its wheels on the inside, something Bronco should have done year ago.

My damn Hopper refuses to record BattleBots thank God for on demand.

Petunia was terrible last year, so lets continue putting this turd out to fight instead of making a good bot.

Like a cat cares about permission...


Great fight and he took some damage, but Biteforce still the number one bot until someone can take him down.

does Kenny have another shirt besides that purple one he wears every night

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5 days ago


Who wins in the BattleBots between Order vs. Chaos, Ying vs. Yang, Prog Rock vs. Disco? That's right. You do! BattleBots is on TONIGHT and it's Bite Force vs. HyperShock. Can Will Bales and team take down the champ? Find out at 8pm (ET) tonight on Discovery ! ... See MoreSee Less

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Awesome show tonight

Im rooting for Hypershock! But Biteforce has that low center of gravity that makes it so hard to knock over, and strong pushing power. It wont be easy!

We love both teams!!! Not sure who to cheer for! (Although, the edge might go to HyperShock if they bring back the Rake!) 😉

Looking forward for the main event! HyperShock is gonna rip apart Bite Force. I got him winning tonight.


I just came to say I love that emoticon under HyperShock 😆

R.I.P Hypershock

This should be a good one!!

you ❤️ hypershock but you respect biteforce in the AM! 😂

Love both team but I think bite force got this.😍

Such a boring main event

Hypershock will have to use their speed to flank BiteForce. That spinner of theirs has ripped through the likes of Rotator, which recently withstood Tombstone’s blade.

I love Battle Bots, watch every bout at least three times. but from day one (2 decades ago) I have always felt the sport should just let the bots fight and stop the kill saws sledge hammer and screws and all the other stuff that damages them while they are trying to see who made the better bot. And fix the floors every now and then so that wedges dont jam in them the first two seconds of a bout. JMHO

Can't wait!

Liam Arthurs

Somebody please higher a scriptwriter for Faruq! His intros are getting worse and worse!!

At least Hypershock is working this time. Should be a good fight



Who’s prog and who’s disco for this one?

Go for it Biteforce!!💖

Waiting for another Duck! Quack Attack!

hypershock needs to win the low ground. If his wedge can get under bite forces forks, he's got a great chance. Bite force is has more armor and if they can get to those exposed wheels hypershock will be in trouble.

It seems like these 2 go at it nearly every season.

Can't wait

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5 days ago


The 2019 season rages on and with the world championship tournament looming, 14 robots steel their nerves to prove they belong in the Top 16. Hydra plans to uproot Petunia, Bronco has Free Shipping stamped for airmail, Valkyrie tries to weather Monsoon, and in the Main Event, Hypershock hopes to show that his 2-0 start is no fluke by trying to take down the reigning champ, Bite Force. BattleBots - tomorrow night, 8pm on Discovery ! ... See MoreSee Less

The 2019 season rages on and with the world championship tournament looming, 14 robots steel their nerves to prove they belong in the Top 16. Hydra plans to uproot Petunia, Bronco has Free Shipping stamped for airmail, Valkyrie tries to weather Monsoon, and in the Main Event, Hypershock hopes to show that his 2-0 start is no fluke by trying to take down the reigning champ, Bite Force. BattleBots - tomorrow night, 8pm on Discovery !

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This is such an awesome show!!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow night

Oh man, bronco vs free shipping. I'm excited about this! I think free shipping can take Bronco

If Yeti can dial in the drum to make it driveable, that could be a very interesting match indeed. Edge to Yeti--if it's able to move. Otherwise I'm going with Copperhead, Monsoon, Bronco, Skorpios, Hydra, and Bite Force.

I want Huge and Mammoth before the 16

This is gonna be so good!

When will we see Hydra and Bronco fight? They both say they are the best flippers. Let’s see them head to head.

Looking forward to seeing Monsoon again!

I don't quite get how Petunia deserved such matchup, but otherwise especially looking forward to Valkyrie vs Monsoon and the main event, of course.

The fight cards are getting better now! It’s a good lineup when Bronco is one of the early battles.

It's almost like groups... Valkyrie and Monsoon both fought Ragnarök, now they're against each other. Also, Free Shipping against both best flippers (Hydra then, now Bronco) seems a bit unfair :/

Duck! and Hal are so awesome! The Quack Attack is On Track to the Sweet 16. Quack quack!

I think Hydra will end up being more successful than Bronco. Bronco may have slightly more power, but Hydra is far better defensively. And it's flipper can take a hit from a spinner without getting splintered apart.

10 Episodes in and *still* no Battlesaw!? C'mon, producers! I wanna see this ring spinner in action already. Quit showcasing bots in their third or fourth fight when Battlesaw hasn't even been shown once!

They have rotated 3 bots for main events this whole season. Tombstone, Whiplash, Biteforce.

I will guess at Bite Force, Hydra, Rainbow, Tantrum, Bronco, Monsoon and Copperhead.

hydra JD petunia can self right from any position however it's just going to get thrown around for three minutes still love the team Yeti KO Rainbow hasn't shown it's to reliable and yeti is a tank skorpios JD this is a driving match and skorpios is on it's way of being the best driver of the season bronco JD this is the first match between these two however we already saw the rematch at remars so maybe bronco learn some things from the first match bronco has the better weapon free shipping has the better driver Valkyrie ko they have the reach both these boths lost to hypershock and won to Ragnarok so i feel like this is the producers seeing who's the better bot of the two Copperhead ko i hope chronos brings the giant stick biteforce jd but i really want hypershock to win

Funny how I made this post about 6 weeks ago. It called out one of the fights right here - I've not been to the US, let alone the filming of BattleBots:

Bronco is back!!!!! Can we give him some good luck?

What happened to the bonus fight episodes on Science? They are two weeks behind at this point.

Can i ask where is Tombstone and Minotaur?

Bite Force (prove us wrong, Hypershock!) Hydra Yeti Skorpios Bronco Monsoon (don’t make me choose between these two! 😭) Copperhead Some weird matchups this week but all good robots

Free Shipping vs Bronco rd2 looking forward to that. Gary needs a win, hopefully he can pull off the upset.

Finally an even matched fight for bronco

Bronco is back!

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