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That’s a wrap: Season 4(9) in the can. Please wish the Post Production Team God Speed as they race to make episodes for the June 7th premiere on Discovery and Science Channel ... See MoreSee Less

That’s a wrap: Season 4(9) in the can. Please wish the Post Production Team God Speed as they race to make episodes for the June 7th premiere on Discovery and Science Channel

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Thank you Team for all the time and hard work you gave and will continue to give to make this season such a fantastic experience! I feel privileged to have met so many of you!

We don’t get discovery or science. Will the live season be available for purchase on Amazon again like last year?

We came all the way from Atlanta to catch a taping last week. Best decision for me and my 10 year old son! Wish it were easier I would bring my whole family.... Maybe next year. You guys know your audience and we loved every minute of it. Thanks BB crew and builders!!

I must say that the experience of bringing my family to see the last three nights of BattleBots was outstanding.. front.. to.. back. Everyone so professional, everyone friendly and most importantly everyone there seemed to be enjoying the event including those who were working. I look forward to watching shows the whole series air with other friends and family who couldn't be there.

The best crew!! 😍 After seeing them for 8-10 hours a day for 9 days, I can honestly say I’ve missed seeing them the last couple. It feels weird not to wake up and head to filming! Best of luck post-production team! I’m so excited to see the show how everything ends up translating to TV.

Great job to everyone in Long Beach! My first Battlebots live experience and it was amazing! I so hope they return to Long Beach next year...I’ll be there!!!

Thanks to the whole team for bringing Battlebots back for another amazing season 👏🏼

I'm looking forward to it! Best of luck post-production crew!

Cant wait. While I preferred it on ABC simply for the fact its easier for me to watch, it was SO MUCH better on Discovery/Science Channel. The format was a lot better and there was a lot more robot carnage.

Thank you to everyone involved! We had such a great time at the tapings and the fights were spectacular as well as all the people. Such a nice and friendly experience and positive messages all around.

So glad to see you guys are definitely coming back for another season for sure now! Come on June 7th!

You guys rock in making battlebots successful. Can't wait for new season

Yay!! Thanks for the fun last weekend!!!! Can’t wait!!

We watched a live taping this year. It was awesome in person! Good job and can't wait for the airing

Had a total blast watching the filming! Can't wait till June 7th and to do it again next year!

This year was our first at seeing Battlebots live. Every, single member of the crew that we encountered was fantastic! It was a great experience and we would LOVE to do it again! Thank you to everyone involved with the show. You guys ROCK!

What an amazing event to witness live.... Thank you all!

Watching BattleBots in person was amazing. Can’t wait to see the entire season on Discovery. Congratulations👍

I got to cross off my Bucket List: See BattleBots LIVE. Had a great time at the Semi-Finals on Monday. I agree with everyone. The crew from the Parking Lot to the Set were friendly. And the Robot Action was FANTASTIC! Looking for the Season to begin on June 7th! Thank you All!

Wow already, nice. I'm ready for June 7th!

How many episodes will there be in season 4? And do they all have a runtime of 1 hour on discovery channel at Fridays 8pm and science channel at Wednesday 9pm?

This is an awesome team!

The people in front of the camera get all the glory. My brothers and sisters behind the scene make them look good!

So very excited to see the new season. Thanks for making it happen!

We were big fans even before the filming, but now we, a family of 4, are obsessed with Battlebots since last Saturday!!! We are totally definitely coming back to see the live battle if you guys stay in the area next year ❤️

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That’s a wrap. Huge thanks to our amazing support teams from Lincoln Electric, Tormach Inc., Markforged and McMaster-Carr. These folk make up the life support team of General Botspital! ... See MoreSee Less

That’s a wrap. Huge thanks to our amazing support teams from Lincoln Electric, Tormach Inc., Markforged and McMaster-Carr. These folk make up the life support team of General Botspital!Image attachmentImage attachment

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Here’s Markforged. They 3D printed hundreds of parts for builders over the two week shoot!

We went to our first showing last night for the Championship match!⚙️Our family had a blast! It was great seeing the people from all over the world! 🌎The staff was great and so kind too! Did I mention we had soooooo muuuuuch fuuuuuun!? 😉Excited to see the matches on tv this summer and definitely returning for another taping next year! We are hooked! 🤩 Thanks! 👏👏👏👏

It was an awesome experience to be at BattleBots during the competition!!!!! Thanks everyone who worked hard to make this happen!!!!!

We had so much fun being part of the audience during this season. Can't wait to do it again next year!

Watching the taping was the best family vacation ever!! Thank you so much for making this experience possible for all of us. My 4 great old swiss it was better than Christmas!

Attended this past weekend's sessions. Had an awesome time. Great seeing these bouts live. Looking forward to this season. Thank you!

We had a great time! Everything was so organized and the staff and crowd were friendly and enthusiastic. So fun to see how the show is put together and to see the bots and fights in person!

Will be watching this summer!

Great final day. Great matches. See you next time!

Only “Huge” thanks them? What of the other robots? Ha ha.

Watched both sessions of filming on Thursday with my young boys. It was an absolute blast, we can't wait to see the matches on TV. Thank you battlebots! Thank you competitors!

Great work. THANK YOU for a fabulous show.

We spent Easter Sunday watching some epic BattleBot carnage. Excited to watch it all unfold on tv and can't wait to see it taped live again next year!

So when dose it premier on TV?

Having a courier coming from McMaster multiple times per day was so clutch!

Please Discovery - bring back for 2020 - and we will be there again - loved it!

Lemme know who won? Ha!

Walked away with some goods too!...hand towel, stickers, and keychain! 🌟🌟🌟

Event staff did an amazing job! Had a blast there for the last couple sessions. Will be back next year!!!

Do yal know of any apps that I can create a design on and send it in because I have a few good ideas that I think might be worthy for the battle box, and Tombstone.

McMaster-Carr stopped by our pit to ask if there was anything we needed, I said we were good and just started holding up all the McMaster-Carr plastic bags that were EVERYWHERE in our pit, until they asked if they could take a picture of my holding them all to send back to the office...

I hope Witch Doctor did well.

Oh yeah!!!

Awesome work guys! Here’s to another amazing series of Battlebots and to a new champ! (potentially)

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More coming soon from HEXBUG Micro Robotic Creatures... See MoreSee Less

More coming soon from HEXBUG…

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Aaron Koehler

Steven Gonzalez

Gustavo Luis

Shannon Bundy

OMG Warhead..... I'm in toy heaven

Karl Hofbauer

And my husband is already acting like he needs these or might die. 😂

Finally my favourite 2 Battlebots 😀

Ooh, yes! Very happy to see Warhead finally got a toy. Wonder if we'll see a Hexbug version as well some time?

These look awesome!!!!! My son will love them! Can somebody help me regarding the showings. We are going to the late showing 6-10pm and was wondering if seats are first come, first served and whether or not they have snacks there?

Walter Gordillo-Cruz

Good ol' warhead

Oh my god YES.

I know what Santa's bringing my son for Christmas 😀

One on the left looks like a Lego Technic model

My son and I need these in our lives... now!


That Warhead is missing a tooth. It's gonna go unbalanced and break off half its weapon again.

Sweet ! Warhead !

Warhead is my favourite i wounder why there not competing?

Just take all my money hexbug!!!!

Pls bring it to brazil!!!

We want them all! They are so cool. #iwannabeyourendgame #bigreputation #warhead #wemisswarhead

Amanda L. McLellan :O

4 days ago


The fearsome Baloonstone makes an appearance at the BattleBots builder party. ... See MoreSee Less

The fearsome Baloonstone makes an appearance at the BattleBots builder party.

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Wow. That’s awesome.

That’s Awesome!!

Shelby Chanel Watchorn

Tombstone really ballooned since the last event

Thanks for a great show last night!!!

That bar spinner though!

Mire rapido y dije Tomas Alejandro sos vos? Jajaja

Battle B'loons activate!

Now that’s what I call a rubbar spinner.

Be pretty tough to "pop" that bot I bet.

Kevin Ross



Hahahahaha, it’s the most frightening balloon animal ever!

That's me!




Congrats Richie Heard

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That is awesome. That would make a great Christmas gift for my son.

Awesome! I love Battle Bots toys especially Hexbug! My kids want them ALL and it’s hard to object!

Awesome. Hubby and daughter would be battling these to settle all disputes. Lol

It's a cute toy. it's not for the battle arena

The toys from this run of the show have been so good!

The toys that come from these shows have always been really high quality and it’s great to see Hexbug continuing to raise the bar there 🙂

I love it

Oh wow! that's like a what, 1/4 scale model? Remote controlled, working weapon, and a battlebot? Heck yes I'll take one! Well...specifically I'll wait for one of my favorite bots to get this treatment, but this is still cool!

Love it! Do you have to put it together though?

That is amazing!

Omg my son has the other boys they made he will love this.

It's about dang time!

This is the first rc vex battlebot! :O

Looks so cool. Are they available in Australia?

Tombstone will turn that into tuna fish salad

How much does it weigh? I want to run it as a beeteweight!

Top fan here... Love those Kentucky Wildcats blue and white color scheme

Just showed this video to this guy. He is wigging out: “I HAVE TO HAVE THIS!” ...I see motivation for chores! 🤣

Cara q show!!

Hey BATTLEBOTS. YouTube TV just added the Discovery Channel..!!!! Except BATTLEBOTS is not streaming on it? What gives..???

I need this!!

Like a "mini me" from Ostin Powers film )))

Omg going to get this

Hurry up...there’s nothing good to watch...

That made by WPI students in Worcester? Best college ever... In a different life I would have gone there... But instead I slept through 1/2 of high school and went to community college!

6 days ago


Look who came to visit... ... See MoreSee Less

Look who came to visit...

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This is all kinds of brilliant on so many different levels. I have to add i seriously love that the good sir still has the good Sirs helmet in his possession.

Aaron Diestelkamp

SOW could take sir killalot.

Whalerock I beg of you get in contact with Mentorn, help find Robot Wars a new home anywhere and then let this crossover between two great shows finally happen properly! As long as both parties are up for it (god i sound like a politician) #BringBackRobotWars

"Infinity War is the most ambitious cross over..." I, as a man of culture, show this picture...


another wedge robot?

Is there some crossover coming??? Robot wars v battlebots??

I'll be honest, I scared myself...

I want to learn how to make a robot that like in the competition can anyone help me


loud shoes, adam s.

Walter Gordillo-Cruz

I miss Ziggo 😞

When do the battles come to my TV?

Are they teasing us about something? 😆🤔

One of my favorite bands of all time

Now this is the crossover we all need but don’t deserve ❤

Does it burn Trey and Greg if they touch it?

Who’s this?

What's the guys name with the curly hair?

Ribbot vs the house robots

So that's why Robot Wars got cancelled, Killalot was shot down so his head to be mounted at the top of the battlebox! Next year you'll see all the house robot's heads mounted and the headless Shunt will have to avenge them!

One thing Robot Wars does very well is a recap of the post-battle damage and what needs to be done to get a bot fighting again. I'd like to see more of that on Battlebots!

House robots makes it cheezy, good riddance

6 days ago


This is about all we can show you from this insane fight. Don’t miss BattleBots when it returns to @discovery and @sciencechannel in June ... See MoreSee Less

This is about all we can show you from this insane fight. Don’t miss BattleBots when it returns to @discovery and @sciencechannel in June

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My husband and son were there twice this week and they had the time of their lives! It was amazing, there were tons of activities to keep everyone entertained in between matches and they got a sign autographed (and angry-eyed!) by the Huge team! 😁

Not there at filming so this is a true guess... is this the self immolating Free Shipping? The black diuble-wedglelets look like it.

So much fun taking our 17 yo son to see taping of his favorite show! July cannot get here soon enough to watch all the bouts! BB did a great job from initial notice of tics, online purchase to the day of the event - a new family annual trip!

On our way there - hoping for some awesome fights Saturday through Monday!!!!! Really hoping Ribbot is still in the fight!!!!!🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸

Free shipping?

Just came home from the early sessions tues and Wed. We had the BEST time! Can't wait for next year! We'll definitely be back for more❤

Free Shipping, the new SPICY BOI

My sons and I can hardly hold back our excitement waiting for the new season.

Please tell me Faruq opened this match with the words "I AM THE GOD OF HELLFIRE, AND I BRING YOU..."

Just a guess, but Free Shipping vs Blacksmith?

Any plans to show it in the UK this season?

I feel warm just looking it. Can’t wait for the new season.

I thought it started in april..??

Omgosh!!!! I can not wait for this season! Our family just started rewatching the last two that are still on our dvr

The robot on the left looks like Mohawk, not sure about the bot on the right.

Battlebots my 8 year old daughter and I had the time of our lives. The trip from Kansas was soooo worth it. Thank you!!

There's no way this isn't a Free Shipping fight

What!?!! Will be there tomorrow hoping for chaos!

That edge on the left hand side, coupled with the flames....I'm thinking Blacksmith. Not sure who's getting burned, though

The hype is real! Cant wait for this season to air!!!

I'm hoping that they banned those satellite bots. 😠

Given how many robots have flamethrowers this could be any match. That said stills of the flames in mid combat are beautiful to look at, so I'm looking forward to seeing whatever may be happening here.

Can not wait to watch

7 days ago


Here's a sneak peak of the Supporters Q&A. Click the button below and become a Supporter to ask your own question and see answers! ... See MoreSee Less

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As a valued commenter, I would like to remind everyone that it IS possible to achieve your dreams by working hard. Take me as an example!

Sandy's doing a "Bang up Job" on the social videos😀

What s warhead best match

Oh man I definitely need to become a supporter ASAP XD

We don’t have to comment saying we’re top fans... it says it right above our names...

I wish Robot Wars had this sort of Social Media interaction with it's fanbase during it's short stint reboot. What Battlebots is doing right now is a great way to get the fans and people involved in what's going on. Keep up the great work Battlebots!

In their opinions

When does it start back?

How do fans become supporter or VIPs?

Is there a way to support without putting payment info into FB?

Ignore me, not yet a top fan

What is your most used tool ?

I've watched 3 sessions live. Nice thing about having only 1 smoke/vape spot is I got to talk to many of the builders. Makes me feel I can build a bot too. Now just have to figure out rock, paper, scissors and money.

Will bronco be there at the tournament 2019??

Top fan here Biteforce send that toolbox and tools my way if you buy some new ones lol. Very nice setup btw.

Thanks for stopping by our pit! Bite Force - Aptyx Designs - Battlebots Team

She is a doll! Great job!

Where is the Minotour?

Soo ready for the new season!!!

wait when is the new season airing??

1 week ago


Not quite sure what’s going on here… ... See MoreSee Less

Not quite sure what’s going on here…

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Dunreeth Cole

Looks like it could be used for an update of the old Chinkilla robot!

I want to know if they have cutouts of every driver

I’m most worried about the hair getting out of place. Haha.


Ready for battle


Andre is there, so probably enormous amounts of snark

dead. i cant handle this junk lmao expect to see stuff like this when its my time to be in the pits. "where's my pit area? look for my giant floating head"

If another bot sees this, it may just turn to stone!

Donald Hutson: O M A E W A M O U S H I N D I E R U

Donald is a Terminator!!!

What am I missing out on? XD

That escalated quickly lol

Adam H

We CAN bring our own signs in, correct?

When is it on?

Uhhhh can our signs be light up? Like the ones we hold in the stands? Because I have all kinds of ideas now

Looks like a perfect night light for my kids. Where do I order?

Not sure either. I'll allow it

Shenanigans should be declared at any time.....

Feels like some kind of taunt to me lol

That's how he destroys his opponents

I swear these are the most horrifying signs ever.

1 week ago


Favorite audience photo so far… ... See MoreSee Less

Favorite audience photo so far…

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Parenting WIN!!!

My kids skipped school for session 1 too 😁 And their teachers were fully supportive to miss school for BattleBots!

He’s got great printing!

❤❤❤ thank you for posting this

Best mum ever!

Great event today! Had a lot of fun.

Great reason to skip! Write a paper on it for your teacher when you get back and include pics!

We "only" flew 1000 miles and didn't miss school, but got back so late Sunday night I'm sure my 4th grader was pretty spacey all day... #parentingwin

Yeahhh! That’s my boy..😂

I bet he's learning more at Battlebots than at school.

Luckiest kid ever

Glad I’m not the only parent that did this. 1809 miles :):)

Where and when will this be on TV in 2019??

hope he has a better excuse when he comes back to school

A real fan of Battle Bots ♥

Something doesn't seem right here. I don't think this is a legit photo. No kid would be proud to say they skipped school for anything. The bright green sign seems out of place.

I can't wait for this new season!


I flew my son out last year on his 16th birthday to watch the Sweet 16 - 2,640 miles. We must be their neighbors!

2,867.2 mi door to door... one day of school missed but we scored standby tickets to watch our local team compete Friday night #BestDayEver #RobotFightingTime #HUGEfansCT

If you're going to miss school... that's the place to be!

Our kid is skipping school to come as well

This kid might one day be one of the builders!

This kid had a blast @ battlebots!

1 week ago


Fuzzy explains the finer points of the on set toilets… ... See MoreSee Less

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Ellen Cousins

This is actually hestercial

You could say the clogged toilets are a FUZZY situation. I'll walk myself out.

Apparently it's bodily function night on me time line

How many engineers does it take to flush a toilet?

Not sure I want to know what caused Fuzzy to have to tell everyone XD

A crap job but someone needed to do it.

These men/women can make complicated robots but can't figure out how to flush?

And then Aaron said... “Fuzzy really knows his [stuff].” 😆

Please make this personal in the battlebot

how many people won't do this maybe that can be who fuzzy fights the ones who don't do that

Why do I get a feeling at least one person is gonna screw up and Fuzzy’s gonna have to flush them?

Potty talk is a new form of conversation in the BB pits.

What people think happens at BattleBots 👊🏻 🙌👑🏆💰vs. what really happens at BattleBots😷💩🤕 🤬 haha

Smart man!

Wow the guys have To get lessons how to use the bathroom? I guess we live in crazy times. Perhaps let them watch instructional videos on YouTube while using the lavatories. 🤣

Hay Peter ❤️

Pooping 101.

Why couldn't they get normal toilets?

OK, who made the toilet briefing necessary?

the public one are nicer than last year, thanks

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