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18 hours ago

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Really lacking content for supporters this season Greg. Least give us the full roster.

Waiting to fight since 2019 😞

Waiting for Season 6 (After watching it live)

you could say it's... robot waitin' time...

Time passes so slowly waiting for BattleBots

When is the new season going to be broadcast??

So when does season 6 start?

Will it be on discovery+?

If it weren't for rewatching on Discovery+, I'd be breaking out the old school bots.

I've watched all the old new series ready for this one but 2 months 2 early I heard lol guess I'll watch them all again 😂

Waiting for Netflix to add more than just 2 seasons...

I hope y'all replaced the judges or at least the changed the criteria so they avoid more unfair decisions


I can't wait anymore! 😭

In the meantime, there is always Beat Bobby Flay and 90 Day Fiancé…..but it’s just not the same. 😂

Leo Zavala-Cruz Mike Sandoval Good memories, those Sundays were the best Soccer, NFL, Battlebots 😢

Waiting for season 3 on Netflix

I got a fever! And the only cure is more robot fighting time!

What is Battlebots all about?! What is all the Hoopla? Lol. Just kidding... anxious like everybody else.

in new zealand we just wait and wait while we see arena floors that have the look of transformed into cooking ovens instead of floor saws and instead of bots horrible cooks with reality cooking shows.

Waiting for all seasons on Netflix 😝

He dies in the end lol spoiler alert!

Was thinking the next season was going to be #11. Not sure why though.

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4 days ago

What the fork!?! What the fork!?! face ... See MoreSee Less

What the fork!?!

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Don’t get hit in your forksticles. It stings.

Use the fork

It’s not the size that matters

Do the forks magically transform into the cattle herder?

So if your forks are so long that your opponent cant move out of their starting square do they get counted out or do you get done for pinning? ⚖️

Can't wait for the new season. BattleBots is AWESOME!

Skorpios builder Zach Lytle did say this year would come down to who had the best forks.

Is he using Team HyperShock's Rake?

"Who the fork do you think you are?" Al Kindle . It's just me...the villain you didnt know you needed.

When will this be airing on discovery

When will Battle Bots be back on tv?

That so should be the name of a whole bot lol. Just imagine Faruq's intros!

So he's gonna be a cheap sea hunt again this season. Great

watcha gonna do withdat

Tiffany Spears

Jeff Davis


Forkus on your battles.

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6 days ago

Appropriate snacks well hidden. ... See MoreSee Less

Appropriate snacks well hidden.

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I became re-addicted to Nacho Doritos during taping. It continues to this day…. 😏

I know what BB stands for, but why the Q?

I preferred the Famous Amos cookies 😂

We need more battlebots. I only wish it was year round like WWE. I guess the only difference is the bots actually get hurt and cost money to make.

The new version of the logo looks real good on the Giant Nut.

When will the season premier of BattleBots will be on? And what channel will it be on?

You might want to blur out that paper, it's somewhat spoilery

What does the nut fit?

Is no-one even mildly uncomfortable with the term "Giant nut"?

is that apart of the prize and trophy at the end?

I love this Game. Is the fight stream online

What are they popcorn or nuts the name make no sense 😂

Best thing about PVR is I can fast forward when that clown starts yelling .

Tell Chris Rose his snacks have been found!

TV TIME???????????

Ladies and gentlemen. This battlebots program has brought to you buy CornNuts!!! The official snack of battlebots!!! Cornuts is avaliable any rental store nearest you. Cornuts!!! Corn to the corn!!!


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If a team names Deez wins, it'll be Deez Nut

Deez nuts🤣


This is beautiful

Excellent choice.


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1 week ago

Wonder what this thing is 🤔 ... See MoreSee Less

Wonder what this thing is 🤔

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It's obvious, isn't it?

Hard to tell without a banana for scale, so I'm going to assume regular-sized bolt on a miniature desk..

Whatever it is, I hope it's made out of chocolate inside. 😋

Maybe it’s for the upcoming bounty bolt for whoever beats Bite Force in Bounty Hunters?!

Fine-thread it appears

A piece of Huge? Or Mammoth maybe?

End table looks like

I want it

Probably just another way to water down the chosen winners pool, soon everyone will just get participation awards....

Anything is a ***** if you're brave enough.

Well, there's this The Giant Screw Award was an unofficial award given by the builders after Season 4.0. It was awarded to the robot which took the most damage but survived to the end of the fight. The builders voted based on what robot they thought took the most damage. The screw itself was donated by one of the builders.

Please say the Giant Nut and this Gold Bolt fit each other 🔩

A Gold Bolt! We better have a robot that looks like this now.

Whoever it's competing against is screwed

It’s a smaller version of what my ex wife’s lawyers did to me 😉

The trophy for the most plates eaten at sushi train

What the driver of tombstone uses for happy thoughts

It is a battle bolt, obvs a spelling mistake. 🤣

Is it the Giant Screw Award for the Robot that lasts the full 3 minutes even though they end up looking like Splinter after a run in with Hypno-Disc?

No Nut November has come early.

Either a decimal point was in the wrong spot or someone got mixed up between ‘ (feet) and “ (inches)

Desperado tournament?

I've played alot of Rachet and Clank to know that if i collect enough of those I'd get new skins and cheats

The melee champion needs a giant washer! Since they would come in and clean house 👍🏽

T6 60 series aluminum dipped and coated in gold irradiate

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1 week ago

NHRL Live Robot Combat September 2021 ... See MoreSee Less

Video image

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nice to see you guys giving info on other events

It was a great stream! Thanks for sharing

2 weeks ago

Unboxing Your Sumo Bash! ... See MoreSee Less

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When’s the new season? Need to set my timer.

When will y’all be on tv?????

I had to laugh so hard! These guys are seriously funny

Wtf did I watch Is this more wrestling than battlebots

3 weeks ago

Season six coming soon! ... See MoreSee Less

Season six coming soon!Image attachment

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The whole experience of being there live was just fantastic!! From the friendliest event staff ever to the builder interactions to the nonstop action. Thank you for a great time!!

BattleBots - You should use the slogan that kid on the first day had on his sign "Finally, violence everyone can enjoy".

I can't wait for this season. It was especially awesome having finally seen some of it live!

Ya all did an amazing job!!! Attended 16 sessions and they were great!

Already looking forward to the taping for season 7.

When exactly will the new season air on Discovery? I know its either in November or December.

So we had season 6, but what about season 7?

Yesss!! Need. Battlebots Season 6. Now. 🤩

-"When will then be now?" -"Soon."

Sandy Ties stay tuned

Literally the only sport I watch.

Got to watch a taping the other night and it was everything I could ever dream of! Amazing boys, fantastic fights and the nicest people!

Please don’t leave Canada 2 1/2 weeks behind when this hits cable tv. We are not patient or stupid and will watch it one way or another before spoilers. Might as well get the ratings for it.

Damn it's pretty beat up. Stoked for the season to come out!

For Season Six... Breaking news: Deep Six rips the shelf & throws it into the ceiling, automatically granting it a Giant Nut. ---- Seriously, though, with Deep Six being revamped (it is able to self-right with its bar, & its spinner-body weight proportion has changed to comply with the spinner weight limit rules), here's hoping it at least has a decent run, preferably a deep one, this sixth season.

The wheelie that is on the blue B, was made by a robot ( no names) after it won it’s fight. So Cool.

So excited! Best show on TV

I love the trail of destruction left on the floor. As they showed last season as well. Cant wait for the season to come out. Looking forward for the next.

The battlebox floor sure has taken a beating from the looks of it

Can't hardly wait for the new season! I'm patiently waiting! Love them Bots!

This is now a generational show that I watch with my kids

Does anyone know what channel I can watch this on in the UK? Or what American channel it's on?

I never thought I would like something like Battlebots, but I LOVE IT!!!

Anything about the air date?

Will there be Bounty Hunters this season?

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3 weeks ago

BotFans are the BestFan! ... See MoreSee Less

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Caution: My son and I have watched battlebots since he was 5 years old starting back in 2000. This year we attended the making of 3 sessions live! We barely have any voices left from yelling fight, fight, fight!!! Watch this season, you will NOT be disappointed!

Love the Aperture Labs shirt. The cake is a lie!

When is Battle Bots back on TV?

Can you ask Ghost Raptor's team to stop spoiling stuff on Instagram?

But, when are you going to be back on TV?

Best hats I saw all season!

Perhaps next year fans will be wearing cosplay of the antromorphic bots.

Did they ever find the horse guy?

Huge actually does way better then you would ever expect from a bot like that

I wish I could see them live, sadly won't happen 😔

The hats were amazing!

They remind me of Princess Leia.....

Can't wait till this season let's go huge

OMG this makes me want to drag my hubby to the next one and do the kiss me cam!!!!

Can't stand Huge. The bot is designed so that it can't be attacked, which leads to boring fights. Dude acted like a petulant child when his design led to that corral put on Hydra. For every action there's a reaction, it was inevitable someone was going to do something like that to counter him. He learned what it felt like have your bot in the ring and not be able to attack at all.

This is amazing

This game is fun


Awww the kiss cam that's cute


Jesus, I love battle bots!

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3 weeks ago

Sparks fly and robots die… ... See MoreSee Less

Sparks fly and robots die…

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Hope to see more of the killsaws! They have hardly ever come into play in previous seasons!

Will they actually come out of the slots this season?

But ducks fly together! ..wait, wrong show..

When are new episodes on TV?

Yea they do! It was awesome to see 2 sessions this week with my youngest! Next year we will bring my husband too and see more sessions!

Do we have to have so many though? Bots get stuck in those gaps on the floor. I love the floor grinders, and I love the Battlebots.

Hope the box in actually useful this year. It's usually a distraction from the fight

I hope that red square is gone next season. We watched 2 taping and it was used only once. Would also like a large countdown on TV.

Love the sparkly kill saws!! 😍

I'm dying for a new season!

Didn't realise Dead Metal was there this year!

battle bots should have champions league and world cup tournament how cool it would be to see bots from all over the world duke it out for a title of world champions

So the arena is using ragebridges now?

When will y’all be on tv again ?

Sure would like to see seasons 9 and 10.

The only bot that could flip hydra is biohazard cuz it's lower to the ground

When will the next season be viewable in UK, Can't wait but not good at finding these things out lol

Let's see if Sleepy on the kill saws button is awake this year

It's a shame the kill saws barely do any thing to the bots, let alone barely come out during the battles. I feel like they used to be more of a threat/attraction in older years

You guys figured out how the Hazzard's work and function #Battlebots #Hazzards

It's Robot Fighting Time ..

Is there any other way to watch this without having foxtel?

Robot battles in person Atlanta Sunday and Monday Hyatt!!!

And the smoke throwers on the are new

Don't play with me....cannot wait!!

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4 weeks ago

A beautiful tribute to Kirk Jones, AKA “Horse Head Dude”

Video by Sarah from Nelly the Ellybot - Battlebot
... See MoreSee Less

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So sad 😢 RIP Kirk! I hope BB will do a tribute to him when this season airs.

We were only a few seats away from him in 2019. The story is so sad. Just glad they found him so his family can move forward.

Sweet remembrance. Moments of unbridled joy - very uplifting and poignant at the same time. Thanks for the gift you gave Kirk

I never went to a live event as I've only just got into battle bots the past couple of years , but I know that he will be missed by the battle bot community , may he rest in peace

We need tribute screen in the finale (with Michael the ref too)

I am saddened to hear about this. He was an absolute legend and I hope he rests in peace.

Truly beautiful tribute. My heart goes out to his friends and family. May he rest in peace.

Beautiful Tribute.... RIP

Very nice tribute. RIP

gone but never forgotten. rest in piece Kirk. we love ya man...

Such a beautiful tribute. May he Rest In Peace now.

It's possible Kirk was murdered by some psycho who dragged his body to that isolated rough terrain area. This could be a homicide.

2019 My family and I enjoyed seeing him cheering the last three nights. We called him "Horse Head Man". Sad

I wasn't aware that he had passed away. What happened? May he rest in peace. <3

Did he die?

This whole season should be dedicated to him! BB...

my number 1 tv show

Beautiful tribute. RIP Kirk.

Noooo! Why him! 😭😭😭😰😰😰😱

You shuld of showed kirks Face to. At the end. Thair was a human. Under the horse head. R. I. P.


Sad 😔 RIP. Thoughts & prayers goes to family & friends. You sure will be greatly missed

Let’s keep up the momentum! Keep them coming in, all over the world!

Kirk, your were one in a million kid, your legend lives in BB and beyond the stars...

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