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5 days ago

What mutation is this!?!? Could this hybrid make an appearance at BattleBots World Championship VII in October (ticket on sale now : ) ... See MoreSee Less

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This is just a gimmick I suppose, doubt anyone would ever really try to use that thing.

Skorpios looks like it's trying to become OG Overkill and I can't wait to see how it plays out

Fitting, season VII with Final Fantasy VII Buster sword! 👍

Great, now Skorpios will get another 5 main events next season.

Just like the og overkill the amount of damage it does will be in the negatives

Weapon extend too far out of the bot. A horizontal spin weapon will send Skirpios flying.

Please help Zachary Lytle and the Skorpios YouTube channel reach 10,000 subscribers because if they manage to reach that milestone they get to let Skorpios finish off a car after a demolition derby. 😉

Am ithe only one who watches these types of bots and sees the huge waste of kinetic energy when thr blade hits the top of another bot and jumps itself completely off the floor.

Keep the front wedge. Redesign the rest of the bot

It's not the worst idea this team has ever had. Lots of luck.

I can’t wait to watch 😂

Reminds me of the legendary overkill!

No way that doesnt break the weight limit and still have significant force behind it lol

Skorpios weapon type will never allow it to win a giant nut lol

A new Boss in Dark Souls!

Good entry for a giant wingnut.

No too big

Aku cuma menonton aja.

No sabra k no va a cortar carne sino lámina ????

Shinra Killer

Looks like a good way to get thrown around the battle box.

Those types of attachments usually don’t cause much damage 🤡.

That weapon is definitely overkill lol

Christian Carlberg via Team Cool Robots were happy for this!😃👍

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Huge getting an upgrade?

Childrens are in a growth mode.


Was that one of HUGE’s new wheels???

The heck?


HUGE running away!


huge finally in the garbage


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7 days ago

Come see BattleBots World Championship VII LIVE in Las Vegas October 18-30. Tickets on sale now ... See MoreSee Less

Come see BattleBots World Championship VII LIVE in Las Vegas October 18-30. Tickets on sale now

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Will be there for the quarter finals and finals!

Can we pre-order shirts with this logo?

I'm very disappointed with Battle Bots and the extremely short season on Discovery. I get the need to monetize the show to pay for expenses but I see this as a shot to the foot.

I'm going!!! Two tapings!!!

Weird that Kraken is in the promo image, sounded like the team was retiring it.

Not after the judges SCREWED Jake Ewert last year! If he doesn't come back, I'm not watching. The judges should be dismissed and new judges brought in.

You can go to a college football game, NFL game, movie theater, and sit next to people and not be vaxxxed. But not battlebots ---- so ridiculous

How to I sell a set? Ticketmaster won't let me resell them. Had to change our dates due to travel issues..

Where do they stream the tournament online?

All aboard the Hype Train!

Sucks no hydra this year 😟

I have some questions about the event. Who/how can I contact someone? Is there an email address?

Got tickets! Any word on pit tours? 🤞🏼

When Is the TV air dates

Damn usually its only a few days but this one might be an even longer season 🙂

Kris Lewis we are gonna miss it 😭😭

Welcome 💪

Amazing tv show 😁

I want to go, but can't this year. 😢 Maybe next year.

Étienne Bibeau

Jaky Villa

Daniel Aiuto


Tabytha Pando

Luca Febbraro

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1 week ago

BATTLEBOTS TOMBSTONE Exclusive Interview [Builder Blog Ep. 75] ... See MoreSee Less

Video image

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So good. So good!!

I don’t have time at the moment, but this is MUST view!

The only thing Tombstone has destroyed lately is itself. Everyone knows they can survive 1 or 2 hits Tombstone will destroy itself.

Good to see the Skorpios builder blog get the attention it deserves!

This might have been relevant back when Tombstone was one of the toughest bots out there. Now I rank it up there with Captain Shrederator

Did you know that Season 7 will be the first time Tombstone is not gonna be in BattleBots since it’s revival back in 2015 on ABC.

Such a powerful bot....too powerful...

The best robot ever ... Little destroyer ❤️❤️

Darn it!! Finally gonna make it watch the taping and one of my Favs will be missing. Big Fan here Ray Billings...hopefully the younger one will still compete!!!

I just picture the reporter asking the machine questions followed by silence and then nodding.

Thanks in no small part to its name, I equate Tombstone to WWE's the Undertaker. Both are legends in their respective game, each an imposing presence who often wins, but if you're lucky enough to beat them, it's a win that means something.

Sangat menghibur....kereeennnn

Does the giant nut have the same diameter and thread pattern as the golden bolt?

I hope to see more of these types if videos!! I really enjoy the technical aspects of robot battles. What are the costs to put one together, and what about prize money and sponsors??,

Ray needs to use his genius for a redesign. Tombstone is too unstable after it hits. Survive one or two hits and you can probably beat him.

Too bad Tombstone was being 'withdrew' this upcoming season, due to Ray Billings' surgery treatment on his left palm.😓/srs

Tombstone needs its own Tombstone - just sayin


If anyone is building a bot and needs parts machined let us know!

Needs to back a few seasons was better then

the secret must be that giant hunk of steel

Outdated design, Tombstone needs to be put down

I hope everybody enjoyed this inside look at hard-core robotics Please subscribe to the Skorpios builder blog in a couple weeks we’re going to post our next secret of video on Vlad the Impaler

Can someone tell me what do the saws do other than throw sparks and scratch paint?also what's with Chomp all it does is fall over.

Shazia Labhadur

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1 week ago

The updated BattleBots 2022 rules set is now up on the BattleBots website (slash rules). Some big changes to familiarize yourself with before World Championship VII starts (tickets on sale now)!

New rules include:
- New controlled movement rules
- New unstick rules
- New engagement rules
- New Pinning, Lifting and Grappling rules
- New MiniBot battery rules
- Control and Aggression clarifications
- More…

Check out the Tournament, Design and Judges rules at the BB website (slash rules)
... See MoreSee Less

The updated BattleBots 2022 rules set is now up on the BattleBots website (slash rules). Some big changes to familiarize yourself with before World Championship VII starts (tickets on sale now)!

New rules include:
- New controlled movement rules
- New unstick rules
- New engagement rules
- New Pinning, Lifting and Grappling rules
- New MiniBot battery rules
- Control and Aggression clarifications
- More…

Check out the Tournament, Design and Judges rules at the BB website (slash rules)

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BattleBots New Rules: 1. Don't pick up the phone, you he's only calling cos he's drunk and alone 2. Don't let him in, you'll have to kick him out again 3. Don't be his friend, you know you're gonna wake up in his bed in the morning, and if you're under him, you ain't getting over him

I hope these new rules with at least diminish the biggest issue from the most recent season in the toxicity of some of the fanbase. Definitely a minority ruining it for the rest but a very vocal minority at the end of last season.

you wouldn't need people to be able to appeal judge decisions if you made the judging criteria make sense

Don’t forget The Match Steward and most importantly, formal Judges Decision Appeals!

In the not too distant future, wars will no longer exist. But there will be, RollerBots - No Penalties! No Substitutions! No Time Limit!

Section 7.5.6 refers to 7.5.13 when it should refer to 7.5.14.

definitely some good rule changes and clarifications in here, the decision appeals is definitely an experiment that we'll only find out how it goes when we see the fights its used in

my two cents? It's time to lose the kill saws. they don't add much and the holes in the floor are an unnecessary annoyance.

To our family favorite Battlebots: I had trouble finding the rules. Here’s a link to them for anyone who needs it. 🙂 Thanks for being awesome! Looking forward to hearing “It’s robot fighting time!” Again.

New judges also?? Don't get me wrong I like these judges but way to much favoritism during this last Tournament, time to switch it up...

I'd like to see a "Battle to the Death " tournament where it does not go to the judges at all.

No more forks or only a certain length

Thank you Minotaur for speaking up after the Witch Doctor debacle.

I'm surprised to see there's not any penalty for a team yelling at a judge to start the countdown. That, by definition, is coercion. I'm talking about you Team Witch Doctor.

Gets better every year and we’ve been watching since the beginning.

Just making it harder to win. Nice

Can we have new judges, too? And adherence to sensible judging criteria?

We can't be too far away from them adding a rule that says if your robot doesn't feature a spinner, don't bother entering.

It would be nice if they included robots that control the corners, like they had in Robot Wars

Oh no. When the rules are being altered, the game will get more expensive and boring. Just look what nascar has ruined. LEAVE THE RULES ALONE!

Hold on - teams have just ONE MINUTE to appeal? I think you should give more time. I think this leads to a situation where teams will appeal all judge-decided matches at the point of decision just so they don't lose their right to appeal.

They really need to fire their Producers. Why is the raised platform back???

I hope they change the way they judge flippers, especially in terms of aggression because it's hard to aim for flipping, unlike spinners

RE: Section 1.5 Right to Exclude/Remove This rule is a great catch all for the producers- we do what we want, when we want, for whatever reason, and you can't appeal. 🤣 "...even if that robot has met all of the requirements in the Design Rules or any other BattleBots Inc. document. The foregoing shall not limit Official’s right to, at any time, exclude or remove from the Tournament any Robot or Team for any reason and without explanation. Decisions of BattleBots Official in this regard are final and not subject to challenge or appeal."

Underrated: 32 teams, in blue, getting selected for the tournament.

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2 weeks ago

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It’s a shame the Kraken we see here isn’t the one we’ll get but excited for the new and improved!

It's robot fighting time!!

Was really hoping to be able to make it this year, but as of right now unless a miracle happens, I will have to wait 1 more year!

LET’S GO!!! SEASON 7 IS HERE!!!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳

Just waiting to click buy on the plane tickets to come see the battles in person. Maybe next time. We’ll keep watching on TV for now. **BB Fans**

When will it air on TV?

Anyone know when it will air on TV?

Bring back Deep Six!!!!

Dear battle bots I am a fan and had made a blanket of rusty bot and want to send it for him we’re can I send it

Question...since Glitch had a stellar record in their first season why were they only offered an alternate spot in this year's Battlebots? I believe that they had the best record of a 1st year bot in the history of Battlebots. Does anyone know the answer?

Well and we have are first team confirmed and it’s Zach lytle and team scorpios

Ray Billings needs to build Tombstone to be more sturdy and durable and he would win a nother championship.

Maybe kraken will be made into a spinner ?

It's not on this Thursday or last Thursday either. I freaking LOVE Battlebots!


Paola Moreno Barahona





Go Tombstone!

Off to a good start.

Alondra Madrid

I'm ready!!

make sure you have your pokey!

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2 weeks ago

TICKETS ON SALE NOW to BattleBots World Championship VII - LIVE TV filming, October 18-30, Las Vegas:
There’s a robotic riot coming to Vegas—sparks will fly and robots will die right in front of your eyes. This is BattleBots, the hit robot fighting TV show, featuring the world’s favorite bloodthirsty bots. Watch all the action inside the BattleBox as we film the 7th BattleBots season for Discovery Channel, live in Vegas – October 18-30!
... See MoreSee Less

TICKETS ON SALE NOW to BattleBots World Championship VII - LIVE TV filming, October 18-30, Las Vegas: 
There’s a robotic riot coming to Vegas—sparks will fly and robots will die right in front of your eyes. This is BattleBots, the hit robot fighting TV show, featuring the world’s favorite bloodthirsty bots. Watch all the action inside the BattleBox as we film the 7th BattleBots season for Discovery Channel, live in Vegas – October 18-30!

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Got my husband and son tickets!!! Dream come true☠️🤖

I really want to go see BB live, but living in the UK I need way more notice :/

I’ve been trying to make it to a taping for years. This is finally happening! Within 2 hours of this post yesterday I had tickets for 2 tapings, flights from DC, and hotel booked. I’m geeking out more than my 12 year old!

I would love, love, love to go!! But also, I really do love streaming the episodes at home and getting genuine surprise and enthusiasm for watching and not knowing what is going to happen.

Wait a second, that bot on the right retired.

I’d love to fly over from the UK to watch this but it’s too short notice 😔

Seriously... 🤣😂 filming the week right after I leave Vegas!!! Noooo....

Why feature Kraken in advertising when they specifically said it would be retired and the team would field a new bot during the Golden Bolt Tournament?

I thought Kraken retired.

Love to watch live but I'll settle for watching on TV for free 😉


Got my tickets 🙂

Why are there gaps in ticket sales for some of the days, like 10/20 for example? Are they not competing on those days?

I’ll be in Vegas literally the day after the last show. One day I’ll get to see my favorite show in person

Today’s oxymoron: “Live on Tape”! 😂

So dec or jan for tv premiere 🙂

Does this mean that the 30th is the finale taping?

Im actually impressed with how affordable even the VIP tickets are!

we went to one taping and saw ourselves on TV 4 different shows! LOL

Before I even think about this, how bad is all the flashing lights? I'd like to take my family, but wife has seizures. We are just glad that the show doesn't show a whole lot of flashing

Leagha Smith


Chris Dixon 👀


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2 weeks ago

▶️ Full Championship Fight vs. Witch Doctor
Stream BattleBots on discovery+

... See MoreSee Less

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I was so hopeful when Witch Doctor destroyed half of End Game's wedglets, but then End Game reminded us why it has a giant nut. I was sad to see Witch Doctor get second yet again, but End Game is a fantastic bot. Congratulations to them!

Most of fights this year of witch doctor I see them running away from the fight, not nice at all loosing interest in the team.

Proof that the ground game is 50% of the fight

Witch dr vs hyper shock was the best fight of the tournament

What is the point of spoiler alerting this when you showed the winners holding the bolt two days ago?

Congratulations to Orange Bite Force… I mean End Game!

Witch Doctors weakness has always been the driver. When you resort to circling around, wait for them to slip up, and or hoping to get a lucky hit in you are lost. When your driver is scrambling to find some tactic that will work it’s time to find a new driver.

Those fights were chess matches!!! What a great series!!!

We love WD & want them to win so badly - alas…

Yea nice one Team End Game ! If most of New Zealand knew how fun it is to watch bots wreck each other I'm sure they would be cheering !

Please get rid of the deck area it serves little excitement and does nothing rather have the big area to fight in

Made clearly evident of the Golden Bolt Equation: highest-energy vertical-spinning weapon, lower CG, wide stance (counter gyroscopic twist), protected wheels, lowest forks and great offensive driving

I thought Hypershock was going to take it but got done by some masterful driving - just couldn't pull the same off a 2nd time.

It was awesome! Congratulations to the teams and End Game!!!

I like this game so much its better than WWE

Witch Doctor is a championship level robot. The pit crew is a championship level pit crew. The driver is not. The season he hangs up his pride and they find a professional driver is the season they win it all

WD 100% outdriven here. Once they saw what WD was doing you can see they stopped driving to wheee WD was and drove where they were circling to. Then once they got in the corner, Game End. Classic case of playing to win winning over playing to not lose.

Another great series. Best show on television.

Y'all have no problem yelling at your football team, "Replace the coach! Replace the GM! Replace the QB!" Oh, but when I recommend Witch Doctor needs to replace their driver y'all lose your minds!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good fight from both teams

It was a great fight. I’m just glad Tatrum got beat

End game unstoppable 💪

Time to ban vertical spinners. 🤣

We're can I watch this on my android tia

Love it, witch doctor is a favorite of the announcers ,but not me.

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2 weeks ago

Monday, 10:00am pacific time…
(right now if you're a Facebook Supporter)
... See MoreSee Less

Monday, 10:00am pacific time…
(right now if youre a Facebook Supporter)

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Will supporters get the bot reveal cards soon for whos in this season?

What’s the code to unlock the presale?

Just planned the whole trip out! Going to see the first two days worth of sessions and then hanging around for the Dark day to see Area 15 and the other locations around Vegas!

You have to be fully vaccinated to go watch the fights? BattleBots can kiss my unvaccinated A55! They just lost a supporter

Do you still have the fully vaccinated rule in effect to attend?

For the special tournament next year can we get a non verts only showcase please?

GET HYPED!!! Season 7 baby!!! 🥳

What the code for presale

How do you get tickets to the live events ?

For anybody that has been before, is it pretty awesome? Worth the cost to travel there?

Instead of whining about COVID compliance I'll ask: Do I need to bring my vaccination paperwork to prove my vaccine status? I have a ticket for every taping and I'd like to not get turned away at the door lol

This show has gotten to money grubby. Had a life time follower, but after the plus crap and "supporters" i give. Didnt watch a single episode last year. And unfollowing atm.. Thabks but No Thanks BB ya heads to big for ya shoulders...

Amazing tournament!!!! I couldn’t even go to the kitchen for a snack, afraid I’d miss something !!!!! NOW WHAT ????

So is this officially confirmed, Season 7 is happening?

Is that for the field reveal? (Monday 10:00 am Pacific Time)

Anyone know ticket prices?? Or rough idea based on past years??

I'm so mad. My dvr screwed up and only recorded half an hour of the golden bolt match. Who won?...or how can I watch it?

Wished u could put the show live for us, i'm so excited

Do you think there is any chance how ever small that filming will cone back to long beach calif. at some point in the next 20 years????

Do I need to bring my vaccination card to the event in order to get in?

I'm so confused when should I plan to sober up

A new season. Yay! But how to follow the Tournament of Champions?

requiring the pokey, really? Is this Canada?

Paul Legere im a Supporter and never got the code🤬

What is this

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2 weeks ago

Can End Game be stopped?! 🤯 Let us know your thoughts in the comments! With our exclusive BattleBots x iD Tech Camps your kids can learn how to build their own bots to take on the winner one day. Learn more at ... See MoreSee Less

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Every bot/champion has an eventual successor. Progress moves on. A few years ago Tombstone was talked about with such awe, before that there were others. Hope they enjoy the time of thier pinnacle of success while they are there.

They messed up the Golden Bolt Tournament. At the end right before handing over the prize they should have presented a twist. You have to beat Rusty before claiming the bolt.

Took Endgame a few seasons to get it right, now they're getting dominant. Shame we won't see a rematch with Biteforce

So glad to see Tantrum getting taken out easily after the joke of last season.

I think what may have been a factor in Witch Doctor's loss is that they had an issue changing weapon discs, someone pointed out that they couldn't get the single disc off because of battle damage. They went from the finals in the tourney to this with one night in between. I think they may have had even more battle damage that hampered them against End Game. Guess we won't know until/if the Gellatelys put out a post fight video. Keep in mind all this stuff was filmed over a year ago.

End Game went from a poor, unreliable robot to winning the Giant Nut last year, and now this year they won the first ever Golden Bolt. I guess you can say End Game is the international Bite Force

When they use the front plow… they are unbeatable. Front forks are less effective.

We watch every season and my 14 year old can’t wait for the camp next summer.

We were so convinced the whole tournament had been rigged to let Witch Doctor have the win that my son (who loves this sport so much he competes in lower weight classes) wouldn't even watch the final. Thrilled my favorites to win last season won the giant bolt. Yes, they can be stopped, especially when they remove the wedge for the wedglets and forks.

What a great tourney - it was awesome!

I’m super pumped for End Game but I’m SOOOOOOO bummed for Witch Doctor. 3 time runner up! Such an awesome bot and team. Can’t wait to see them hoist one up! If you’re going to lose though, End Game is a good bot to lose to. No shame in that.

Just from seeing that 1st attack in the preview I had a feeling that Endgame was gonna win it's fight with Ribbot

I have to say ... I love Ray and Tombstone, but I have NO idea what he was doing in that match. Even after it was painfully clear that he needed to power down his weapon to stabilize the bot he just kept it running, flinging himself all over the box. Tombstone continues to be its own worst enemy, but Ray's driving was quite poor. He could have at least given himself a chance with some less haphazard driving. Endgame is a fantastic bot. Very worthy of the win, even though I would have rather seen Witch Doctor finally cash in. Always a bridesmaid never a bride for them.

the best strategy to win is to take him to the hammer and keep him down from it. Don't let it slip away. You have no chance of winning there.

Nobody: Ribbot: not only are we using a horizontal config against End freaking Game, but also we’re gonna drive towards their weapon just like that.

Ugh, seriously would have been happy with any other of the competitors.

Not related to endgame, but tombstone just needs to retire or redesign.. the bot design is just outdated and cannot take on these newer armored bots, all it does is destroy itself.

Wild times when vertical spinners are getting bigger flips than dedicated flippers

Alas... I was rooting for Ribbot ☹️

for real i didn’t expect end game to win with almost no damage against bot like rebot

May b tantrum with heavier faster discs or Witchdoctor with upgraded rpm n heavier disc the only ones with low profile design n small/cover tires

Wanna see what Bite Force has to say about it, but that’ll probably never happen, so…

Why dnt they make it spinner vs spinner only

I do not like End Game!

End Game is the new Bite Force

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