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2 days ago


Who remembers Team Sinister: Mark Setrakian, Peter Abrahamson and Paul Rivera? ... See MoreSee Less

Who remembers Team Sinister: Mark Setrakian, Peter Abrahamson and Paul Rivera?

Comment on Facebook Who remembers Team ...

Mechadon and Snake were so inspiring for me, I remember trying to download clips of the robots being tested on dial-up modem, just for a few pixels of awesome grainy video!

Loved the creativity of those days. Must have been fun.

Mechadon is still one of my all time favorites. It was a work of art.

The fact that they kept the same design from 1994, 95, 96, and then into the 2000's is crazy. Shows you how advanced it was at the time

Unfortunately grinders are spectacular for show with all the sparks but not that affective, but I LIKE them!

Snake, Mechadon, and the Master! Setrakian is the evil genius of Battlebots lol

Legendary. Would love to see Mark get back into the combat side.

On Comedy Central, I'm not a robot wars OG.

Oh yes... Mechadon's dance is still one of my favorite Bot Moments that I got to see live. 😀

The master, i remember that bot

Scrap Daddy

famous for snake and mechadon robot.

Is there anywhere we can buy a dvd if those first few years?



Those toilet bowl wheels... Lol

much love for the Ft. , such an amazing filming location

I do.

Nie wiem


What’s the best place for robot fighting supplies? I want to make my own but I don’t want a kit. I just want servos and shiz.

You know I do, lol. Waiting for Mark Setrakian to get The Master back together for display one day.

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6 days ago


BattleBots Operations Manager Shawn Lambertson (son of Pete Lambertson) has been busy. New line of BattleBots desk accessories coming soon? ... See MoreSee Less

BattleBots Operations Manager Shawn Lambertson (son of Pete Lambertson) has been busy. New line of BattleBots desk accessories coming soon?Image attachmentImage attachment

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For real?

I want that lamp!

Is the show playing this year ?

The old school BattleBots logo. Good God, that is nostalgic

Absolutely. Merchandise that many hardcore fans would gladly add to their collection.

When someone say when noone has mentioned when it's returning a real date please 🤔

🥺 i want em all

so cool

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1 week ago


With the delay of the 2020 season, some teams who were building for 2021 may get an early chance to fight? ... See MoreSee Less

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Great gates of Kiev. Goes perfectly. Can't wait!

BattleBots your website response time is very slow. You may change to a cdn to spin up loading time. Also your wp-login is unsecured. Any hacker could try to get access via /wp-login.php. Regarding ssl you have some images or files which are not loaded via https. This could have bad affects to your ssl validity.

Hope we have an extra long season now.

It's not on free to air in Australia sadly

We miss watching BattleBots. love the Minotaur

You go builders of destruction.

Miss BattleBots so much. Can't wait to see it again.

There is difference between metal and wood but hope so it will be helpful in battle...🥰🥰🥰

New HyperShock looks great

As long as this means the return of minotaur!

When can I purchase my airline tickets and to where?! I’m dying to reschedule! My son has been asking when we will get to go see huge, witch doctor, and monsoon.

Put Tombstone and I in the box and let me fight a robot barehanded.

“Boards don't hit back.” ― Bruce Lee

I don’t know. That wooden pallet bot put up some hefty resistance.

looks small but deadly I missed you guys at BB

In 2021 Bring Me A BattleBots On Discovery Channel!!!

That pallet is such a drag, isn't it? How fast is the spinner?

Missing BattleBots and just robotics in general!! 🤖❤

Awesome use of 1812😁

Too bad that WOODEN pallet didn't FIGHT back!

You know I can’t tell which robot this is... obviously a new competitor, but it doesn’t look like any robot confirmed in the group.


I'm a little confused by what this is saying?

Just start I need robot fighting I've rewatched all 4 seasons 😀

We want the BattleBots game for Playstation 5 ..

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2 weeks ago


Happy Canada Day and all the best to the Canadian BattleBot teams! ... See MoreSee Less

Video image

Comment on Facebook Hey guys! ....I ...

Whatever happened to Ziggy? Was he he too heavy for the comp?

Beta vs. Lucky! A classic!

Podobno ma być nowy lucky, tym razem nazywać się ma biolucky


Can you announce when your back to TV or even a guess can't see a reason not to be now

I wonder what Derek and a Complete Control is doing nowadays

Happy Day to the northern United States of America

When is it coming on tv

Battlebots memes best memes


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2 weeks ago


Who remembers @lavalleyscott and DooMore? ... See MoreSee Less

Who remembers @lavalleyscott and DooMore?

Comment on Facebook Who remembers ...

Oh yes. One of the original super heavy beasts

I thought this was bones.

This seems like a random posting. Hope the builder is alright.

Love the old school bots.

When do we get to see the show?

Oh hey, DooMore!

DooAll another


Nowy robot

Scott is awesome, one of the best robotics engineers in the world


How about a little love for DooAll ?

Don’t his parents run the merchandise stand at the tapings? Talked with them at the last filming. Was good to see them.

I remember DoAll! Read about the others. 😅

Bring back Mechadon!

I remember a DooAll, but not a DooMore

Scott LaValley


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3 weeks ago


Who remembers La Machine? (Photographed here with “Evil” Pete Lambertson after perfecting the scoop). ... See MoreSee Less

Who remembers La Machine? (Photographed here with “Evil” Pete Lambertson after perfecting the scoop).

Comment on Facebook Who remembers La ...

I assume "perfecting the scoop" includes a nice coating of Pam?

Was the story that ya’ll took the battery from someones car, threw it in La Machine for the event, and then took it back out to drive home?

I always liked this '97 version with the pneumatic punch

This photo looks like it was taken in 1907. So Pete is a steampunk time traveler?

Why is it black and white? The 90s weren’t THAT long ago.

I remember the "Pete" chants. Is he still involved with the arena?

I wish I did. I discovered Battlebots a little later.

Watching it now 🙂

My boys grew up watching the original show. It was a family event! When I saw the first season of the new episodes I started crying remembering when my boys were little. Seeing some of the veteran builders from the original show was awesome! I Can't wait for the new episodes!


Where it all machine!

That was back in the day. I remember in the early 2000s, the wedge was considered the ultimate weapon. Now that motors and batteries are more powerful and compact, it’s amazing how times have changed. In this day in age, it’s the vertical spinner. Biteforce can probably launch a bot just as high as Bronco or Hydra can...?

Przypomina Punjara

That was before my time, I'm afraid. But I'm sure eager to see BattleBots on TV again!

Rematch !

Saw it this morning as I went to work

I would love battlebots to have a robot combat history segments of the show

Reading an article about this robot is what introduced me to the sport.

Yes, from the book that I read so much, pages started falling out😂

Perfect case of the keep it simple stupid way of building robots "let's make the biggest wedge we can and make it stupid fast"

Wedge bots are the campers of battlebots. Sure it's a legitimate strategy, but also c'mon dude, use some imagination.

One of the biggest pioneers in the sport.

I do, by Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel from The Man Show going up against Jay Leno's Chinkilla.

Pulveriser Pete himself!

Needs more PAM

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3 weeks ago


Join us for a free conversation with some of the top minds from BATTLEBOTS and the automation World.  Register here: ... See MoreSee Less

Join us for a free conversation with some of the top minds from BATTLEBOTS and the automation World.  Register here:

Comment on Facebook Join us for a free ...

Hey all - let’s trust that Battlebots is doing the right thing for their builders. My kid is a builder and driver and would like nothing more to go tape the show but it requires lots of people to pull it off and it requires teams from international locations. Health and safety is the best plan.

Angus Wilson

don't they mean Radio Controlled machines? will be more interesting when they are autonomous and programmed to fight 🙂

How about just run the new season without spectators and put it out there? How tough would it be? The pit crews have to wear masks anyway when dealing with volatiles, and you are working with robots.

I got worried that something had happend since they dident post anything for suck a long time😧🙂

Yawn! Just upload videos of past battles

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1 month ago



Enjoy this fantastic video from Team Witch Doctor featuring Chris Rose!
... See MoreSee Less

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Thanks for the great content. My whole family enjoyed watching!

Greetings from Argentina!!! Big fan here, can't wait for the robot fighting time to be back! Stay safe 🙌

First look at the big version of SMEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Hilarious!! Ready for to set dates for the real thing?

Beard is good!

Nowe roboty będą.



And now I need Free Shipping vs. Extinguisher.

SMEEEEEEEEEEEE - doorstop with wheels FTW! lol!

Can’t wait!!!


Absolutely amazing job, man I'm speechless what an idea, thanks Chris and roboteers!

Can’t Waite


Steve Jakes 🤖 🥊 ⏰!

Can't even explain how much we needed that!

Chris did a GREAT job as always! Can't wait for this Season! AUGUST~!?

Hurry back!!!

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1 month ago


Gather round BotFans for Part 4 of How to Build a DUCK! In this episode, DUCK! takes its first test drive. Video by Team Black and Blue and Protolabs ... See MoreSee Less

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Looks like Duck is turning on a dime. Can’t wait to see it compete!!! Stay safe!

Wow nice design. I can already see that some of the fights will slice duck in half

I'm very curious to see how this new Duck performs~

Bring on the new, improved Quack Attack! Hal and Duck! 3.0 rock!

The last time I saw poor Duck, he got chomped on. It was hard to watch.🥵

As long as it isn’t this Duck

Duck vs the FedEx truck!

Cant wait for duck quack can't wait for him in the bot arena!!!!!!

Duck is one or two matches from being a contender. Learning each time...

My son and I always look forward to these videos. ❤️🦆

Nice robot...but please don't take this to fight arena

Please tell me there's a protective body for this platform.

Bring on the duck cobalt rematch 🙌

My 4 year old daughter loooooves duck!!!

When is the 2020 season gonna go down??

More content like this please. Thanks all.

Bruce Webb

That’s just quackers. 😂

Francisco Sanchez

Nowy Duck

aromatic duck

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1 month ago


... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook 186501336405_10157075582131406

Can’t wait for more robot fighting!

Awesome. Give me a ballpark figure, when do you think taping can safely start?

Its a NEED kinda thing.......I need my fix . Destruction !

I hope Faruq Tauheed Jenkins has been working on some quarantine puns.

I'm ready and waiting to order a million tickets again.

Can’t wait! This is my favorite show of all time!

Omg i can't wait to hear Faruq utter those words.... it's robot fighting time!

As much as I'm excited for it to return. Most importantly I do hope that everyone participating or involved for this series will stay stafe.

Loved the Tombstone / Bideford Final viewed here in South Africa - Thank you...!

Ahhh man, I miss you guys! Please come back soon. I’ll watch a camera crew follow some of the teams around while they do behind the scenes tests, I don’t care. Just miss your show.

Can't wait for season 5. Hopefully it is soon.

That was least until we can get the real deal. 😉

Are we getting a new battle arena this year?

When will you return surely can be done safely??

Oh thank god, I thought this would last for a week

Yessss! Need some of this!


Can't wait!!

This is not only my favourite sport, I love the fanbase too, this is the nicest one I've ever been in

Ready for some robot fighting time!

Lastimosamente en el Perú pasan las temporadas del 2018..

cant wait to see some more news! lets have us a season 5!

Wonder if any newcomers will reveal any new bots that are will be cool to see I cant wait to see DUCK in the ring like that bot

Thought for a second this was an ad for a battle bots game..... Godda get on that!

Can't wait 😀

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1 month ago


... See MoreSee Less

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“In the red square lots of incredible puns. In the blue square, an equally amusing pun!”

I'm so hyped for this season

Omg i can hardly wait love this show

Can't wait to see some machines smashing the living shit out of each other again for another season once this Covid crap is over. Legendary show!

Anyone know when the new season starts?

Tattoo time


Robots Activated It's fighting time!!!

Color on top of black? Is that the message?


I really love • son of whyachi • tombstone • quantum•blacksmith • hydra • bronco • witch doctor • unicorn • e.t.c

I'm ready!! 🤖❤

Glad to see you fixed it

I am still building my robot I will be there soon

Tá precisando melhorar essa logo...

We can’t wait

Battle butts needs to get on TV! Wazzup?

Stream live fights


Vuelvan pronto !

I miss You guys. Hurry back. Damned Covid.

Do we need 3D glasses to watch season 5? 😎😊

Still waiting for an official game that is similar to robot arena 2

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1 month ago


Bloodsport prepares for their chance at the Champ. Do you think they can beat Bite Force? Follow Bloodsport - BattleBot - Bots 'n' Stuff Robotics for more deets… ... See MoreSee Less

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Does any of the builders watch the old battlebot shows!!! This kind of bot usually dies spectacularly!!!!!!!

Metal on plastic....NOT impressed! Good luck

I like, practice driving. Would not hurt to have your edges flared like a sedge so if you lose spinner, you can still send other spinners into the june bug affect.

Get you some, Bloodsport!! Looking good!

This virus needs to go away cuz its messing with the battlebots season -_-

They are gunna have issues with the slim line bots though. Could get up underneath that blade

The square base is an improvement. What is the weight that it can move like that? LBS per square inch in force?

Can it withstand it's own kinetic energy hit? A lot of these large spinners seem to knock themselves out when they collide with something hard.

I have doubts about BLOODSPORT beating BITEFORCE. Bloodsport is good, but they are gunning for PAUL VENTIGIMILIA. I will believe IF and WHEN I see it

I can’t wait, ohhhh I can’t wait. I’m having robot destruction withdrawals Hahahaha.

Damn, that was brutal! Just spontaneously removed that monitor from existence. 😛

Propeller is going to snap right off and throw the whole bot against the wall the first time it hits something solid.

If it gets box rushed it won't last long.

Bite Force really let itself go though 🤔🤣

My golly miss molly . But no i dont think he can beat bite force

Tombstone may found his match....

So it’s Hazard without the wedge

Only if they are a computer monitor.....

Seems like Bloodsport has changed a bit

Ability to self right?

Cool bot. Can it recover if it got flipped over by says Hydra or Bronco?

The tv was a sitting duck.

If brutality and bite force had a baby .... 😅😂

On your left, your plans for the year. On your right, 2020...

So I guess this will be one of biteforce opponents?

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