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12 hours ago


🚨 Spoiler Alert 🚨 BotFans - What did you all think of Rail Gun Max? ... See MoreSee Less

🚨 Spoiler Alert 🚨 BotFans - What did you all think of Rail Gun Max?Image attachmentImage attachment

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Rail Gun Max was awesome!! Can't wait to see them fight again and again and again.

The name doesn't fit, but that's my only complaint. The weapon is solid, the paint job is cool, the team seems friendly, and it's cool to see another woman leading a Battlebots team. I'm looking forward to seeing how it does in the rest of the season.

I loved them very much Very nice robot And Very friendly team

It was a fun fight. I think the weapon might need a bit more power to hold against the more durable Bots, but I love the design. It has a lot of potential.

I’ll tell you what I thought, brother, they opened a can of whoopass, and I LOVED IT

Awesome bot, great win! I was expecting some kind of a projectile weapon with a name like Rail Gun though.

I want to see it compete with Minotaur!

Absolutely loved it. Best fight of the episode by far.

they took a whisk and it worked eggsactly as they wanted it to...

Awesome. I bet that she will make it to the top 16.

I’m severely impressed right now. They’re top 3 for sure at this moment.

Love the aggressiveness during the fight, then asking for a hug from the competition afterwards. I like this team.

Looking forward to seeing more action from this promising team!

They made a massive impact

League LBT Robotics - Team Atom - BattleBots/Elaine Carrot Wu 😊 Love seeing these guys (and mama Elaine) get the love they deserve!

Amazing first performance, I'm just sad that there aren't any rail guns Really looking forward to see they fighting again

Great debut! They may be going places.

I won't lie, I loved the fight, but there was a disappointing lack of rail guns in it.

I was pleasantly surprised at how well they did in the first round! Props to the RGM team for winning their first Battlebots matchup!

I love them! Elaine Wu’s an adorable firecracker of charm and punnery(she deadass brought a cooking bowl, a whisk, and some eggs in just so she could beat some eggs during their intro...because their weapon is an eggbeater). And Rail Gun MAX, well, needless to say seeing a heavyweight eggbeater work brought a tear to my eyes. It is one of my favorite weapon types and the last high profile eggbeater seen in a televised robot combat show was Hobgoblin in Robot Wars, which...yeah....

I feel like madcatter or Madkatter (forgot how to spell) was poorly put together so we couldnt see the full strength of Rail Gun Max

Loved Rail Gun Max. They show that an eggbeater can work just fine, in the heavyweight class.

Really solid. Not sure if they're going to be the most competitive team, but people will need to watch out for them for sure

I want to see it compete with tombstone

Their opponent was very sub par. Need more of a sample size. Off the a great start.

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20 hours ago


❤️ ❤️ Oh you Shuntposters you ❤️ ❤️

The best group on the internet:
... See MoreSee Less

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That's The Best thing I saw all day

this somehow made faruq even more lovable....someone! LET ME HUG HIM. how can you not want to?

As an admin of shuntposting I can confirm we are the best group on the interwebs

We don’t totally suck

can confirm, best group

Any time 😎

You know Faruq would've done it anyway if it was written for him

Oh man this brings me back!


I’d love to see a full version someday

I wish I could find “its robot fighting time” to use as a ringtone! Faruq is the man!!!! ❤️🤖🤘


I am so happy that this is a thing.

Faruq did it better!

Name of the song guys, please 😊

< Guess they just got a new member 😛

Amanda L. McLellan


My day is already made now lol

Robyn Fiddes

Gabby Quintanilla

Katarzyna Garcia

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1 day ago


Captions please…

... See MoreSee Less

Captions please… 


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Even *you* can build a winning BattleBot for the low price of $19,998.00.

Look Brother, listen Bots... oil will spill, gears with break. Forecast Calls For PAIN !

No Kenny, the camera is over there

And with index finger my second cousin Jimmy made me the man I am today. Jimmy, it was the greatest day of my life.

"And I'll tell you what" 😂 love this guys enthusiasm.

"You're breathtaking!" "You're all breathtaking!"

"Would you please point to who is awesome"

I'll be back!!! *said in Terminator voice*

Get BotOut for the low price of 19.99 and get those scorch marks out of your bot fast! But wait, there's more! If you order now, but only will I double your order of BotOut for free, but I'll also throw in this jar of MiNOtaur wax so that in your next fight, those drum spinners just slide right off of you. Order now!

That fight right there was AMAZING! Did you see how that blade broke through the chassis!

"I'm Tim "the Tool Man" Taylor, this is Al, and today on Home Improvement we're gonna show you how to turbo charge your washing machine with a lawn mower engine!"

Just 15 seconds of hearing that guy gave me a headache. I might be able to get past it if his bot wasn’t so abysmal.

When I listened to him talk I was transported back to the Hulkamania days!

And I’ll tell you what Brother! What are you gonna do when three of my bot pieces are coming after you!

That guy is amazing. He needs to be a commentator.

"And I tell you what, my bot will be in 3 pieces next time!"


Hulkamania is alive and well brother!

And that kids, is why you don’t stick your finger in the light socket!

For those that know what the Switch does, you'll get this

“And THAT’S why you never use tape”

Do you know that fellow who is looking at me right now?

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2 days ago


SPOILER ALERT - Minotaur vs. Whiplash from epsidoe 2 of BattleBots. BotFans, What did you think of this fight? ... See MoreSee Less

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A great showcase of driving from both teams. But both teams need to now concentrate on dialing in their weapons.

It would have been a different fight if Minotaur was functioning at 100%. I keep reminding myself that is part of the sport. These builders are brilliant and I like to hear how some of them design and build robots to address real life tasks. Add on top of that drivers who have to work around failing functionality. The big hits and destruction are great, but this is really why I appreciate this sport.

The majority of this season has seemed more like who's bot will wear out first and not who's can destroy the other one. I love battlebots but this season has been 💩 so far...

I was highly disappointed in minotaur. I hope they make some major adjustments in the pits for the rest of the season

Wish Minotaur had their weapon working but it was still a good driving match.

i think minotaur should have kept their old configuration. They were the most aggressive and one of the most destructive bots last year, this year they looked like a pushbot that's just barely grinding the color off of whiplash....

I really wanted to see this matchup... and still feel like I haven’t, really. If Minotaur had spun up fully, it would have been a different battle, and I would have been much happier about either team winning. Them’s the breaks, though....

Sadly, this entire season has been rather disappointing. Sure, a couple good battles, but mostly a game of attrition. Not super exciting to watch crazy amounts of commercial time only to come back to boring battles.

That was a very poor battle from both sides. Hope they can do it better soon. :/

I think the early favorites have to be Tombstone, Whiplash, Bite Force, Monsoon, Bronco, and Son of Whyachi. Witchdoctor still has durability issues with its motor and such. Minotaur is having problems with its drum. Early dark horses right now would be Sawblaze, Duck, Railgun Max, and Cobalt. Not really that impressed with Hydra with all the hype. It seems too clunky in maneuverability and other bots can get around and attack the sides. Bronco is just overall way better than Hydra. Wasn't impressed with Ragnarok as well. It just seems those overhead axes and hammers just usually don't cut it.

This match was a little booring....would of love to have seen somthing play out..whiplash in on the rise..those kids are gonna be a round a while..

Disappointing fight, but I'm sure they'll both get it figured out.

A LOT of the heavily hyped fights have resulted in very little this season, it’s starting to make watching them pretty disappointing for viewers. Either the primary weapon doesn’t function from the beginning, or the floor of the BattleBox interferes with the movement of the Bots by being so uneven and damaged. Bots that had just been tested outside in the test chamber and maneuvered just fine immediately start dragging on the floor and catching on the underside of the Bots. Without maneuverability or weapons, these have been some pretty terrible fights. Hope to see adjustments in the future for the benefit of builders and fans.

Downgraded yeti vs whiplash fight. But very tactical.

I think Hexbug needs to make a Whiplash toy #HexbugMakeAWhiplashToy

I expected more out of Minotaur but I’m also impressed that Matt Vasquez was able to outdrive Daniel Freitas

Not great performances from the older bots this season. But these new ones are crushing it. Rail gun max! He can go all the way!

The past two episodes were... underwhelming. The best part about last week was watching Free Shipping get his air miles.

Hate how a lot of folks are saying "all the fights are boring fights blah blah blah" it's a lot of first real life testing for some bots, still trying to work put the kinks in the system it's the first few episodes, theres a lot still to come with big hits and destruction but you Have to be patient. 👍🏻

That was a terrible fight. I think I preferred the fight between Foxic and MR Speed Squared.

If minotaur was working properly it would have been a different fight. But whiplash has a hell of a driver in Matt Velasquez

I didnt see one good fight last episode but I still love it

Enjoyed it but wished Minotaur’s spinner was at full speed.

I still never got to see Season 3 because I don't have a TV provider. The episodes were locked on the Science site if I couldn't give my TV service information.

I'm still a fan of Minotaur, but the battle was a little bit boring...

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2 days ago


AMA with Team Bloodsport tonight at 7pm ET over at ... See MoreSee Less

AMA with Team Bloodsport tonight at 7pm ET over at

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Great job Bloodsport team!!

Great job Rookies! Keep up the damaging hits!

Love the name!

Love to see the up and comers.

Nice to see new blood, come into the sport.

Great work for the new team. Gotta dial in that weapon!

Johnny LeGendre

I know Tombstone is sitting back laughing at most, but I enjoyed Bloodsport.

BREAKER-BOT'S Owner has the COOLEST outfit!!!

If they can get that bar spinner working consistently, they could be a team to watch this year.

What Foxtel station ? 🤔

You guys....are just about the same bot that killed mine. Except it had a square body not round. Giving me flashbacks

Guessing Watersport didn’t make a splash this year?

That thing was fun to watch. If they keep tweaking it I think it's going to give some other bot builders a bad evening

Guessing Watersport didn’t make a splash this year?

Wow, BITE-FORCE is one TOUGH bot! You better beat Wyochi.

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3 days ago


Once again we’re grateful to Tormach Inc. for making the 2019 season even possible. If you had a Tormach CNC mill what would you make? ... See MoreSee Less

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Loving these 2 hour episodes

For a robot, I would make some real decorative, yet functional armor plating. Otherwise, I would use it to make metal hurricane shutters with slats for people down here in the south east coast.

Prosthetics for the unfortunate. Mainly children and veterans.

It’s sad to see Nightmare gone forever cuz it was such a mean looking robot but I agree with it’s creator. Nightmare’s design isn’t equipped for today’s technology. Thanks for the memories Nightmare you’ll always be one of my favorites!


I would make lots of holes in Tombstone! 😉

The possibilties are endless with this cnc milling, would love to have one on my garage 😉 🚀🛸

Oh man that's a John Saunders fixture plate! Congrats dude!

A slightly smaller CNC machine? I would name it Tormach Also

This is amazing

I would make whatever I wanted. 🙂

I would build a battle bot lol I heard I cant hold tolerances with tormach can you use them to machine medical grade ?

Lightening holes

Honestly? One industrial grade flyswatter...🤷‍♂️

Better judges

A big ball with gyroscopes to get in and roll down the freeway.

Be able to produce parts for the FRC team I coach. We don't have a machine shop so everything is done with hand tools which is really limiting

Last night was good except the final match but one never knows - the right hit can knock anyone out.

A Terminator

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3 days ago


Break out the hose, cause it's going to get hot! BattleBots is on Discovery NOW!

And be sure to stay after for Savage Builds, the new show by former BattleBots builder and Judge Adam Savage!
... See MoreSee Less

Break out the hose, cause its going to get hot! BattleBots is on Discovery NOW!

And be sure to stay after for Savage Builds, the new show by former BattleBots builder and Judge Adam Savage!

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We are loving the season so far.

Love to watch the bots battle it out every week. I am happy to see several builders modifying their bots to be more competitive. I still think tombstone is the bot to beat though...

Hydra is awesome I just hope they make it move a bit faster so the other bots don't run circles around it. Whyachi team has three awesome robots. I love it!

Wow!!! I am LOVING tonight’s matches!!!! 😎😎😎

Hydra and Rail Gun Max are the first new bots to truly wow me this season. There's plenty of time to see the others in action, but those two are my favs for the time being.

Missed the show so much! So glad it’s back! It’s robot fighting time! The matches have been awesome so far!

Why was Bronco’s washing machine propped up for their demo but Hydra’s wasn’t? Doesn’t that change the leverage of the whole thing? I’m amped to watch both of them just thought that was weird 😅😍

Put the episodes up same day on YouTube paid season. Really wanted to watch the episode with friends tonight after buying in last week.

I'm just sitting here waiting for my hero, Free Shipping, to win a match

Hydra looks better than Bronco.

Hydra is going to have a great season, I'm calling it

Fab Flo pour toi cette page

I love Ragnorok! That thing kicked butt with its ax! It was a beast!

gotta love the Piro

Bronco vs Hydra confirmed?


Wish theyd show that one bot that destroyed the test box on thr first episode

I think I set my dvr for Sci and discover channel. Now I get double episodes. Lol

🗣️🔊 In her living room, with no other devices but the TV to show all the 🔥, broken and sliced 🤖 s. Let's see who can put it down like the Robotics Dance. It'sssssssss Helloktty809 😾

Which bot did Savage build? I know Grant Imahara used to fight in Battle bots but I didn't know Savage had built one. Savage was a guest Judge. Imahara built and ran Deadblow. I know that for sure.

It's not showing up on Discovery Go as it did the last 2 episodes. Have they changed the time in which the full episodes are released on Discovery Go?

I see this all as foreshadowing for a Hydra vs Bronco main event sometime

We might be lucky to get it on Discovery here in Australia next year.

That tagline was so close to Dingodile's line from Crash Bandicoot. "Break out the butter, we're gonna make toast!"

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3 days ago


Is the Hydra hype real? Team Whyachi Robotics says YES! There’s a new flipper in town. See it in action tonight on BattleBots, 8pm on Discovery ... See MoreSee Less

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It was awesome to see it live!!

Damn, that thing is monstrous! Always great to see another powerful flipper in the competition.

I'm hooked on BattleBots.

I love flipper bots. When they were saying they wanted to be better than Bronco I was thinking those were some bold words, but i gotta say from their tests i was impressed. Lacked a little in the actual fight, but i look forward to what they will do going forward

I live with my father who is a fan of Bronco, but dislikes Team Whyachi. He's hoping for Bronco to flip this bot out of the arena. As for me I wasn't too impressed with their performance tonight. They definitely have some things to work out (not throwing teammates under the bus in the post battle interview being one of them), but I'll keep my eye on Hydra. At the very least it has a beautiful and amazing looking paint job.

I was able to catch it live after all. The power is definitely there, but they’re gonna have to work on their driving a little bit if they want to go the distance.

Team Bronco here!

Oooh! I love me the flipper bots!! Anxious to see my Bronco again, but surely looking forward to the new guy ♥️

Wow! Looking forward to it in the ring!

They compared its activation time for the flippers but what they left out and i think more important is what is the recharge time for the flippers? With that small amount of hydraulic oil it needs to recompress that after each activation where bronco already has a reserve of compressed air for each shot.

That’s impressive. I work on ATV’s and to see one fly like that is awesome

If they can work out the kinks with Hydra, I think hydraulics might be better than pneumatics for flipper bots. Sure, Bronco has a higher flip and more hang time, but speed usually wins. Also not sure what was going on with Falcon's drive, but the idea of a double spinner (and one that can drive inverted) piques my interest.

Bronco will forever be the flipper king.

That little thing flipped an ATV?

This is such a slick & beautiful bot!

The jury is still out on Hydra, but it has potential.

Hopefully there will be a pit segment about Hydra.

The CONTROL in this experiment was WRONG! Having one laundry washer DISTRIBUTING IT'S WEIGHT with the elevation on one side with a piece of timber provides INACCURATE comparison. Believe me, I route for the underdog (not Wyochi) so I hope it's still true.

I hope someone would make a bot that has Jackhammer w/ rubber tire armor.

oh I am ready for THIS

When they were flipping the washer, Hydra had it flat on the ground - the other one (forget the bot) had one side resting on a board.

Because battlebots is hyping up this flipper (and not lucky), it looks like they did well and maybe won the giant nut (NOT SPOILERS). Also they mention them in the description too of the episode.

I'm more curious to see what it'll do to Bronco.

uh oh bronco and mammoth should be ready

Mike Miller here's a new flipper! 😮

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4 days ago


Tonight's Main Event is going to be a SMASH FEST! BotFans, does Yeti have the muscle to KO Bite Force? Or will the 2018 champ make Yeti deadi? Find out who wins TONIGHT on BattleBots, 8pm on Discovery (check your local listings for the exact time in your area). And be sure to stay after for Savage Builds, the new show by former BattleBots builder and Judge Adam Savage! ... See MoreSee Less

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Interesting match up I can't wait and the fight card style of the last 2 seasons are awesome because we get cool matchups like this that in a final 16 might never happen

Bite force 🤞🏻

Awesome battles last night.

good luck Yeti

Even us Nana’s love this show

Michael Chandler Allen

I love BattleBots!

I rooting for Bite Force to win the main event!

Going to be a great battle! 👊

Well at least it was a main event, the best fight of the episode

I think Bite Force will win, but I will be cheering for Yeti.

This show is so fun !!!

Jarrod Darcy Weinert just showing off my new top fan badge

Tonight's fight card looks great

Yeti for the win.

Fight card tonight..cant wait...Bite Force...!!

Yeti is tough, but i don't know how many bite force uppercuts it can withstand.

great matchup! 2 hard core fighting bots. life is good!

I would love to see a double corkscrew design far enough apart to grab both sides of the opposition bot and just runs it up these auger like screws crushing and flinging the opposition bot in the air, just add tapering at the top to crush them as they fly up and over or right up into the screws crushing the farther it climbs. make sure you can reverse the screws as needed incase the opposition gets caught in the screws.


Battlebots not on tonight in canada 8pm?

Exposed Wheelzzz

I want yeti to win but bite force always finds a way win.

We are a split decision here, 2 for each 🙈🐞

Yeti gonna lose...

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4 days ago


Become a BattleBots Supporter and see exclusive clips not seen on TV! ... See MoreSee Less

Become a BattleBots Supporter and see exclusive clips not seen on TV!

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Pls how do l be a supporter

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