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1 day ago

AMA with Ribbot - BattleBot today at 7pm ET over at ... See MoreSee Less

AMA with Ribbot - BattleBot today at 7pm ET over at

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Super proud of you guys, go frog!!!!!!!

Great run this year, guys! Superbly well done!

I had no idea what happened to Ribbot in the tournament but they pulled upsets like no other this year. Upsetting Quantum, Black Dragon, and Hydra. So congrats to them to make it all the way to the Semi Finals

Good work this season, frog. Good work.

Ribbot was a real bracket buster this postseason. Despite narrowly making the Top 32 at 1-3, Ribbot made the Top 4 after upsets over Quantum, Black Dragon and even Hydra. Only falling short to the champ, SawBlaze.

"name my band"

Tim favorit 😁🤗

Dat frog kicks some ass

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2 days ago

Was this the fight of the season? ... See MoreSee Less

Video image

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Endgame vs Copperhead was amazing , first half was Endgame dominating , 2nd half was copperhead slowly but surly ripping Endgame apart

Minotaur vs Cobalt was the best

Not sure. I think other fights were better.

Hydra/Ribbot, so dumb! Jake gets an F minus!

For me defiantly the final. My 2 faverout bots made it. Both I kinda scoffed at when I fist saw them in the pits, but both completely changed my opinion after their first fight. One became my pick to win, the other i was ready to write off. When sawblaze is 100% only flippers who can get under him have an advantage. It Just a brilliant bot with speed mobility, great shield and wedge/forks and devastating weapons with a great driver. I expected saw blaze to be top 4 every year. Huge on the other hand showed his full potential the season. I was ready to write him off, but he showed how dominate Huge can be. Both unique entertaining bots that are very hard to both attack and defend against. They hit bots where they can't even really put armor. They are designed to cause problem for the traditional bots, I'm so happy got to see both at full potential. have these 2 bots in mind while designing. Togeather HUGE and Saw Blaze have very few weaknesses and pack not only a hard put precise punch, and some hard hitting robots espically new teams like Riparoni and rip tide fix some (rookie) bugs.

They really need to have a 4-6 Bot battle royal. That would be epic

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2 days ago

AMA with HUGE - Battlebots today at 7pm ET over at ... See MoreSee Less

AMA with HUGE - Battlebots today at 7pm ET over at

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someone please tell HUGE i say hello and kiss kiss! 😘😂 (I have to go out tonight so can’t go to the AMA) 💜🤖💥

You have to give HUGE - Battlebots a big round of applause. They went 4-0 in the qualifying round, got it’s highest seed ever in #6, and going all the way to the Final. Can’t wait to see what they have next year.

Even though you're not the ones with the Giant Nut, I find that both you and SawBlaze are champions together in my books. It would be heartwarming to see a picture of Jamison Go and Jonathan Schultz together.

This boy Is very remarkable! Im so happy for their success this season!

HUGE, congratulations on your best season. Going 4-0, and making it to the championship; big accomplishment. Hope to see more.

Good for you this season HUGE! You guys did great!

Always loved huge. Everyone always said they wouldnt amount to much; was a bad gimmick. For all intents and purposes, they won the fight before it began. No team will face them with the bot the always use, they always need an attachment and the fact that sawblaze had to do something its never done, huge should take pride. Love sawblaze, glad they won, but huge has nothing to be ashamed of. Both are winners in my book.

Huge is my favorite bot this season. It was such an innovative design and it's proven itself in the arena. Why does the team keep using spoked wheels, though? That seems to be a way for an opponent to snag and break the wheels. I'd suggest putting a shield on the wheels -- a thin, semi-rigid disk of plastic or aluminum up against the wheels on the outside of the spokes, just to keep anything from getting in between the big wheel's spokes.

Great team. Great people!!!! SO happy for your success.

They had a GREAT season! Glad they didn't give up on the design. Sawblaze deserved the win, but had Huge won instead, it would have been just as good!

I hope Huge doesn't get retired. Such a creative bot and a great team. Hope to see it continue competing!

One no one expected to be the runner-up.

Thank you so much for the excellent sportsmanship all of you showed this season!

Really impressive showing, I never had anything against this team but I obviously didn't give them the respect they deserved! Looking back at thr biteforce fight this all makes sense.

While it isnt a giant nut, an otherwise undefeated season is a record few bots can claim. extremely close fight, But I dont see barely loosing to JG as a negative. Absoluelty Epic season HUGE - Battlebots!

great season, team Huge!

Amazing season. Look forward to what is in store next season!!

Congratulations guys!!!! Runner up sounds very good to me!!!

HUGE…. Made a statement this season FoSho.

Where can I watch it ?

Very impressive season.

Come to Wisconsin

Amo este robot, un diseño muy inteligente 🤩

What are those wheels made out of for them not to break in battle 🤔

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2 days ago

COME SEE BATTLEBOTS DESTRUCT-A-THON! Get your ro-butt out to Las Vegas and see this intense, fast-moving, family-friendly, fight-fest. So much FUN! Last weekend Jamison Go, Bunny and Banshee came out to join in the mayhem—and the bot breaking bedlam continues through the summer! Get your tickets now! Thanks to @sebtheve for the fantastic photos! ... See MoreSee Less

COME SEE BATTLEBOTS DESTRUCT-A-THON! Get your ro-butt out to Las Vegas and see this intense, fast-moving, family-friendly, fight-fest. So much FUN! Last weekend Jamison Go, Bunny and Banshee came out to join in the mayhem—and the bot breaking bedlam continues through the summer! Get your tickets now! Thanks to @sebtheve for the fantastic photos!Image attachmentImage attachment+7Image attachment

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It was SO MUCH FUN!!

I sent some of those All Elite Wrestling stars there last weekend too. They said they had a blast and everyone was fantastic.

We had a blast! So glad you have opened shows up in Vegas, my son and myself was in Heaven and loved meeting the drivers and getting to hold the GIANT NUT made it even better. We ❤️ Battle Bots

Just got married in vegas and that was on our to do list while we were over that way. It was cool but I would've liked to see the one that you actually see on tv

We were here in Feb. awesome show! I didn’t realize how much fun it was to yell ‘fight, fight, fight’ until I got there. Thank you Battlebots Destruct-a-thon!!

We were in Vegas for this and attended this event, so cool. We have pics and autographs very cool experience

It was alright. Would recommend once but I'll probably never go again. Seems like they held back a little bit to me.

They were rolling and flying all season. Punching and smashing into pieces. What a great season it was!

If I ever go to Vegas I would be more then happy to go. Just don’t plan on traveling cross country anytime soon.

Dates for this?? Tickets still available or any shows pending in LasVegas?

Love to live other there and come watch

This is the one thing om my Bucket List!

Congrats Team Sawblaze! 👏

Soon much fun!

what is that slot machine 🎰

Very cool 😎

Mat 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

Is that Bill Dwyer from the comedy central days?

Looking forward to a season where nobody is wearing masks!!!

Repent of your sins!!! For the kingdom of God Almighty is near.TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!Preach about Jesus Christ. He is the saviour of the world. He died for our sins , and we need to live our life for Jesus

Belén Contreras nmms miraaaa😍😍😍

CueKeeper Jim

Michael Turnbull

please don't die in your sins. Follow Jesus Christ today because life without Jesus Christ leads to eternity of destruction ( HELL). please work on your salvation

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3 days ago

Another awesome BattleBots Proving Ground match coming this weekend at Destruct-A-Thon. Get your tickets here: ... See MoreSee Less

Another awesome BattleBots Proving Ground match coming this weekend at Destruct-A-Thon. Get your tickets here:

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When are the next televised events?

It's truly amazing to see how much hard work and dedication these two teams put in during filming and since filming was over . Way to go Team Horizon and Team Doom.

I will never not find Horizon the most gorgeous bot in BB.

Horizon was in the Top 50 for WC VII. Does this mean they have the potential of getting knocked out of Top 50? Does Doom take their place if they win? Or do bots go through multiple proving ground fights before their rankings are determined? Just wondering how high stakes each individual match is and what it means when we see bots like Horizon and Banshee in proving ground fights.

Thats blacksmith lol

Roger Thompson

I like seeing more innovative designs. Vert spinners are getting stale.

Lets go Doommmm

Hey BattleBots is there any way we can watch these untelivised fights without being there in person? Like a Livestream?

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4 days ago

More chicken dinner coming soon… ... See MoreSee Less

More chicken dinner coming soon…

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Keep up the good work!

I’ve heard there’s no Gatekeepers this time around. Why is that?

This photo looks like a tease for a new season of Battlebots Champions. If so I can't wait to see which bots will be competing for the Golden Bolt

That is just something I am ready for

The Golden Bolt?!

Sawblaze should have the chance to get the matching bolt!!

Apple Sausage

WHEN??? I need more the battlebots withdrawal is real


Bounty hunters II?

Roger Thompson here it is buddy!

I'm ready!


Let’s have the golden bolt playoffs!!!

Let's goooo!

ni bang dah bnyak yg wd gede link thailan member baru dimanjain nyoba maxwin di bet 200 apa 400 kan yang pnting wd inbok aja bng biar tau caranya bukan sales nyebar" link buat player aja yng pnting aman wd nya

but will the nut screw onto it? lol

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4 days ago

AMA with team RioBotz (Minotaur) today at 6pm ET (8pm Brazilian time) over at ... See MoreSee Less

AMA with team RioBotz (Minotaur) today at 6pm ET (8pm Brazilian time) over at

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Minotaur was always one of my favorites. I remember they won their debut tournament and I was so stoked!


I have a feeling Marco Meggiolaro was Minotaur’s good luck charm this year because they went 4-0 in the qualifying round

So sad they didn't win. I really thought it was going to be their year. One of my favorite bots and teams!

Parabéns minotaur, lutou bravamente, desta vez não deu por um detalhe, mas a persistência leva a vitória, com certeza ela vai chegar!

I like this bot, but after watching so much norwalk, I've really come to see Jamo as a super human being. He is a humble champ, that helps everyone and is always trying new things. Love to see his walker tech in battlebots

Great robot, great team.

the sound of its spinning drum give me shiver but love every min of it 👍

I really enjoyed watching you this season. I can’t believe how strong your bot is even if it’s on fire!

Minotaur is my absolute favorite BattleBot!! The whole team did amazing this year, but I will say I noticed a pattern of Minotaur getting flipped over almost immediately in every fight. I know he’s a tank, but they take a lot of unnecessary hits because of this, and it ended up being their downfall. Daniel is one of the best drivers out there, but he needs to be more precise with each hit. Especially the first hit of each match.

My favourite team!!

One of the best parts of the entire season was when Marco was being interviewed and he mentioned that next year they will need to cover their bottom as well in the shot of that moment is Daniel smiling and laughing.

Why is the Discovery app not up to date with this season, or any other season??

Minotaur is my favorite! Always was and always will be!

Awesome team! 💗

Enjoying reading these AMA transcripts! Thanks for arranging and posting!

Bad match up against saw blaze

My favorite

I love Minotaur!😍

My fav!!

Great team! See you next season!


We still need too see Minotaur V.S Riptide with both drivers at thier best... that would be a slugfest.

Fanatic Job!

My fav 🤖🥰

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5 days ago

AMA with DeathRoll - Battlebot today at 7PM PT over at ... See MoreSee Less

AMA with DeathRoll - Battlebot  today at 7PM PT over at

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Why not use forks like ribbot did against hydra? U guys probably would have beaten him

If they can get some floating wedgelets like Bite Force had, they will be pretty tough to beat, regardless who the opponent is imo

Aussie Aussie Aussie ♥️

What is ur weapons tip speed?



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5 days ago

What a Meta-Breaking Final that was. What did you think BotFans! ... See MoreSee Less

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It really was awesome. The season was already great. And then this finale happened. Totally worth my Discovery+ (soon to be MAX) subscription.

Amazing season and amazing final. So happy for both Huge and Sawblaze.

That was an awesome finale. I just wish we had a BattleBots video game to hold us over until next season

All the fights were great(except hydra & ribbot.....boring. i was expecting more.out of both bots)

Great finish. My personal final fight had Ripperoni v Riptide, but that never happened. Couldn't believe Riptide got totally destroyed... and it wasn't the stand in driver's doing. Loved the final. Not a fan of Huge, so was happy to see Sawblaze win.

RIGHT?! Perhaps the best season finale episode I’ve ever seen. Or episode in general. Congratulations to every builder/driver/team.

Happy for Sawblaze. Long time coming. Impressed with Huge. Only one loss the entire season. Didn’t see that coming.

It was an awesome championship match!!! I was rooting for HUGE the whole time, but second place is amazing for them regardless considering Johnathan was contemplating retiring HUGE after last year. Hoping this match and the run of Champions 2 convinces Discovery to renew for Worlds VIII!

All the fights in the finale were awesome!

Best finale I’ve ever seen! Absolutely amazing.

It was amazing. Action packed just like we were all hoping for. Secretly, I was rooting for Hydra but I’m also a huge, no pun intended 😄, fan of Sawblaze. Congratulations Jamison!!

I’m a big fan of HUGE and SawBlaze. To say I was conflicted is an understatement. 🥲😀

Fantastic season! Couldn't be happier for Sawblaze, and also for HUGE! Also, please keep the rule changes and the 50 bot format, I thought it worked great!!!

Loved every minute of the show! Great fights throughout and the final was awesome. Can't wait for next season!

I wasn't sure who to root for, I love both teams and bots. Congratulations Sawblaze! I hope Huge gets the Giant Nut they deserve too. 🎉🎉

Absolutely delighted the meta was broken, could not be happier to see 2 different designs in the final that had both had their highs & lows over the years. To paraphrase their team mottos, Slash & Burn cause Both Are Kind Of A Big Deal 😉

Huge is my all time favorite and I’m so amazed and glad that he won second place. That’s still something to be very proud of as not many bots make it that far! 😊

loved the sportsmanship shown throughout the night

Absolutely loved this entire episode as well as the season. Best season by far! Cant wait to see what's next!

HUGEEeeE won that final should been champ I’ll die on that hill

I’m honoured to have fought a now giant nut winner at NHRL (and won😜) in the 12lb class. I beat a giant nut winner. That’s insane. Just some small town nobody built a weird bot they weren’t ready for. GG J-mo congratulations!!!!

Well deserved Championship for Sawblaze in terms of knocking two bots and a hard fought decision win against Huge. Also giving credit to Huge, they gave it all this tournament

One of the BEST shows ever! This season has been amazing

We sat here shaking our heads, unable to guess who the winner of each match would be. That was a heckuva finale! Loved watching Huge’s nearly undefeated roll…and Sawblaze’s ultimate victory. Thanks for Road to the Giant Nut—yes please, keep that! And anything you can do to maximize peeks at what nearly every builder says is the best thing about those two weeks—the camaraderie in the pits—we appreciate. We NEVER want to see on air again a team member getting bleeped for shouting“F*** the haters!” Extinguish that behavior—and highlight the thoughtful, resourceful, constructive, collaborative grownups. (Thanks.)

One of the best seasons yet. Shame huge didn't take the nut but sawblaze was just as deserving.

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6 days ago

Our deepest and most heartfelt gratitude to all the incredible BattleBots teams, crew, staff, and the unwavering support of our fans at home. Your passion, dedication, and relentless spirit have made this journey truly extraordinary. See you in Vegas or on your TV screens at home real soon ❤️ ... See MoreSee Less

Our deepest and most heartfelt gratitude to all the incredible BattleBots teams, crew, staff, and the unwavering support of our fans at home. Your passion, dedication, and relentless spirit have made this journey truly extraordinary. See you in Vegas or on your TV screens at home real soon ❤️

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What an amazing season and amazing final it was! Truly heart warming seeing Huge and Sawblaze do so well. Amazing work all the builders and everyone that plays a part in bringing us this amazing show!

Absolutely sensational season. Each one gets better and better. Keep up the amazing work, BattleBots production team!

It was a great season!!!!! Please keep the after show and show more info about the builders!!!!! Next year will be the year of the frog. Final 4 Ribbot, way to go!!!!’🐸

Thank you so much for another amazing season of Battlebots. Congratulations to Sawblaze.

I think Season 7 of the New Era might be your best Battlebots Season yet! Looking forward to the Second Champions Tournament!

Thank you to BattleBots for bringing a truly unique, inspirational and totally fun program to our TVs! (and other viewing devices 😊).

Can’t wait for the return of the Golden Bolt Tournament later this year!!!

What a great season! Congratulations Sawblaze!!

I think you're going to need a bigger venue and a Jumbotron for next year! Oh, and Road to the Giant Nut every episode, please!

Thanks for a great season. The tournament was outstanding.

Congratulations to sawblaze & huge. Jamison, no surprise - he's a great driver with a solid robot but huge made huge improvement from the previous seasons. I was NOT a believer but he showed different

Best Bot's finale, awesome bots gave their best, ONLY the strong survived, lot's of favorites didn't survive!!! Sawblade was the best, Huge was the biggest bot of them all but size didnt matter against Jamison Go and Saw Blade became the 🏆 Champion And won the Giant Nut !! Can't wait for another season of Battle Bots!!

THANK YOU ALL for a Great year! The best of Luck for the next.......

Best season ever, incredible job in every respect. Hits bigger than ever, wins more decisive than ever, rules very well adjusted to maximize action.

This is probably the best season. I’ve seen in years way better than last year.

Wonderful entertaining sport where the play is great and the players are such good people. No fights except in the ring.

Great show, great work. And amazing to watch . The tec is really above my comretition but as an old submarine worker, I love it.

This has been a great season with a great champion and a great runner-up. I really enjoyed it.

Have totally enjoyed watching this. Found it quite by accident during the last Olympics... when I got really tired of (ugh) figure skating. Truly a breath of fresh air! Thx all!!

Terrific season and finale. Thank you for so much weekly fun that my whole family could enjoy. Can't wait for next season!

all VERY kool posts!! I *wanted* minotaur to win how long can they go,without finally winning the giant nut? 😥😥

Best season yet!!!

This season was so awesome we want more, so Vegas here we come, Yeah Baby, see you in July.

Thank you BattleBots for such a terrific tournament programme. Thanks also to Chris and Kenny and Farouq for the most entertaining competition commentary ever broadcast!!🏆🏆🏆

Really enjoyed this season and hopefully the hosts will be able to expand their wardrobe!

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6 days ago

The Bot Whisperer Pete Abrahamson interviews genius engineer Mark Setrakain about his new walking robot desing that might make an appearance in a future season of BattleBots! ... See MoreSee Less

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Please do a walkers league! Even if its 1 or 2 battles as exhibition matches - could inspire more builders to take up the challenge.

Walker league someday, even if it's just online 🙏

Good to see Pete but there's no way a design like that can withstand a horizontal spinning weapon.

Chomp tried one before and sadly it didn’t work out so great. Love the idea of bringing Real Steel into reality tho!

Saw that beast at Robogames. It's really an amazing feat of engineering.

Two of the nicest, most brilliant guys in the BattleBots universe. And Stalker is sublime!

Amazing. I know the show has had walking bots before like Chomp, but something like Stalker is unlike any bot we've seen before. The legs can let it go up or down in battle, so if it faces a flipper like Hydra or Blip or a bot wlith a low horizontal spinner or a wedge it can lift itself up. Plus the legs can also have weapons on it like a gripper or flamethrower, giving it a variety of options to face any opponent. It'll be do cool to see what Stalker will be like in a future season

2 words. Pure awesome

That's an amazing starting point, can't wait to see it on the battlebox and become something like this 😂

Setrakian inspired me to get into combat robots. After I saw Machadon in the battlebox I was hooked.

Muy interesante el diseño.... supongo que será mas rápido y que las patas aguanten los azotones de un rotador .... se le ven algunos cables en las patas!!! 🤔 qué arma tendrá???? a esperar !!!! 😎

Can it dropkick its opponent?

*This* should be interesting.

It'll last 3secs against Tombstone

Glad to see Breath of the Wild’s guardians finally represented in the Battlebox.

Never one hit to the leg and its over

Cool robot, technologically advanced but how fast can it move, speed is benefit during a match. Add three more legs, call it Arachnid.

Michael Mauney

Emilly Antunes

Dave Kovach

Was he the guy who made the snake in the 90's?


Doomed to fail..cut off the legs one by


....and destroyed in 6 seconds.

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6 days ago

AMA Today with SawBlaze - BattleBot 7pm ET over at ... See MoreSee Less

AMA Today with SawBlaze - BattleBot 7pm ET over at

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Congratulations Sawblaze!

This was by far the best tournament to date. I couldn’t make up my mind who I wanted to win. All of my picks in my head won! Way to go #TeamSawblaze

Flipping minotaur and then cutting into the exact spot on the bottom was amazing to see. Well deserved victory.

That was a BS match, Sawblaze was losing badly at first, then resorted to pushing Huge around instead of fighting. Sawblaze used an attachment to push Huge around just like Hydra did a couple years ago, the two Bots knew they couldn’t beat Huge, so they found a way to keep their opponent from hitting them. This is called BATTLE BOTS, not Keep You From Attacking Me Bots.

Much deserved. Happy they won even tho I was not expecting them to win. Nor was I expecting robot to beat  hydra lol

Jamison is a fierce and great driver. I should know, I had 3 robot fights against him at Motorama and 1 fight at NERC Franklin Institute

congratulations sawblaze! you are a deserving champion!

Congratulations! It was so much fun to watch you compete. I wish you all great success!

Terrific AMA—appreciated the thoughtful answers. Fascinating to read about the team’s flamethrower and tire woes, and hear that at least one team member thought that the final modification was as nuts as we were thinking—and then it turned out to be brilliant! Most impressive was Jamison’s comment that he would not snoop in the pits in order to ID opposition weaknesses. A privilege to hear about team process and energy. Thanks!

playoff went as predicted. so good to see sawblaze v. minotaur & sawblaze v. huge - both 'bloody' fights

It's very ironic that two seasons ago you were in the quarterfinals, the semifinals last season and now this year you reached the final battle and won. Congratulations, SawBlaze team and Jamison Go!

great job

Congratulations! Job well done!

Way to go Champs!!!

Congratulations. Well done. I look forward to seeing you next season.

The 🏆 champ

Congratulations Team Sawblaze 👏👏 🏆


🔥Congratulations SawBlaze, for achieving The Giant Nut!🔥

Good choice

SawBlaze - BattleBot, congratulations on winning the Giant Nut.

Congrats Guys!

Excellent driver 👏👏

Selalu nyimak bos,, salam dari Indonesia,, 🙏

Congrats 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼

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