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All the old Comedy Center tapes. What should we do with these? #battlebots #history #vintageplayer ... See MoreSee Less

All the old Comedy Center tapes. What should we do with these? #battlebots #history #vintageplayer


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Tape lose their audio eventually... digitize then upload for FREE to YouTube to build up show interest.

Upload them or schedule a marathon on the Science channel.

Digitize and release on DVD/Blu-Ray; Donate a part of the sales to charities that involve engineering,robotics, and other related fields. Upload a couple of choice fights free to youtube,hulu and netflix. I watched battlebots growing up - mechamousercat bot..piloted by Grant Imahara and the team of M5 (mythbusters) keeping it running strong. Whyachi belting Nightmare with those spinning sledges and obliterating nightmare..Biohazard vs Whyachi..2 of the best heavyweight titans going at it.

I'd be down for a box set release. It's a shame that very few Battlebots events ever got a physical media release.

Clearly the only solution is to give them a proper release in box set form. Alternatively you could do what Monster Jam did back in the day and make compilation DVD's of things that apply to BattleBots like "best knockouts" and stuff.

Upload them onto Youtube, or some other video sharing site. I'd love to see them in hopefully better quality than the ones people ripped themselves. Remaster them if possible, put on DVDs, sell the original seasons.

They look like all the raw camera feeds, right? Wowsers. I'll bet theres some memories there. Next july is the 20th since long beach (are those tapes there too) so perhaps a documentary?

Well, the logical solution would be to release online seasons showcasing the entire tournaments from start to finish, including all the fights we never saw on the Comedy Central show. This could also apply to Long Beach '99, which iirc is just a compilation on DVD and not the full webcasted event. If you wanted to remake the CC-era events with dubbed commentary, Takeshi's Castle style, I know of a couple people who would probably be more than happy to do it. Eh, André Bardin?

Make dvds and sell them. Or upload them for everyone to watch

Digitize and save. Do not do what the BBC did to Dad's army, Dr. Who among others. Heck, lots of old shows are gone because no one thought of preserving them.

I used to run the digitization service for a DoD Library. These should be digitized by a commercial service and then loaded to The Internet Archive. I would also recommend select dvd boxed sets through Amazon Createspace, the print on demand service I use. There is an option for streaming through Amazon. A gofundme campaign or Kickstarter to raise money to cover the costs. Feel free to get in touch if you have questions.

We had alot of fights in season 5 and only one that aired. You always hear how many of them ended up on the cutting room floor. I assumed there was no other footage at that point beyond what aired. I'd pay decent money to see those fights and would love to see the whole event. Everyone should see the gritty CC days behind the scenes. They were awesome. We didn't have good luck in Season 4 and I wasn't on the team yet when Ted did Season 3. But I'd enjoy seeing all the behind scenes and fights.

YOU HAVE THESE!!!! I would pay good money to have good clean videos of this and throw out my VHS collection!! Please distribute these somehow.

Put them all into a huge DVD set. Every battle bot fight ever. I would buy it

Post them online for us fans to enjoy!

remaster and release. if not on discovery. Netflix or Hulu would be awesome

Do voiceovers and make them funny. Change the sounds to grunts and groans. Make the bots become their own characters. Use different languages, then subtitle them. Contact me when you want to do it.

If you're got raw footage (and rights) digitize them, make them available to rabid fans, AND sponsor a season remix contest and encourage college students in TV/media production to re-imagine the seasons! It would create more buzz for the new reboots! I'd love to see them released again. My kids love the new and the old battle bots!

You should run them. They're far more entertaining than the current format, except for Carmen Electra. I like the new show and will watch any new episodes, but ...

Netflix! And not one of their shitty "collections" like they did with Bill Nye and Bob Ross either... All the episodes!

Comedy Central is what you mean and I can tell you. Sell them to a channel that will play them on a loop 24/7. Your show is "evergreen" and I could sit and watch over and over again! I think Barook and his puns are awesome! Of course be sure and add the new shows to that station when you find it.

HD Remasters of every episode in at least 0720p and 060 Frames per Second, be they in their native resolution or in Widescreen, such material must be stored online in the best of quality and this would be a nice start of things to come.

Well since you started uploading a few episodes from back then, might as well release all the episodes, especially since a few of the Season 5.0 episodes appear to be lost.

I would buy anything you guys put on DVD or Blu Ray. I checked the website the other day to see if you guys were at least selling DVDs of last season.

BattleBots- did these include prelim bouts? I've never seen my fights! (other than through my eyeballs)

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AMA with Ravi Baboolal from Red Devil today at 3:30 PT reddit.com/r/battlebots ... See MoreSee Less

AMA with Ravi Baboolal from Red Devil today at 3:30 PT reddit.com/r/battlebots


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I was hoping Red Devil's saw blade would pack more punch. Is it a rpm issue or is it just a cheap blade? It barely scratched the paint. Perhaps an upgrade is required before you get matched up against minotaur or tombstone. something that can cut metal might be important in a robot fighting event. Criticism aside, that was some great driving out there.

Red Devil is a really cool bot, glad they’ve been successful. I just feel bad for Brutus, I’ve yet to see them have a good fight.

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Win a piece of Witch Doctor! The winner will be announced here on Thursday!

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Win a piece of Witch Doctor! The winner will be announced here on Thursday!



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Should be plenty of pieces to give away after the spanking from Yeti

Am I the only one playing the Battlebots Fantasy League on Fantasizr?

Remember the first giveaway was a piece of Duck, which won its rumble, so this does not necessarily reflect who won or lost.

I was very disappointed to see the scroll that "you can win a piece of witch doctor" before we had seen the fight. Otherwise, loving the way this season is being presented. Only show our whole family watches together. Only thing on tv my sons watch at all.

Brooke Christensen since I'm not 18 yet

It's only fair that I win. Witch doctor 120 lb version tore mine in Miami in 2011 i never have put it back completely after that match. #demoralizer

Pick me,,pick me. Fan all the way,,,witch doctor will be back and kick some a$$....

Hope I win this also as my past post me and my buddy have started talking about possible weapons for our bot

I thought it was a good battle

My son loves BattleBots & would love to win this!

My son would live this.

The skeleton "armor"?


This is awesome


That must mean you got your butt kicked

Tara Lynn Brown

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ARE YOU YETI… TO DIE!!! BattleBots BotCam is back with another increadible #POV shot powered by Insta360360 BotCam footage of Witch Doctor vs. Yeti from BattleBots on Discovery & Science Channel — powered by Insta360 To learn more about Insta360 and their aweso... ... See MoreSee Less

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Witch doctor needs to retire that bot, it's clearly not up to snuff with some of these other beasts

Okay I really need some help here I just bought season 3 always have love BattleBots so much and next thing I know there's three robots in the same cage I have no clue since there was no explanation or any direction to as to why certain robots have three in the fights and some two.... what the heck is going on?

With the exception of the Icewave fight. I wasn't impressed.. and Yeti and End Game calling out Tombstone?? Careful what you wish for.

I was psychologically overwhelmed by Red Devil, not fair!

Yeah I saw that 360 camera and was hoping you'd post the footage.

It's Robot Fighting.....whoops Witch Doctor lost....Time

Not the most exciting episode but still my favorite show.

It's robot fighting time! I'm in, all the way! For better or worse!

I just bought the season on Amazon video. How do I get to episode 2?


Phew! Brutal!!!!!

Sheri Turner WOW

Melissa Wear

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BattleBots is on now. And we're live tweeting at twitter.com/BattleBots

A brand new BattleBots throwdown starts now 🤖
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Why doesn't Red Devil have a carbine saw blade????? That saw they currently have just wastes a lot of energy trying to cut opponents metal which is highly unlikely...

I was shocked how well yeti did against witch doctor. I thought witch doctor had a good chance to win it all. I also agree red devils saw needs an upgrade to be able to cut into anything.

Is it 8pm in all time zones? Or 8ET/7CT etc?

It was so annoying that they kept referring to the Shedderator v End Game being an international fight— when all but the main event tonight was ALSO an international fight. Petunia from Netherlands, Vanquish from UK— and even Red Devils crew this year are Canadians.

Best show on TV. So glad it has been brought back

I love how the announcer introduces the contestants like they are pro wrestlers except the robots actually fight

Where's Sam Ponder???

I don't have Twitter sorry

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Tonight's Main Event will put a spell on you. Witch Doctor takes on Yeti. Don’t miss it!

An all new episode of BattleBots airs on Discovery tonight at 8pm ET | 5pm PT.
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I don't even know why Witch Doctor is still trying to compete. Last 2 seasons were virtually 1 and done's; and now this: we upgraded our 'armor'... sweetheart, armor isn't supposed to have freaking holes in it. Your robot looks cool, but it's trash. Scrap the design and come up with something new.

So I ask again: Why does everyone always hype up Witch Doctor? They have a terrible record over the last 3 seasons yet they're still a crowd favorite.

Yeti just took Witch Doctor to the shed....

Gotta hand it to the yeti for not continuing to shred witch doctor. Not a lot of damage to repair. Yeti could (and strategically speaking should have ) chewed up wd a lot more and possibly crushed further fights. I site ghost raptor vs s.o.w. And tombstone vs bronco as examples of how time crunches and massive repair can affect future fights. Classy and respectable move team yeti!

Not on discovery europe-slovenia 🙁

From where i can see the second episode of battlebots 2018 on internet ?? And which season is this ?? Sesson 8 or season 3 ?? Episode 1 is available on youtube but unable to find its 2nd episode !!! 😞

Is Capt Shredderator competing this season?

Plz anyone can give a u tube link of episode 2?

I was rooting for ya witch doctor, but Yeti crew, y'all kicked ass and are classy winners.

Not on Discovery on now tv 😞

Witch Doctor never surprises me 🌚

Is it possible to watch by internet ir some brazilian channel?

Yeti is a beeaaaast. Can't wait to see him back in action tonight!!

Best show eva.

My imaginary $$$ is on the voodoo queen! 👑

Love the new format!

Hell yea!!!!! Gona be awesome!!!!

Julio !!!!

Chris Rodriguez

Siva Anandthan

Domi Acimov

Voodoo actually exists, and I can't believe they still allow witch doctor to keep doing this racist routine.

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Looking for a robot with the ability to cut through cars? Meet Icewave! ❄️

BattleBots continues TONIGHT at 8p ET 🤖
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I said it 2 years ago and I'll say it again! I want Icewave vs Tombstone!


Looks like blade is too high to hit Tombstone.

Where can we watch this online in the UK?

Looks like Hazard's been hitting the gym.

I though he was called I.C.E.wave (Internal Combustion Engine)

upgrade of tombstone?

It's a Shame There Wasn't a Robot Wars VS Battlebots Show ! But Robot Wars Probably Wouldn't Stand Chance , With The Amount of money which goes into Battlebots , unless The House Robot could fight Them , know That would be interesting!!

It will take a LOT to impress me the way Tombstone tore up the battlebox floor.....

Icewave didn't learn from last time did it? Flip it over and it is done....

better have a self righting method or else it's another season lost

Where do the robots fight tonight? I would like to know to search the match online according with my national schedule... I'm from Colombia... Thanks for helping me...

Blake Taunton this should win lol

Looking forward to see him fight.

Eli if only we could watch this

Icewave is wicked! Great match!

Vroom vroom mothah truckahs

Go Mark!

Muhammad Azeem hum 70 ka engine lga lety

Marcus, a gnt tem q assistir mano

Ronald solid neto boi kingina.

Jonty if you built one

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We really recommend you try Vero - we all like this new social platform a lot. You'll have seen their ad throughout all the fights in Episode 1.

They call themselves "True Social" – no ads, algorithms or data mining. Vero is a social network for anyone who loves anything enough to share it, and wants control over whom they share it with. Please download the Vero app and experience social the way it was meant to be — and follow BattleBots once you’re there. We might even follow you back!

Here's a great video to explain what they're all about...We didn’t set out to make a revolutionary social network. Just one we wanted to use. Here’s how we did it. Find out more on Vero: www.vero.co/
... See MoreSee Less

Video image


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Do your research on the CEO!...not good! 😳

3 days ago


Can Witch Doctor put a hex on Yeti? Here's a sneak peek at the battle you won't want to miss. #Battlebots

Watch an all new episode of BattleBots TONIGHT at 8p ET on Discovery
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Yeti < Witch Doctor

Omg Ethan Canfield let’s watch

That looks like a hell of a hit from Witch Doctor... YES DO YOU LIKE THE VOODOO I DO

Witch doctor is the definition of overrated. I've never understood why it's so popular.

Yeti took Tombstone the full 3 minutes last season, I'm betting on them!

I want to see some yeti body slams!

As a huge witch doctor fan I really hope they win, looked good in th trailer


Estas batalhas podem ser vistas no Brasil tambem ou aqui ainda vai demorar

Both robots have vertical spinner weapons and exposed wheels. I'm going to go for Yeti on this.

At wat time its telecasted in IST ??? Indian standard time ????????

Siva Anandthan

Glenn Jackson

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