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3 days ago

Want to get started in Robot Fighting Sports? Follow team Skorpios - BattleBot’s advice and start local. Watch for more… ... See MoreSee Less

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Can't wait for the new season.

It was a good time

Gregory Bahleda maybe you should watch this

Oh now this is greatttt. I'll never have the money to make one but always dig learning how these bad boys run 🤘

Agnès Hardy-Vayssière 🤔

Comchatumare hijo de puta

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1 week ago

Check out SmashBotz, happing live on twitch!!!

RobotRevo - Twitch
Combat Robotic events and fun times. Checkout our website as we work towards building a better community and work with schools to get more hands-on awesome
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I love it when you guys promote smaller events! I think it really helps to inform fans that the sport is so much bigger than just what we see on TV.

the new season when does it start?

I can hardly wait

2 weeks ago

Ladies and Gentlemen…

More photos and details on our website here:
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I just cannot put into words how happy seeing all of these photos makes me. Looking forward to seeing the new season!

Triple Crown is still missing from the main page

Great field of bots!

I have one note for the show producers: please put in 8 matches per two hour episode. Having only 7 matches left for way too much filler time.

Let's go Rusty and Duck! Super excited to see Minotaur back!

Good to see lots of new competitors in the lineup! It gets a bit boring seeing the same competitors each year...

Rustys coming back, My wife named her rat rod after Rusty cause it’s built from salvage parts like Rusty the Bot.

My son (5) and I just went through all 63 photos. He could name almost all of them by the look of the bot or the team. He’s super excited! Can’t wait to get the airing date for the premiere so we can plan a watch party!

I didn’t think huge could get any bigger. Clearly, I was mistaken

60+ teams! Any way you can air every battle!

no Bronco, no Chomp, but happy to see Minotaur, Yeti, Blacksmith and DUCK!!!!!!!! yay Duck!!!!!

This season will be like having old friends coming back to our home. As a BattleBots fan from the beginning, I say welcome! We’re cheering for you. 🤗

Hope the rules have been straightened out this season.

Looking forward to the new season of “BattleBots”! New robots, and more mayhem. Can’t wait to see Minotaur, Icewave and Yeti back in action! Let the fun being!

Give us an air date!!!

So excited to see my favorites back, and some new faces. Looks like a great season!!

Didn't see Bronco

Where's biteforce😭

Duck, IceWave, Gary Gin…. This will be a fun season.

So many teams...all my favorites, plus..DUCK!! So excited for the next season!!

Minotaur is back, Malice has a tail, End Game has some new duds, Yeti has Christian, and lots of new teams!!

So fun seeing so many of these teams during the show tapings. Such fun!

When does Season 6 come on TV??

Chelsea so many bots! 🤩 at least Hypershock/Tombstone/Witch Doctor are there! 😀

Scott Henderson, looks like a great lineup this season! Hope Faruq is bringing his A game again!!

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2 weeks ago

Grant Imahara's Battlebot Deadblow ... See MoreSee Less

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R.I. P. Grant 🙏🏽

Deadblow was such a beast. I remember it being one of my favorites in the Comedy Central days and it blew my mind when I found out while watching Mythbusters that it was made by Grant Imahara. He was truly brilliant and such a tragic loss 🙁

So sad to lose Grant! He was such an inspiration to kids growing up. My son grew up with the original BattleBots and is now going back to college for engineering. RIP Grant!

Excuse me as I cry. I miss Grant and DeadBlow is always going to be my forever favorite 💔

Fon Davis is doing a fantastic job keeping Grant's shop going and it's wonderful that he's keeping deadblow in great condition. Adam Savage doing what he's doing to keep Grant's legacy going is fantastic as well. Adam and Fon are fantastic people indeed.

Miss Grant

Really beautiful tribute!

One of my favorites growing up 😢❤️

Rip grAnt ❤

When will season 6 start to air

Men and work

When to play champoinship mr😍

Tombstone - BattleBots will bury this bot.

Hi it's so Interesting for me i want to work with u

When does it come on t.v.??????🤔

Calvin Cracknell


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3 weeks ago

The roster of bots and builders competing in BattleBots Season 6 has just been revealed to our BattleBots Supporters. ... See MoreSee Less

The roster of bots and builders competing in BattleBots Season 6 has just been revealed to our BattleBots Supporters.

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To everyone who post "tombstone will tear this apart" and? Whats your point tombstone destorys all even its self your try saying water is wet

Triple Crown looks cool. I love innovation

Thank you for your application to Battlebots Triple Crown. What is your active weapon? Yes

While I love innovation in the sport, multiple active weapons seem to only give you weak, ineffective, weapons.

I love it when you see a robot and it takes you a while to figure out what's actually going on

This thread needs "spam bot"

Very cool concept, but I fear it’ll get shredded in the box.

Jack of all trades, King of none.

I saw Tombstone fight twice in Vegas, guess what....

What is going on with those wheels? Is that a weapon around them?

also for those wondering bounty hunters will be back as well so we'll have to see which teams were the boss battles the bounty and which teams were the bounty hunters

Wow cool bot now I am more excited for the full reveal line up

Bring back nightmare with real armor … looks cool tho multi weapon bot

2 hoverboards (1 asbackup) and 1 electric car hubmotor would be unbeatable.

I wonder if Shrederator will get to face Triple Crown this year. This one is many years in the making from the US Robot Wars on Nickelodeon. Panzer vs The Revolutionist.

Nice wheel protection!

Isn’t that the guy who built Panzer during the Robot Wars Extreme Warriors/Robotica days like 20 years ago.

I wonder if Angelo Lopez will reply to this comment too!!!

when does the new season air?

When will you make Battlebots available to watch in the UK..? 🇬🇧

I'm ready for the next Season

seem the weapons were only for decoration

What's on the blue side?

I like a paintjob 🇨🇿🇨🇿🇨🇿

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3 weeks ago

For everyone who has been asking. Thanks Skorpios - BattleBot for settling it. ... See MoreSee Less

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This is deeply, to my very core, satisfying

That was fun! Thanks for playing with my nuts!

Still needs a Giant Washer....

Save you time the answer is yes

Ray Billings did a video a few years ago showing that they were compatible.

So how much does a giant nut weigh and is there a giant washer/lock washer competition in the works? Fan favorite (I liked Rusty) gets a washer maybe. Edit: Just watched Ray’s video so nut question has been answered for me.

When does this start on tv again?

I can't wait to see BattleBots live...

I asked this question like 2 years on Instagram (and yes, they answered lol)

the answer is on another thread

Would be completely idiotic if they didn't fit.

I have one but it is hard to get the nut off

Great video thanks

Is one metric?

The question is, how many people did it take and how long did it take, to get his nut off?

when is next season

They got the right person to prove if it fits or not! 😁

Heh. Giant nut

Hmmm it seems like they don't

Haha, love it!

No. They do not fit.

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4 weeks ago

Ellipsis ... See MoreSee Less


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Really lacking content for supporters this season Greg. Least give us the full roster.

Waiting to fight since 2019 😞

Waiting for Season 6 (After watching it live)

you could say it's... robot waitin' time...

I got a fever! And the only cure is more robot fighting time!

Time passes so slowly waiting for BattleBots

When does season 6 start

I hope y'all replaced the judges or at least the changed the criteria so they avoid more unfair decisions

Waiting for Netflix to add more than just 2 seasons...

If it weren't for rewatching on Discovery+, I'd be breaking out the old school bots.

I've watched all the old new series ready for this one but 2 months 2 early I heard lol guess I'll watch them all again 😂

When is the new season going to be broadcast??

So when does season 6 start?

Will it be on discovery+?

Leo Zavala-Cruz Mike Sandoval Good memories, those Sundays were the best Soccer, NFL, Battlebots 😢

When does the new season start?

Btw why battlebots cannot be watched live on tv?

When will the new season be released?

I can't wait anymore! 😭

I think the exact air date for the season premiere will most likely be Thursday December 2nd.


In the meantime, there is always Beat Bobby Flay and 90 Day Fiancé…..but it’s just not the same. 😂

When is there a New Season of Battlebots????

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4 weeks ago

What the fork!?! What the fork!?! face ... See MoreSee Less

What the fork!?!

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Don’t get hit in your forksticles. It stings.

Use the fork

It’s not the size that matters

Do the forks magically transform into the cattle herder?

So if your forks are so long that your opponent cant move out of their starting square do they get counted out or do you get done for pinning? ⚖️

Can't wait for the new season. BattleBots is AWESOME!

Skorpios builder Zach Lytle did say this year would come down to who had the best forks.

Is he using Team HyperShock's Rake?

"Who the fork do you think you are?" Al Kindle . It's just me...the villain you didnt know you needed.

When will this be airing on discovery

When will Battle Bots be back on tv?

That so should be the name of a whole bot lol. Just imagine Faruq's intros!

So he's gonna be a cheap sea hunt again this season. Great

watcha gonna do withdat

Tiffany Spears

Jeff Davis


Forkus on your battles.

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1 month ago

Appropriate snacks well hidden. ... See MoreSee Less

Appropriate snacks well hidden.

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I became re-addicted to Nacho Doritos during taping. It continues to this day…. 😏

I know what BB stands for, but why the Q?

I preferred the Famous Amos cookies 😂

We need more battlebots. I only wish it was year round like WWE. I guess the only difference is the bots actually get hurt and cost money to make.

The new version of the logo looks real good on the Giant Nut.

When will the season premier of BattleBots will be on? And what channel will it be on?

You might want to blur out that paper, it's somewhat spoilery

What does the nut fit?

Is no-one even mildly uncomfortable with the term "Giant nut"?

is that apart of the prize and trophy at the end?

I love this Game. Is the fight stream online

Hey guys, take your places the show is about to start 🤖🤖🤖

What are they popcorn or nuts the name make no sense 😂

Best thing about PVR is I can fast forward when that clown starts yelling .

Tell Chris Rose his snacks have been found!

TV TIME???????????

New season starts when?

Ladies and gentlemen. This battlebots program has brought to you buy CornNuts!!! The official snack of battlebots!!! Cornuts is avaliable any rental store nearest you. Cornuts!!! Corn to the corn!!!


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If a team names Deez wins, it'll be Deez Nut

Deez nuts🤣

This is beautiful

Excellent choice.

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1 month ago

Wonder what this thing is 🤔 ... See MoreSee Less

Wonder what this thing is 🤔

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It's obvious, isn't it?

Hard to tell without a banana for scale, so I'm going to assume regular-sized bolt on a miniature desk..

Whatever it is, I hope it's made out of chocolate inside. 😋

Maybe it’s for the upcoming bounty bolt for whoever beats Bite Force in Bounty Hunters?!

Fine-thread it appears

A piece of Huge? Or Mammoth maybe?

End table looks like

I want it

Probably just another way to water down the chosen winners pool, soon everyone will just get participation awards....

Anything is a ***** if you're brave enough.

Well, there's this The Giant Screw Award was an unofficial award given by the builders after Season 4.0. It was awarded to the robot which took the most damage but survived to the end of the fight. The builders voted based on what robot they thought took the most damage. The screw itself was donated by one of the builders.

A Gold Bolt! We better have a robot that looks like this now.

Please say the Giant Nut and this Gold Bolt fit each other 🔩

Whoever it's competing against is screwed

It’s a smaller version of what my ex wife’s lawyers did to me 😉

The trophy for the most plates eaten at sushi train

No Nut November has come early.

What the driver of tombstone uses for happy thoughts

It is a battle bolt, obvs a spelling mistake. 🤣

Is it the Giant Screw Award for the Robot that lasts the full 3 minutes even though they end up looking like Splinter after a run in with Hypno-Disc?

Either a decimal point was in the wrong spot or someone got mixed up between ‘ (feet) and “ (inches)

Desperado tournament?

I've played alot of Rachet and Clank to know that if i collect enough of those I'd get new skins and cheats

The melee champion needs a giant washer! Since they would come in and clean house 👍🏽

T6 60 series aluminum dipped and coated in gold irradiate

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