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Introducing A.X.L., the military dog of the future – and latest marquee sponsor of BattleBots. Huge thanks for your support, A.X.L. #AXLMovie opens in theaters August 24 ... See MoreSee Less


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Taking my wife to go see it.

He should fight Chomp.

The real question. If robotics become that advance would they not allow BattleBots because they were self aware? 😨😱

Can’t wait to see this!

Wait until it get the Rabies Virus and attacks the handlers.

How awesome!

Put that in the box and let all robots loose at once.

Looking forward to seeing it!

Looks cool

Monse quiedooo!!!!!!!!!

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TONIGHT! The rematch of the century goes down between Blacksmith and Minotaur. This is the match that Blacksmith has been building for, dreaming of and fighting over and over again in his head. Can Al Kindle tame the Brazilian Bull? Find out tonight on BattleBots - 8pm ET on @Discovery ... See MoreSee Less


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In my opinion, (for what's it's worth lol) Blacksmiths hammer has repeatedly been shown to be a shot in the dark in terms of effectiveness. The times when it's actually able to hit an opponent it just can't pack enough of a punch to dismantle or knock out the enemy bot. It tends to scratch and dent what it hits, rather than do effective damage. Minotaur should be able to win this with no more than a few scuffs.

Win or lose, make it awesome

Kinda bummed that this is the main event. Probably won't last more than a minute.

Lolll... Blacksmith is the older white man equivalent of Chomp. Minotaur is going to tear him apart.

Go Minotaur 🇧🇷

Son of Whyachi wins again! Congratulations Team Whyachi!!

When the " Win a piece of Blacksmith " start ? Got a feeling, there be several to offer.

Is this actually a new episode? Because, lately all the one that says new episode have been repeats.

Probably not. Except for when minotaur is having technical difficulties.

Dieter Nico check ze de hypetrain in gang steken

The only decent hammer in Roboteering at present imo is Beta. One winner here as long as there is no technical issue is Minotaur. 🙂

Danielle, is that your friend?

Minotaur ruled!

Good to see Minotaur back in action after it getting eaten by a giant mechanical shark on Discovery. That must have been quite a rebuild. #sarcasm I'm still ticked about that farce.

Minotaur all the way!! #Robotics #BattleBots #GeekingOut

No contest. Minotaur all the way easy.

Someone’s coming out in PIECES 😳

I am so hyped

Que horas passa no Brasil. Nunca consegui assistir.

Lauren Stathes Tonight! LOL

IanLisaBecca rematch of the century


Mário Junior Saviato

Stephen Roeder

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Tomorrow night's fight card is here. Say hello. Now duck, bob and weave, because it's going to kick your bot. What teams you got BotFans? Catch an all new episode of BattleBots Friday at 8pm ET on Discovery ... See MoreSee Less

Tomorrow nights fight card is here. Say hello. Now duck, bob and weave, because its going to kick your bot. What teams you got BotFans? Catch an all new episode of BattleBots Friday at 8pm ET on Discovery


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They should do fantasy battlebots

Top 16 going into this episode: 1. Lock Jaw 2. Saw Blaze 3. Bronco 4. Tombstone 5. Huge 6. Bite Force 7. Rotator 8. Icewave 9. End Game 10. Son of Whyachi 11. Whiplash 12. Witch Doctor 13. Warhead 14. Duck 15. Scorpios 16. Brutus I can't believe that Rotator is currently doing better than Minotaur,but then again, Minotaur is in this episode so the chances of it finally making this list again are very high. Also, what are Lucky and Valkyrie still doing here? I thought their last two fights were in the mini tournament.

Battle Bots confuses me. 1) I thought Bombshell was out. if hes still in, why is fighting bitefroce. He will most definitely be out after that. 2)I thought Gigabyte was out. 3) I thought Lucky was out. Please explain battle bots

Seriously, how much more confusing can you make this?!?! I have no idea what’s going on - do I need to watch the science channel to see the bonus fight? What day and time? Who’s in, who’s out? Is there an app? And...all this went down months ago. 😓

I know I'm not the first one asking this but as a result of the Desperado Tournament does lucky stand at 2-3?

Going down the fight card, my predictions are: Minotaur beats Blacksmith KO Valkyrie beats Red Devil KO I’d like Gigabyte to win but fear Brutus Bite Force beats Bombshell KO End Game beats SOW through Judges Lucky beats Reality through Judges

I'm confused. Blurb says tomorrow's fight card is set, and, a new episode tonight at 9. Graphic has Fri 8pm, Wed 9pm. So is this a day early or a day late?🤔

Waiting for Huge to show up again! Also, how did Chomp, at 0-3, not have to fight in the last chance tournament (forgot the exact name)?

oohhhhh yeaha!!!! Minotaur gonna rip open blacksmith again. That SOW and End Game fight is either gonna be over too quickly, or they're gonna be mutually rendered incapacitated

While I get the history of this main event surely Bite Force (2015 champ) VS Bombshell (2016 2nd place) be a better fight card? Considering if BF wins it'll be 4-0 and Bombshell will be 0-4 and out the door... perhaps it's going to a be a super short one-sided fight 🤔

Oooh, good lineup. Minotaur will walk away with it, but otherwise I'm thinking Valkyrie, Bite Force, and Lucky. Gigabyte's been having severe shell problems this season; if it can actually keep its top on then it should win. SOW fights are always lopsided. Either it knocks the crap out of the other bot or it kills itself. Either way expect some helicopter hang time!

Interesting fight card. A lot of last matches in this too. Very happy about that. I’m going to say the winners will be: Minotaur, Red Devil, Brutus, Bite Force, and End Game. Why is Lucky fighting again? He’s already fought more than four times.

This is INSANE! Absolutely LOADED fight card!

Tastiest fight card for a while 😋 & a tricky one in places 🤔 but in the words of British comedian Al Murray "it's so complicated that me trying to explain it will only make things more difficult to understand...… but let's have a punt anyway" 😀 From bottom to top: Reality (after all those beatings only to fall short in the Desperado tournament, Lucky could regain its bad luck here & take a bashing off Reality's drum), Son of Whyachi (toughest one to call here with both bots on 2-1 though could End Game do like 2 of SoW's opponents & either do a Brutus or Monsoon? Me personally, I like the cut of the Kiwi's jib but I think they'll suffer & wind up going the way of Monsoon), Bite Force (3-0 to Bombshell's 0-3 & sadly after the hard lines of that decision defeat to Yeti, 2018 hasn't been Bombshell's year & sadly I can't see that changing), Gigabyte (has had a few flaws with the cast aluminium cap against Tombstone & breaking its self-righter bar in both Desperado battles but while Brutus is heavily armoured, it does have exposed wheels. Brutus' only chance of winning will be repeating its SoW box rush tactics), Valkyrie (although occasionally troubled with technical problems with that disc, it is the perfect weapon to slice Red Devil's tracks off & given the nicknames for each of Valkyrie's blades, Sonic the Hedgehog blade anyone?) & the main event (great choice given its viral impact 2 years ago): Minotaur (to be fair, can't see any other choice but if Minotaur is still carrying that damaged chassis from the Tombstone fight & Blacksmith gets in some good impacts around the Battlebox or with its hammer, I'd be happy to be proven wrong)

I only see the hammer as weapon to get up. I haven't seen a serious damage from hammers. I like the kind of robot that can throw up in the air another robot, Bronco is an example.

Min > Black, but black is very sturdy Red > Valk, but only if they use the plow Giga> Brut if it can keep its righting bar intact Bite > Bomb just because experience End game and SoW is kind of hard to call. Depends on if SoW can get up to speed fast enough and not get flipped over

Ooo Endgame and SoW could be brutal. Looking at Minotaur, Brutus, Bite Force, and Red Devil to pick up wins, then Reality next Wednesday

Blacksmith really has improved its defense. If it had a better attack power, it would be a great match!

here are my prodictions for the fight card lucky beats reality,S.O.W beats end game,bite force beats bombshell,brutus beats gigbyte,valkyrie beats red devil, and minotaur beats blacksmith.

This looks like the best episode of the season so far. I've got my money on Blacksmith, Red Devil, Gigabyte, Bite Force, End Game, and Reality.

pretty bad that minotaur matches up against blacksmith. Al Kindle already had to rebuild it once, now a second time.

Nice line up this week. Bombshell and Bite Force will be good. Hope Gigabyte gets a win. SoW too. Both interesting bots

Battlebots I have some questions, 1. When is the first tournament episode 2. Are you airing all 8 episodes in the round of 16 in one episode 3. How are the bots that make the tournament decided, standings or judges

I hope gigabyte bytes the big one.. Still think the attempted tap out was sad lol. I get why he was trying to do so... but there is no tapping out in battle bots lol

I'm going with Minotaur, Red Devil, Brutus, Bite Force, End Game, and Reality. End Game vs. SOW should be good! RIP Blacksmith

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Two years ago these two titans fought in the most watched robot combat fight of all time. Over 100 million views throughout social media. And tomorrow night - the rematch of the century goes down: Blacksmith vs. Minotaur - 8:00pm ET on Discovery Who will win it?

You can check out their brutal first encounter here: youtu.be/GkbAcwYix7I

And be sure to come back this way at high noon (PT) for the reveal of tomorrow night's fight card.
... See MoreSee Less

Two years ago these two titans fought in the most watched robot combat fight of all time. Over 100 million views throughout social media. And tomorrow night - the rematch of the century goes down: Blacksmith vs. Minotaur - 8:00pm ET on Discovery Who will win it?

You can check out their brutal first encounter here: https://youtu.be/GkbAcwYix7I

And be sure to come back this way at high noon (PT) for the reveal of tomorrow nights fight card.


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I'm taking Minotaur for the win. I still want to see Tombstone vs Huge

Hammer bots... saw bots.. useless. Only spinner bots and some (bronco) flipper bots work. I hate seeing useless drones flying around. Waste of time

Boo. Minotaur lost a main event fight, he shouldn’t be returning for one. Be more creative with your main event choices. This should’ve been a Bronco, Skorpios, SawBlaze, or HUGE fight. And PLEASE don’t tell me that Tombstone vs. DUCK! is also going to be a main event.

Blacksmith will have no chance...again. Hopefully the useless hammer stays on and blacksmith doesn't get forged by minotaur. If minotaur's spinner connects, it's over. Blacksmith is as bad as chomp, but at least chomp has some energy in the main weapon.

Regrettably, I won't be able to see this fight until after the weekend. Our cable is being shut off at 5pm, and we're moving to Florida over the weekend... Hopefully I can catch it online somewhere though, as I'm really enjoying the season and can't wait to see more robot carnage !

IMO, the match of the century would be Tombstone vs Minotaur.

"Rematch of the century"? Their last encounter was the mechanical equivalent of Creed vs. Drago! Why must you hurt Blacksmith in this way?

I mean its cool that blacksmith is sturdy and all, but has that hammer ever actually damaged anything? I miss Beta...

A not very good hammer that spits fire sometimes vs the drum spinner from hell...... hopefully blacksmith explodes again.

Tombstone vs Huge would be awesome

As far as rematches go, I’d rather see one with a chance of reversing.

I think that Al will get his revenge

I don’t see this one ending any differently. Blacksmith will lose his hammer, and Minotaur will absolutely maul him.

I was worried tombstone ko'd minotaur for the season

E agora, 1 a 1 ou 2 a 0???? A verdade que fico feliz e grato a ver essa equipe da Rio Bots na competição. Peço desculpas ao Blacksmith mas... Vai q vai MINOTAUR!!! Kkkkkkk <3

Blacksmith is going to get mauled.

I have a feeling blacksmith wins, it has to be giving minotaur a run for his money if he's a headliner. Hoping I'm wrong though.

This is going to be good! Minotaur's weapon vs. Blacksmith's ramped-up body. My $'s are still on Minotaur.

In blacksmith's defense, drum spinners are very good at tearing off things like small exposed wheels, and smaller protuberances like prongs etc. Blacksmith doesnt have much sticking out for Minotaur to get at. So its drum will be having to try to damage that body most of the time

For the 5 undercard fights (Science bonus fight included), I'm predicting Petunia vs Warrior Dragon, Double Dutch vs The Four Horseman, Vanquish vs End Game, Reality vs Subzero and Hypershock vs Mohawk. Watch as none of these 10 bots appear now. Please note, these match ups are made-up and I don't actually know what the other fights are but I figured it'd be fun trying to guess them.

We need more Minotaur. Get tired of seeing crapbots like “Chomp” every week.

Rematch of the century lmao. We all know minotaur will win....

The only way I see Blacksmith coming out with a W here is if he brings a bigger, tougher wedge than their last fight and outdrives Minotaur be for 3 straight minutes.

I bet 10,000 quat-lues on Minotaur for the win (although all the ramps on Blacksmith are a great defense).

This is the best possible incentive to get me out of the locker room and back to my living room. The only way it could be better would be if Huge was on the fight card.

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Man’s best friend has evolved. Check out our marquee sponsor’s new film AXL Movie in theaters August 24! #AXLMovie

And huge thanks to the AXL movie for sponsoring BattleBots. Their support is vital to the creation of our show - thank you!
... See MoreSee Less


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Reminds me of Ravage, one of Soundwave's transforming cassettes.

This movie looks great! and I always feel weird watching Battlebots and feeling bad for the bots! XD well bad if they get smashed. X3 i anthropomorphize things way too much! XD

Looks significantly better than Monster Trucks or any of the latest Transformers movies, and they sponsored BattleBots; guess I know what movie I'm going to next!

Looks awesome. Would love to see it in theaters but hard to get out these days. Definitely getting it when it comes available digitally. Mia Warren

That's enough for me to go see it. Plus I am a HUGE schi fi movie fan. Now that mechanical dog?l needs 4 friends so they can form a super robot :-p


Proximo evento contra o Tombstone!

What a birthday gift m gonna have

Music tittle please

Looks like a super cool movie.😀

The Terrierminator

Lisa :O

Allison Mitchell

Juan Ramirez

Zuzanna Matynia

Ignacia Denisse Avila

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BONUS FIGHT TONIGHT: Sharkoprion is back, taking on Gemini tonight on Science Channel - 9pm ET! ... See MoreSee Less


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Who won between Overhaul and War Hawk?

Watching Robot Wars on Sci Channel. Hmm. Any thoughts?

Does anyone have DirecTv? My Dish isn’t giving me a description of this Friday’s episode.

So who won? I want to say it was the shark, but my new tv doesn’t have the Science channel so I can’t say for sure

How can I come watch in person?? My dads birthday is comming up I want to buy him and I tickets but how and where???? BattleBots

I'm routing for Gemini!

Sharkie’s most amusing moment: “I’m going to spin myself directly in Warhead’s mouth.”

Placing my bets on Sharkoprion. Looking forward to their next creation, Robot X, next season.

just saw the battle. way to go, Sharkopion. they said this was your second win. what was the first?

Gotta love that guy built it with scraps. Idk if he will ever win but he has respect

Great 😀

Shark might be better if it werent such a big target

OK... THAT'S MAKING ME DIZZY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go shark!

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Happy Birthday Robot Wars Shuntposting!A shuntposting compilation video in celebration of existing for a whole year. Includes special messages from RW and BB roboteers. We own no copyrights to con... ... See MoreSee Less

Video image


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Join us. Robot Wars Shuntposting.

What even is this!

Shame the show was cancelled.

Dang good show

4 days ago


Don't miss the second showing of BattleBots - complete with bonus footage this Wednesday at 9:00pm ET on Science Channel !!! ... See MoreSee Less


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"Oh, I didn't bring anything to cut the cake." *Sawblaze wheels in*

plus also main event week 13 i minotaur vs blacksmith,which i believe was the 1st semifinal two years ago, as it mentions in the epiode escription re-match two years in the making

Imagine if Warhead used the warhead.

So, how do I hire Warhead for my birthday? :v

Does anyone have DirecTv? My Dish isn't telling me who is fighting who this Friday on my Guide.

Pisses me off that we try to record new episodes, yet they rename each one so the DVR won't pick up what we set as a Timer. Also that the show is on sporadically between Discovery and Science, on random days and times. 🖕

Love how warhead rolls in ignites the table /cake and then turns around almost saying "well my work is done here, see ya! "

Lol. Most of the things they do are pretty corny/cringe worthy. This one was actually funny though. The fact that they had so little concern about fighting chomp that they said , “f it let’s use the Dino head because it’ll be funny” is a testament to how garbage chomp really is...

as look at your program guide it has the main event for week 13 as it was episode 13 but now it's the rematch where the it highlights what the main event is and this week minotaur vs blacksmith

Chomp on Chomp! I think that is the best match of the whole show. Better than the main event.

Look like WarHead wanted that cake just for himself. Well done.

That cake had a family!

Well don’t just stand there Kenny, blow out your cake and make a wish

Come to think of it, if I had a Battlebot I'd probably use it for shenanigans like this too.

Nancy Grimme

Larry Scott

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5 days ago


This is what BattleBots is all about: Building cool stuff, inspiring kids to get into engineering, and taking on Tombstone THIS WEDNESDAY on Science Channel - 9pm ET! ... See MoreSee Less


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For those of you that didn't catch this fight on Discovery on Friday, Whiplash Vs. Tombstone was one hell of a fight 🙂

Please can you tell me when BattleBots will start showing in the UK?

Awesome aggression. Looked like trying to chase tombstone was whiplashs fatal error. Good battle

an awesome match that really could have gone either way

This show is the ONLY good thing about Mondays! (it airs on Monday here in Canada).

Great Fight!

Somebody's going to go back home disappointed , and it's probably not Ray ... Looking forward to this 🙂

Nice family!!

Great fight.

Hopefully this was put up on Science Channel’s page.

Great fight


Great fight!


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AMA with Team Ultimo Destructo @ 8pm ET. Reddit.com/r/battlebots ... See MoreSee Less

AMA with Team Ultimo Destructo @ 8pm ET. Reddit.com/r/battlebots


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I thought the hamburger was trash. That was before i saw this bot

This season was going super well until they decided to continue with the Witch Doctor pandering. It's a garbage bot, stop giving it easy fights so it wins.

I want to know what's holding the chassis together. Is it a screw? 2 screws? Either way it needs to be worked on

Ultimo Destructed

That was easily the flimsiest bot I've ever seen. Witch Doctor didn't do much to it and it literally fell all apart 😂

What is AMA supposed to be???

Don’t want to be a hater but that bot is as brittle at my 98 yr old grandmother. And every weapon didn’t work well either. Sorry im just saying.

Question, is there a reason spinners like this and Tombstone use flat boards rather than sharp blades?

I feel like they got done putting the bot together and had a bunch of screws left over.

Ultimo Dismemberment.....

Ultimo Unconstructo

Ultimo will be much better with a longer build time. Ditch the swiss army bot and go full-flipper.

There was definitely some ultimo destruction when it faced Witch Doctor lol

It fell apart like it was made of Legos

This bot is just a Tombstone ripoff , but without any of its qualities 😂

That bot isn't built for that damn blade. 2 or 3 things going to happen & it's going to be funny. 1- they start the blade up & it shakes the bot apart. 2- they get it running & hit the oppenant & the force rips the bot apart. 3- of it hits the wall at full speed, the bot will shatter. Plus, the chain or drivebelt is exposed. That bot gonna destroy itself.

I love to hate your bot. Don't let the jeers and boos get to you, it's just part of the sport, and the fact is you are engaging people on an epic level. I still remember my very first episode of BattleBots when I was a kid, I don't remember who won, but I clearly remember Disposable Hero getting ripped apart, all those years ago. That's what you are to us. You are our disposable hero. Please don't stop!

I feel like theres some potential here, but they need to not literally fall apart upon first contact with the opponent

Ultimo destructo? It certainly did that. All by itself

And here I thought that that Royale whatchamacallit is the worse designed bot since this show started, then this one shows up?!

Chrome Fly vs Ultimo Destructo, who's the flimsiest?

The cardboard bot.

Kit Kat

What channel?

What channel?

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AMA with Team Whiplash at 6pm PT. Reddit.com/r/battlebots ... See MoreSee Less

AMA with Team Whiplash at 6pm PT. Reddit.com/r/battlebots


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Give this family props for their effort! I can’t remember seeing a bot go after Tombstone with so much guts. No, they didn’t really do anything to Tombstone except toss him around but they TRIED! Great driving against the Champ Matty!

One of the better matches all year 👍🏻

Team Whiplash, you guys are one of the best teams. I love that unique bot and really love the awesome driving of Matthew Vasquez. Gooooo team Whiplash for tournament 16 and giant nut. I know you guys can outsmart the big dogs.

I like this team. When my partner and I watched this match, we were on the edge of our seats and really thought these guys were brave. Hopefully these guys are in the running for best driver of the year. Great work Whiplash

When are they going to start incorporating ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE in the builds!

Matthew Vasquez how do I get gud like you?

It was a close fight 😀

They showed great heart in going head on with the mightiest bot on the planet, just hope they can repair what looked like some extensive damage in time for the knockout round.

Great bot....and great fight against tompstone

Cool bot with a pretty unique gimmick. Shoulda reinforced that plow against tombstone though lol

Great fight.

Best fight I've seen in a long time. Thought you had it. Would like to see a rematch, please take him out. Why doesn't anyone go for his wheels, good luck.

Hopefully Whiplash can make the top 16 still

Props for taking them straight on.

Well fought battle!

This could be the championship match. Great effort. Hope you got enough spare parts and come back to fight again.

the one of the best fight against tombstone ever!

What a fight,! I thought tombstone gonna lose on that fight, lol

Rust in pieces

Looks very stable

Whiplash got it's ass whipped.

Back to the drawing board

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