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15 hours ago


AMA with Sporkinok TODAY at 7pm ET over at ... See MoreSee Less

AMA with Sporkinok TODAY at 7pm ET over at

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Really really really needs a better driver and much better drive train. It has a control-based weapon setup but zero mobility.

A newer bot- still better than anything I could make or drive - experiencing a rough season. That said, I look forward to seeing more of this bot in the future, as its team takes their experiences, makes some adjustments, and finds their stride!

There's nothing wrong with identifying as a BattleBot even though, biologically, you're not. We should all learn from this example. 😉

Pretty sure it's against the rules and/or counterintuitive to have a self destruct function.

Love it!

So glad you are part of the competition.

Yeaaaa...not gonna make the list. Join Pain Train, Extinguisher and Smeeeeeee on my list of junk bots for the big boys to practice on

Needs a lot of improvements to be competitive.

If you want to be a hammer bot, swing the hammer harder! If you want to be a controlling lifter, make the lifter more reliable. And probably stop trying to do both at once. It seems like a conflict of interests

BattleBots says trans rights! ❤️❤️❤️🌈🌈🌈❤️❤️❤️

You guys really need to make a new bot for next season. Just basically copy tombstone design and you will win the giant nut. Your last fight was pathetic.

What hoops do these new entrants have to go through to make it there?

Put it to good use at your local recycler

Not sure how this bot ever wins


Not gonna lie, It's cool but I hope that wheels are strong enough to withstand spinners...

The design is good but the spork doesnt look like it'll do damage

If u gona spend $ build a decent bot. This one n Rusty are a sad story! 😢

Your bot is bad and you should feel bad.


I think this design has potential! Perhaps bigger wheels to keep the the bot from becoming immobilized due to weapon impacts. Hope to see it get some wins!

Yikes. Lots of douchebags in the comments. Congrats and respect to Lilith and team Sporkinok for showing up and having fun. Hope you come back and continue to evolve in the sport!


Is this cotton candy?

No weapon on it lol 😂

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2 days ago


AMA with Axe Backwards TODAY at 7pm ET over at ... See MoreSee Less

AMA with Axe Backwards TODAY at 7pm ET over at

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That wedge was pretty effective. I'd love to see more of that configuration against others.

It is a toy among tanks.

Great team, just need a new idea and a different bot!

Axe Backwards design tweak made quite the difference against Cap'n! Maybe not the greatest fighting robot, but always entertaining. (Whether it's split in half, fireballs, or cutting it close)

I hate to say this, but I think it's more than time to retire Axe Backwards. As some say, it's not exactly an effective design, and it hasn't had that much success in the Battle Box. I'd like to see this team come up with something else that's more effective down the line.

I was taught that if you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all. This group was specifically these comments need to be mindful of that. Or think about it this way what if: you were that team, spent all that money, and invested all that time and effort.

Their last fight was great.

Wow. For all the jerks hating on axe backwards, go design and build your own bot. What's that you say? You don't have the skills or funds to do so? Then shut up!

No hating for this fan love them all especially Rusty😆😆

Wonder if they remember this fight

Why would anyone talk to them, they’re the worst team in the competition

They put on a heck of a show!

It would be nice to see them not waste their time with that bot and apply themselves to something that could win.

Why reddit? A lot of people don't have it

Why is everyone being so rude? If you are a fan of the sport you know how outside the spirit of the competition that is.

Anyway to watch these series without having to pay for foxtel in aus?

Bad design

Worthless bot.

They suvk

I LOVE seeing Axe Backwards fight! Their enthusiasm at seeing their bot get wrecked gets me every time. ❤

My favorite

Why isn’t chairman Bernie in this picture. Catch up guys.

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2 days ago


Caption please… ... See MoreSee Less

Caption please…

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“I am once again asking you to never mention SawBlaze in my presence.”

I’m cold! Where’s Gruff when you need him?

Oh Al !! We miss Blacksmith

"I am once again asking for your judges' decision."

I'm guessing he attended MIT ~~~~~~~~

Still waiting on the judges to make the right decision.

Feelin' the Bern!

you hurt my feelings, I'm going home

This is just ad-mitten he's a candidate for the Giant Nut. Face Blacksmith and you'll feel the Bern!!

The judges should wear those mittens during Blacksmith fights

"Ugh dang it, I gotta fight Tombstone..."

I can't play today. I forgot my mask.

My mittens were on sale.

When the judges try and tell you Warhead won

Waiting for Gamma 9 to bring me my pizza

My “I’m obligated to be here for the other guy’s victory dance” pose

"Time to feel the Bern!"😂🔥


"Dude, where's my car?"

“I wonder if my hammer would have reached Mammoths batteries?”

Same weapon as duck

"Well clearly the judges were wrong"

Al: "Quantum should have been disqualified!"

“How many times do they gotta show that Minotaur fight?!”

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3 days ago


AMA with Tracer today at 4pm PT over at ... See MoreSee Less

AMA with Tracer today at 4pm PT over at

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I have to say, if they can dial down this bot, it does have potential. Vertical spinners like that are very effective, as many other bots that use them have shown.

Those little tilt up blades worked flawlessly, great job!

Best use of a mini-bot!

Like the mini bot !! Awesome use of it in the last match!

His robot is as rookie as it gets

do those saws ever do any damage other than just throwing sparks?

Any idea what happened to the kill saws this year?

RJaiden Cinquepalmi

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4 days ago


FIRE IN THE HOLE - Beta is locked and loaded for tonight's fight with Rusty. Will they wedge or will they HAMMER? Find out now. BattleBots is on Discovery now! ... See MoreSee Less

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Go Rusty!

I like Rusty . Beta should just bum rush it, knock it over and spare us any further carnage

Hypershock and mammoth was a no brainer. Poor rusty never had a chance with beta !

Okay someone help me out. Has a hammer bot ever been a serious top contender? It seems like there are just so many drawbacks.

I hope they hammer mercifully.

He needs a team..with deep pockets..the others all have them..

Good win. But the camel toe on Kenny takes the win.

I hope Rust gets a sponsor! If he can do that with nothing but willpower, imagine him with a Team and some boy-building bucks!


Still like Rusty he just needs a better weapon I think.

Hammerbots are always non-contenders for winning the giant nut.

I'd like to see Rusty win but somehow.. I don't think so. Hope I'm pleasantly surprised

Poor Rusty...

No interview with sporkinok? I think that's the first time that has happened. Any clues why?

Rusty still fired his weapon more. 😆

Saw blades are working tonight. Take note.


I Love Battlebots!

It did not pierce it.

Hammer weapons are f-ing stupid

OoOoOo one of the most useless weapons in Battlebots is gonna beat up on the joke robot

Maybe Chomp could fight beta .

This is the most useless weapon in bot world imo.

Need a round wedge disc bot but a tosser like bronco its a weapon all around..

This is just beefy Killerhurtz only true bot fans will understand

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4 days ago


Rusty returns to face the British Basher Beta who hopes to breach Rusty's popcorn bowl. Can Rusty survive? Can he win? Will the popcorn bowl ever be the same? Find out tonight on BattleBots: Fight Night - 8pm ET on Discovery. Streaming on discovery+ ... See MoreSee Less

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Now that Robot Wars is cancelled, will all the British teams start coming stateside en masse? Will BattleBots be the worldwide standard and have Davis Cup style team battles? The quality of the production is undeniable.

Some of the robots this season are an amalgamation of items found in a janitor’s closet and kids toys.

I’ll genuinely laugh if Rusty punctures Beta’s air tank. Not saying that it will happen but never rule anything out in Battlebots!

So, it says streaming on discovery+ but, it isn’t. When do the live tv episodes actually become available there? Also, does anyone know what the release schedule is for bounty hunters?

Saddest lost for me yet this season! I love this robot

This is going to be ugly. Idk what they were thinking when they thought this would be a fair fight. Unless beta just decides not to use its weapon again lol

I like Rusty he's a cute little robot he don't have a chance at the giant nut but I would like to see how far he can go hey if he can build a robot like that anybody can LOL

Plot Twist: Rusty's Puncher is actually a lot more powerful and was malfunctioning first round.

RIP Rusty

BATTLE RC CARS when will these be automatons >>> a machine that performs a function according to a predetermined set of coded instructions, especially one capable of a range of programmed responses to different circumstances. THEN THIS COULD ACTUALLY BE BattleBots

Just love the popcorn bowl helmet

Wonder if Beta will be too scared to fire their weapon? 😆 If so, I hope Rusty nails them.

Don't forget Wait for It! Wait for It! Wait for a Good Hit! Lol John Reid.

I miss seeing bronco. Wish we had better internet so I could watch them. 🙁 I love rusty! Cutest bot this season i think.

The question is will Beta even use its weapon?

Rusty 1-0!

We love Rusty!!!!

Beta, dont break your arm, Rusty dont get any spray paint on you, it ill ruin your image holding the nut. Go Beta, go Rusty.

Hooked u now they want you to pay for it Not Happening

Come on Rusty!!!!

Dave reminds me of Allen on The Hangover...He is awesome!!!!

He was cute! As is the builder.

Rusty! Rusty ! Rusty !

Ok rusty you got your win now you must suffer

Beta VS Rusty 😓😐😑

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5 days ago


Turning Up The Heat: Slick-driving Whiplash tries to get its Championship hopes back on track against Gruff's formidable flamethrowers. Underdog Rusty wants to upset the renowned Beta; Hypershock and Mammoth lock horns in a gear-grinding showdown. Don't miss BattleBots Thursday 8p on Discovery, streaming on discovery+ ... See MoreSee Less

Turning Up The Heat: Slick-driving Whiplash tries to get its Championship hopes back on track against Gruffs formidable flamethrowers. Underdog Rusty wants to upset the renowned Beta; Hypershock and Mammoth lock horns in a gear-grinding showdown. Dont miss BattleBots Thursday 8p on Discovery, streaming on discovery+

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After watching last night's episode, I have a suggestion for another rule change, Battlebots: If a driver continues to attack the opposing team's bot when that bot is clearly disabled, the "winning" bot's victory needs to be disqualified. Fusion and Subzero both did it last week. This week, Subzero did it AGAIN, this time against Sporkinok. Given, this isn't the first season that has seen teams do that, but it sure seems like "unsportsmanlike conduct" to attack a disabled bot when it is clear the disabled bot cannot move. Yes, Subzero won last night, but attacking a clearly disabled bot AGAIN (last time it was against Tracer if memory serves) should be a concern for the judges and selection committee. It's like that driver has a bit of a chip on his shoulder that needs to be addressed personally with him, even if it means DQ'ing him.

I think you should put the various teams win/loss ratio next to the bots name in the fight card listing. Gives a better overall view of the fights. Loving the season so far! Last week was insane!!!!

I appreciate Axe Backwards' ability to die spectacularly. Copperhead is still not getting respect from the committee. Will Beta actually fire its weapon, or can it not beat to destroy Rusty? Could Subzero actually go 3-0? Can Tracer stay upright? And it looks like Whiplash will have a literal trial by fire to get its championship hopes back on track.

Mammoth You Won Astounding But you need to add one more weapon like a spinning slicer wheel!

This might be interesting to some extent. I wonder how the Captian Shredderator vs. Axe Backwards match will go? Axe Backwards has been a lemon, and Captain Shredderator should have been retired a few seasons ago, IMHO. Wonder if they'll both lose or knock out each other? It could happen. As with the others, they're pretty much open ground, though I would favor Beta over Rusty.

Its nice to see the sportsmanship has improved! Hope tonights fights follow the lead!

Looking forward to good ole’ robot destruction to spare me from the endless politics on TV!

Axe backwards is terrible. I do like watching it explode though

Sooooo tired of you guys tossing Beta softballs and the entire community coming together to pretend it’s a good robot

I'm still so happy to see this season at all. I hope the response is good enough to keep it going indefinitely.

Axe Backwards (although original) is just not a good design . Full body spinners are great as long as they stay away from the walls . That one could go either way

Two hours for SEVEN three-minute (or less) matches! I love Battlebots, but the way it is presented to the viewer leaves a LOT to be desired.

Not Axe Backwards, please😟

Captain Shrederator KO Copperhead KO Beta JD Hypershock KO (if it’s working ☹️) Subzero KO Tracer KO Whiplash JD

I really want to see Chris and Kenny wear different clothes for different nights. They've had the same suits on all month. Give the some polo shirts or something......

And not one entertaining fight in the whole episode..... I thought the lineup was weak but it over delivered on lameness 😕

Petition to make Janurary 21th a national holiday:

It’ll take a lot to top last week’s battles!

If beat win again without using his weapon I'm going to be piss, because there last fight was bs.

next 2 episodes are on the 27rd of Janurary and the 3st of Febarury

I remember hearing Icewave was coming back but I have yet to see him? My son keeps asking cause its his favorite bot.

Where is Minotaur?

Rusty is a Junkyard Dog. Well, Maybe Underdog but that's ok. The guy is a team of one without the big bucks and sponsors.

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5 days ago


Slick-driving Whiplash tries to get its Championship hopes back on track against Gruff's formidable flamethrowers. Don't miss BattleBots: Fight Night Thursday 8pm (ET) on Discovery, and streaming on discovery+ ... See MoreSee Less

Slick-driving Whiplash tries to get its Championship hopes back on track against Gruffs formidable flamethrowers. Dont miss BattleBots: Fight Night Thursday 8pm (ET) on Discovery, and streaming on discovery+

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Gruff get so focused on lining up for a flip, they either totally forget the flame, or the ignition fails, but always get frustrated when they have a hold and never hit the flame. Aargh!

Another tough but good match up. I am going with Whiplash.

Why is there so much heat on Hydra when they found a way to win without breaking the rules? The judges/BB will be changing the rules, but in a previous match the judges voted for a bot that didn't use their main weapon at all that didn't even deserve to win. Why the hypocrisy? 🤔

Hopefully this week is as good as last week's first and last matches!!! EPIC

Durability key here. Both are strong in this. Visible damage I think will benefit whiplash however, gruff tends to melt other bots insides.

I see exposed innards down the middle of Whiplash. A spinner can't get in there, but Gruff's flame certainly can.

Whiplash needs a better weapon.

From such a exciting last week to a not so exciting week...well except for the last fight.

Where did bounty hunter go?

Rule out the Vasquez family at your own peril

Come on, Gruff.. Cook someone out of the competition.. You're fully capable, it's not personal and your fans want to see what a flame weapon at the peak of the sport is capable of

See you 8 o'clock on the Discovery Channel who well Win!!!!!

Man, it’s a tough decision. But it’s probably gonna come down to driving, so I’m gonna choose Gruff via judges’ decision.

Excellent fight, Whiplash surprised me

Gruff could pull it off. Lotta people overhype Whiplash

Definitely a battle for "low ground". I think this one could get technical with the driving. Very interested in this fight.

Gruff! Lets see some melted robot!

Gotta go with whiplash here

Where is Rusty?

Way to go Whiplash

Whats that smell....oh, its burnt Whiplash. 🔥 🔥 🔥

As good as Gruff proved itself, Whiplash still has the better driver, backed with a history of legend-slaying, from Bronco to SOW. The losses against other giants like Tombstone & SawBlaze were great battles that did not diminish its formidable reputation, not one bit, really, it's still definitely a top bot. Granted, this season has shown quite a lot of surprises so far. Tombstone getting thrown out of the arena in the first episode set the scene early on... perhaps Gruff can out-control one of the best-driven bots in the competition? I mean, Gruff is probably too tough to receive very serious damage from Whiplash's disc, so it's more of a battle of lifters, aggression & control (though Whiplash will definitely nab all the damage points & add them to the agression & control points it will inevitably win, since Gruff's flamethrower, despite being the hottest we know of, is not likely to do anything serious to Whiplash either). Pressure is on Gruff here, chances seem to favor Whiplash. Hmmm... ground game? Gruff's forks may just tip the scales in its favor a bit more. Still, both bots will most likely try going for the flanks rather than a frontal assault (if a shoving match does happen, Gruff has more chances of getting under), & no matter who the attacker is, the victim is gonna get wedged up & lifted.

Main event?

It was a well thought out strategy that worked not an exciting match but it worked

Tell me how you really feel son!!

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6 days ago


New Tale of the Tape is up! ... See MoreSee Less

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Uppercut vs Sawblaze= am I missing an eyebrow?

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7 days ago



From our friends at Robot Wars Shuntposting…
... See MoreSee Less

Video image

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Best episode in a while! A few awesome fights

last episodes the fights were really good...none were boring, the judges judged fairly.....but this fight topped the cake!!

BOOM! Best action yet in a season which has already been a blast! And I thought seeing Tombstone thrown out of the ring couldn't be beat...

Probably the best fight I've ever seen on BattleBots

A awesome battle!! That whole battlebots fight card was GREAT!!!!

I've seen all kinds of craziness in the Battlebox over the years, especially since it came back to TV...but I NEVER though THIS could happen...😱

It made for great TV, but there have been other equally destructive hits in the past. Ice wave broke robots in to two pieces, others have been ripped apart in one or two hits. Amazing fight either way.

This was one of the best matches I've ever seen. Hands down.

“BattleBots” has always my favorite show. Watching scrap metal fly, robots getting destroyed, etc. But after last week, that explosion rocked the world. Uppercut is a force to be reckoned with.

Uppercut is a beast this season. Wow it was brilliant

uppercut is a BEAST.

This fight was off the charts good. That explosion was awesome.

Really glad to see Uppercut doing so well, because their design is rather unique and definitely worthy. I do believe that they can take on the toughest competition and win it all. All they need to do is make sure they can win the ground game!

That was a good card. Best one in a while. Wish I didn’t have to pay another fee to watch Monday's card.

That's a crazy fight between those 2 great bots.

I've decided, I'm going to wait a week to watch each episode so I can only watch the 30 minutes of fights, and skip the hour of commercials. Its ridiculous.

Happened right in front of Dr. Inferno Jr.'s builder too! Funny how that works, huh?

Jackpot is looking TOUGH and I want to see them go up against Huge.

Was an amazing fire ball!!

I was impressed by uppercut would love to see him with minotaur.

Student sets his mentor on fire. Very Kurosawa.

THAT was an awesome thing to see!!!

A great fight between people that respect each other. Valkyrie and Rotator was a good fight also.

Are we not getting the next Bounty Hunters until next Monday?

Even surprised Uppercut driver too, watch when the camera pans to him after that hit. It was a good chuckle.

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1 week ago


AMA with Uppercut TODAY at 4pm PT over at ... See MoreSee Less

AMA with Uppercut TODAY at 4pm PT over at

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Great work! But I think Go choked uncharacteristically. I saw he exposed the flank and was screaming. As it turns out 'cut exploited the gift fully and delivered an almost knockout punch.

Uppercut looks very dominant this year! Very strong team to be in the finals and possible champions this year!!

That bot is a beast and the Kid is super modest. Great fight against Sawblaze

That was an amazing fight.👏👏👍

This bot is already a killer but it needs a better stability. Really amazing fight 💪

They have a really good chance at winning the giant nut this year

Quite impressed by the weapon theory Jenny went through in episode 3(?) If Uppercut could verse any bot whether vintage or other fighting competition, who would it be to be their master piece fight?

If they end up on opposite sides of the bracket, I'm making the call now for Uppercut and BloodSport to meet in the finals.

You go! Great win over Sawblaze!

Love this gracious team and their scary impressive bot!!

That vertical spinner makes it difficult to turn right but easier to turn left. Saw blaze tried to dogde right. Don't know why

Kenny Florian left this weapon off of his top ten list 🤣🤣🤣

That explosion was EPIC!!

omg this fight was AMAZING

Uppercut is brutal.

Love the bot. The weapon will always remind me of this.

Team Uppercut, congratulations on your win against SawBlaze. That explosion scared the hell out of me. 2-0. Who are you going after next?

Serge Ranger you're favorite!!

Went down with a KABOOM!

Uppercut will destroy everyone in 5 seconds

You guys got a really good bot.

Awesome bot how many episodes are there hopefully be in the final

Nice job, kids!

Uppercut is definitely a powerhouse this season, and I hope they can build on their success this season if they fall short. That fight with Saw Blaze is definitely a memorable one, especially with that explosion. It has the potential to be the next Bite Force, IMHO. However, I could see this team having some trouble against some more experienced drivers like Jake Ewert and Hydra, though I have to say I'm not too crazy about Team Whyachi these days.

Going to Win the Nut!!!!

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1 week ago



Let's take a moment to appreciate what a great fight it was between Kraken and Witch Doctor

Don't miss a new BattleBots this Thursday at 8p.
... See MoreSee Less

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Fantastic fight for Matt! It had me on the edge of my seat. 🙂

This was a very good fight on one hand I'm glad that Kraken one I like their robot but on the other hand I really like witch doctor and they was last year's runner-up for the giant nut and it don't even look like they're going to make the tournament this year

I'm going to be honest, I preferred this fight to Rotator Vs. Valkyrie, because seeing two different robots fight is more interesting than seeing two similar ones go toe-to-toe. I love seeing non-spinners win against robots with spinning weapons...

Awesome fight among friends! Love both teams and love the support they give each other❤️❤️

I was for witch doctor hoping they would have won.

Man, Witch Doctor, a finalist, lost to a robot who had a rather... unpromising start in its debut season. Still, I'm proud of how far Kraken had become since he first appeared.

i think witchdoctor had an issue thats why it was wobbling around giving kraken an upper hand..

Will Kraken and Quantum ever face off? Who has the better bite?

Wonder if we will ever see a crush bot end a fight from an actual bite. Would be cool to see. A bite that pierces the armor and just kills the other bot.

Kraken's driving was 🔥!

Dammit,, who won !!. (I would say Kraken)

Thought Witch Doctor won that one. Completely destroyed the mini bot, Ripped Kraken's armor to pieces and only suffered damage to the one disc. Kraken just never does enough to damage to impress me I guess.

Not just a great fight, but awesome sportsmanship between two great competitors! My two favorite teams!

Not gonna announce the winner smh

Super battlebots! Go witch doctor

When is this weeks fight card released??

I think team WD should seriously go back to the drawing board after these last two fights.

I am in love with this bot wrestling 😭😭❤❤

Imagine if Kraken actually had solid armor too

Isn't kraken supposed to be an octopus?

Curious.. How can Kraken win Huge or Mammoth...... Hahahah

Why pretty much every single modern robot looks the same? Even rhe same green paint.

Wonder if WD ran into a batch of bad steel. Second drum busted in as many fights?

Does anyone know when the next 4 episodes of BattleBots Bounty Hunters are coming out?

Χρίστος Δημοσθένους epele na kamoume pou tto

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