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That is awesome. That would make a great Christmas gift for my son.

Oh wow! that's like a what, 1/4 scale model? Remote controlled, working weapon, and a battlebot? Heck yes I'll take one! Well...specifically I'll wait for one of my favorite bots to get this treatment, but this is still cool!

Tyler Forgey

Michael Chandler Allen

Awesome! I love Battle Bots toys especially Hexbug! My kids want them ALL and it’s hard to object!

Top fan here... Love those Kentucky Wildcats blue and white color scheme

Love it! Do you have to put it together though?

The toys from this run of the show have been so good!

That is amazing!

The toys that come from these shows have always been really high quality and it’s great to see Hexbug continuing to raise the bar there 🙂

It's about dang time!

Omg my son has the other boys they made he will love this.

I love it

Looks so cool. Are they available in Australia?

Like a "mini me" from Ostin Powers film )))

I need this!!

Tombstone will turn that into tuna fish salad

Take my money now!

Hurry up...there’s nothing good to watch...

Omg going to get this

Cara q show!!

So cool

Hey BATTLEBOTS. YouTube TV just added the Discovery Channel..!!!! Except BATTLEBOTS is not streaming on it? What gives..???

I want this one and tombstone

These will be EPIC!!

1 day ago


Look who came to visit... ... See MoreSee Less

Look who came to visit...

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This is all kinds of brilliant on so many different levels. I have to add i seriously love that the good sir still has the good Sirs helmet in his possession.

Aaron Diestelkamp

SOW could take sir killalot.

killalot got hunted by the battlebots competitors, all that remains is the head

another wedge robot?

Is there some crossover coming??? Robot wars v battlebots??

I want to learn how to make a robot that like in the competition can anyone help me

"Infinity War is the most ambitious cross over..." I, as a man of culture, show this picture...


Whalerock I beg of you get in contact with Mentorn, help find Robot Wars a new home anywhere and then let this crossover between two great shows finally happen properly! As long as both parties are up for it (god i sound like a politician) #BringBackRobotWars

When do the battles come to my TV?

I'll be honest, I scared myself...


What's the guys name with the curly hair?

I miss Ziggo 😞

loud shoes, adam s.

Walter Gordillo-Cruz

Ribbot vs the house robots

Are they teasing us about something? 😆🤔

Who is it?

Now this is the crossover we all need but don’t deserve ❤

Who’s this?

One of my favorite bands of all time

Does it burn Trey and Greg if they touch it?

So that's why Robot Wars got cancelled, Killalot was shot down so his head to be mounted at the top of the battlebox! Next year you'll see all the house robot's heads mounted and the headless Shunt will have to avenge them!

2 days ago


This is about all we can show you from this insane fight. Don’t miss BattleBots when it returns to @discovery and @sciencechannel in June ... See MoreSee Less

This is about all we can show you from this insane fight. Don’t miss BattleBots when it returns to @discovery and @sciencechannel in June

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My husband and son were there twice this week and they had the time of their lives! It was amazing, there were tons of activities to keep everyone entertained in between matches and they got a sign autographed (and angry-eyed!) by the Huge team! 😁

Not there at filming so this is a true guess... is this the self immolating Free Shipping? The black diuble-wedglelets look like it.

On our way there - hoping for some awesome fights Saturday through Monday!!!!! Really hoping Ribbot is still in the fight!!!!!🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸

Free shipping?

My sons and I can hardly hold back our excitement waiting for the new season.

Wow! Can't wait!

Just came home from the early sessions tues and Wed. We had the BEST time! Can't wait for next year! We'll definitely be back for more❤

Free Shipping, the new SPICY BOI

That edge on the left hand side, coupled with the flames....I'm thinking Blacksmith. Not sure who's getting burned, though

Just a guess, but Free Shipping vs Blacksmith?

Please tell me Faruq opened this match with the words "I AM THE GOD OF HELLFIRE, AND I BRING YOU..."

Any plans to show it in the UK this season?

I feel warm just looking it. Can’t wait for the new season.

Omgosh!!!! I can not wait for this season! Our family just started rewatching the last two that are still on our dvr

The robot on the left looks like Mohawk, not sure about the bot on the right.

I thought it started in april..??

There's no way this isn't a Free Shipping fight

Battlebots my 8 year old daughter and I had the time of our lives. The trip from Kansas was soooo worth it. Thank you!!

What!?!! Will be there tomorrow hoping for chaos!

I hope it’s Tombstone getting roasted under there lol

The hype is real! Cant wait for this season to air!!!

Can not wait to watch

I think I can just barely make out free shipping in there! If that’s the case then I can tell this will be one hell of a fight to watch 😀 🔥🔥🔥

Given how many robots have flamethrowers this could be any match. That said stills of the flames in mid combat are beautiful to look at, so I'm looking forward to seeing whatever may be happening here.

great balls of fire

2 days ago


Here's a sneak peak of the Supporters Q&A. Click the button below and become a Supporter to ask your own question and see answers! ... See MoreSee Less

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In their opinions

As a valued commenter, I would like to remind everyone that it IS possible to achieve your dreams by working hard. Take me as an example!

Sandy's doing a "Bang up Job" on the social videos😀

What s warhead best match

When does it start back?

I wish Robot Wars had this sort of Social Media interaction with it's fanbase during it's short stint reboot. What Battlebots is doing right now is a great way to get the fans and people involved in what's going on. Keep up the great work Battlebots!

Oh man I definitely need to become a supporter ASAP XD

We don’t have to comment saying we’re top fans... it says it right above our names...

How do fans become supporter or VIPs?

Will bronco be there at the tournament 2019??

Is there a way to support without putting payment info into FB?

Ignore me, not yet a top fan

What is your most used tool ?

I've watched 3 sessions live. Nice thing about having only 1 smoke/vape spot is I got to talk to many of the builders. Makes me feel I can build a bot too. Now just have to figure out rock, paper, scissors and money.

Top fan here Biteforce send that toolbox and tools my way if you buy some new ones lol. Very nice setup btw.

Thanks for stopping by our pit! Bite Force - Aptyx Designs - Battlebots Team

She is a doll! Great job!

Where is the Minotour?

Soo ready for the new season!!!

wait when is the new season airing??

4 days ago


Not quite sure what’s going on here… ... See MoreSee Less

Not quite sure what’s going on here…

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Dunreeth Cole


Looks like it could be used for an update of the old Chinkilla robot!

I want to know if they have cutouts of every driver

If another bot sees this, it may just turn to stone!

I’m most worried about the hair getting out of place. Haha.


Donald is a Terminator!!!

Ready for battle

Andre is there, so probably enormous amounts of snark

dead. i cant handle this junk lmao expect to see stuff like this when its my time to be in the pits. "where's my pit area? look for my giant floating head"

Donald Hutson: O M A E W A M O U S H I N D I E R U

What am I missing out on? XD

That escalated quickly lol

Adam H

We CAN bring our own signs in, correct?

When is it on?

Looks like a perfect night light for my kids. Where do I order?

Not sure either. I'll allow it

Uhhhh can our signs be light up? Like the ones we hold in the stands? Because I have all kinds of ideas now

Shenanigans should be declared at any time.....

Feels like some kind of taunt to me lol

That's how he destroys his opponents

I swear these are the most horrifying signs ever.

The terminator theme music played in my head when staring at that XD

4 days ago


Favorite audience photo so far… ... See MoreSee Less

Favorite audience photo so far…

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Parenting WIN!!!

My kids skipped school for session 1 too 😁 And their teachers were fully supportive to miss school for BattleBots!

He’s got great printing!

We "only" flew 1000 miles and didn't miss school, but got back so late Sunday night I'm sure my 4th grader was pretty spacey all day... #parentingwin

❤❤❤ thank you for posting this

Best mum ever!

Great event today! Had a lot of fun.

Great reason to skip! Write a paper on it for your teacher when you get back and include pics!

Yeahhh! That’s my boy..😂

I bet he's learning more at Battlebots than at school.

Luckiest kid ever

Glad I’m not the only parent that did this. 1809 miles :):)

Where and when will this be on TV in 2019??

hope he has a better excuse when he comes back to school

A real fan of Battle Bots ♥

Something doesn't seem right here. I don't think this is a legit photo. No kid would be proud to say they skipped school for anything. The bright green sign seems out of place.

I can't wait for this new season!

Our two were on spring break, and only flew a few hundred miles...

Quick question, is it warm in the arena stands? I noticed they’re in short sleeves, had assumed a warehouse would be a bit chilly.

I flew my son out last year on his 16th birthday to watch the Sweet 16 - 2,640 miles. We must be their neighbors!


If you're going to miss school... that's the place to be!

Our kid is skipping school to come as well

This kid had a blast @ battlebots!

5 days ago


Fuzzy explains the finer points of the on set toilets… ... See MoreSee Less

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Ellen Cousins

This is actually hestercial

You could say the clogged toilets are a FUZZY situation. I'll walk myself out.

How many engineers does it take to flush a toilet?

Apparently it's bodily function night on me time line

Not sure I want to know what caused Fuzzy to have to tell everyone XD

A crap job but someone needed to do it.

These men/women can make complicated robots but can't figure out how to flush?

And then Aaron said... “Fuzzy really knows his [stuff].” 😆

Please make this personal in the battlebot

how many people won't do this maybe that can be who fuzzy fights the ones who don't do that

Why do I get a feeling at least one person is gonna screw up and Fuzzy’s gonna have to flush them?

Potty talk is a new form of conversation in the BB pits.

What people think happens at BattleBots 👊🏻 🙌👑🏆💰vs. what really happens at BattleBots😷💩🤕 🤬 haha

Smart man!

Wow the guys have To get lessons how to use the bathroom? I guess we live in crazy times. Perhaps let them watch instructional videos on YouTube while using the lavatories. 🤣

Hay Peter ❤️

Pooping 101.

Why couldn't they get normal toilets?

OK, who made the toilet briefing necessary?

the public one are nicer than last year, thanks

7 days ago


Photos from Long Beach … ... See MoreSee Less

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My sons 11th birthday surprise and 1st Battlebots live . Such an amazing experience . Can’t wait to view on Television . Thank you BattleBots my son had the best birthday .

Mitch Cohen Andrew Beau Clark Adam Kranz

Here today and its pretty cool!

Oxana Gudkov

Alisia Dufrene

So jealous - can’t wait to get to Long Beach for the last few days!!!! Play hard Ribbot!!!!!🐸

The event seems amazing! I'm so jealous because I'm in Canada and it would be too much of a hassle to see it live but I cannot wait to see the championship on tv!!!

and will probably here something soon on season 4 airing because if you've seen the hooked on a feeling promo for new and returing shows that discvovery has one of the people lip synicng is farroq so it should be announced soon

I hope that's not a spoiler but... I hope the fights r great & entertaining.

I'm impressed


Жду команду из России!!!

Hello all We have premier tickets for Wed. early session. Is there a separate parking entrance for us? I think we get in early... what time should we be there?


where i can watch videos from that event? exciting was 2018

So one of the fights is gonna be Blacksmith vs Warhead?

My son loved it too!

Can’t wait to watch this on tv. June 7th isn’t that far off.

Pulling into the lot now for today's battles!!

What are the match ups for the first session this Tuesday?

Yeah... Blacksmith is screwed.

Fire never works, it’s just flashy and looks good for the cameras

I’m going tonight, can’t wait

Is being in the tunnel worth it ? Thats all thats left in tickets. My son is Autistic and loves this show so much but I heard bad reviews about all the waiting time . He couldn't do that . I would like people's input from the tunnel . Thanks


1 week ago


Day one of fights is over. Eight more to go. Tickets still available at battlebots.com/tickets ... See MoreSee Less

Day one of fights is over. Eight more to go. Tickets still available at battlebots.com/tickets

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It was super fun! My family loved it!

Casmier Paul

I see yall

Had a blast this past Sunday April 14th. Celebrated my sons 7th birthday and he was over the top excited to be there.

We had a great time!

We had a great time! Can't wait to do it again next season!

I remember this crowd! Had a great time and will be back again.

This was so much fun! Glad we got a chance to attend.

I see myself and my family!! Awesome! 🙌🏽

Destruction!!! Smoke!!! Fire!!! Had a fantastic time with family. My 7 year old nephew was over the moon. Great show!!Great job!!

Booked flights, bought tickets and now my son has a stomach flu:( If you are interested 2 premiere tickets for Thursday at 6 PM, send me a message. For those who can attend, have fun!!!

So this is pre-taped way in advance? When is this going to air? Waiting for the next season. and hopefully this time you guys won't screw up the air order. Last time you played them all randomly out of order every week. It was a mess.

Neil Kotras

I wish the show comes to NYC

Can’t wait for the 20th and the fights I get to see in person. Hoping that Ribbot has a fight in the last few days - go Ribbot - BattleBot!!!!!

We were there. See you again for another session soon.

Possible to watch a live?

When will official pictures of each bot be on the website?

So does the show get televised in June? I really want to see it come on in the UK.

Go Black Dragon! #TeamUairrior

Gordon Ho

When does it get televised?

In the red square......

Go Black Dragon 🔥🔥

Go Black Dragon! 💛💙

1 week ago


A nice tribute to Rex Garrod from Sarah and the 2019 BattleBots builders. Rex was the builder of Cassius, an influential robot from RW UK. He passed away recently. ... See MoreSee Less

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For those that want to know, this is Rex and Cassius. It was the first true flipper and the first robot to self right on television. It paved the way for a large number of machines in both the US and UK. Rex also designed and built props for children's programmes like Brum and The Teletubbies. He was a very kind man and it's a shame we lost him. Rest well Rex.

a true legend the man did so much for robot combat i honestly don't think there's been a more talented engineer and robot maker in the uk at least since him rex you where one of the greatest RIP

Hope his family see it that we all loved him and his now god status on shuntposting he will always be remembered and it's also nice that the robotic fighting community coming together to praise the the legend that is REX

Rex was an absolute legend. If he never competed, we wouldn't have all the modern safety standards we have now. We wouldn't have powerful flippers like Bronco or Apollo. Heck there would be a very real possibility that Robot Combat would have died out if Rex never competed. Rest in Power Rex, you absolute legend.

Nice job Sarah. Good to see everyone paying tribute to an all-time legend. RIP Rex.

The irony of BattleBots doing a tribute to Rex Garrod when in nine seasons they’ve again and again refused any wedge flipper that’s applied.

R.I.P. sir Rex. God bless you and yours.

So many people influenced by Rex, it's amazing to see. He was the reason I'm an engineer!

Nerds are cool!🤜🏼🤛🏻

Can you do a 10 alarm salute during opening on the show

Rest in Peace Rex, a true innovator and gentleman

Thank you for acknowledging Robot Wars for this, you never had to but it shows how much the whole sport matters to you guys and girls running the show that you let everyone have this moment to acknowledge someone we all hold dear across the pond.



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Dunreeth Cole

We are flying out Thursday from Poteet, Texas for next Saturday’s taping-we are so AMPED!!!

Had a blast at session 1!! We’ll be back for more! 🤗

Where is the best place to sit for watching the fights?

Smash? Don't you mean Super Smash Bros? 🙂

How early should be get there? We will be there next week for a 6pm taping.

I wanna sit in chris' seat at the commentators table. I think i could make a great sports...talky guy....lol

BattleBots is doing great with the live and behind-the-scenes content this year! Keep it up!

When is the 1st TV show????

"Wait, this isn't Antweight Anarchy"

What are the chances of getting a standby seat for tonight????

Just got back from the 6PM taping and headed back again soon 🙂

Somewhere MystrSyko will be watching in the audience.

Hey, I saw myself in line with the kids! Lol

Julia Esqueda-Arteaga Tom Arteaga

This lady has an infinite emotions storage😃


1 week ago


Day 3…

But from here on out we have to go into stealth mode. Matches start today! Tune in from June 7 on Discovery and Science Channel to see how it all goes down.
... See MoreSee Less

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Jason John Jaeger

Hong Lee Cindy Coombs Malan Kelli Malan Mounce

Best of luck everyone!

Tristan Marl

Thanks for all this pre game content! It's been awesome! ROBOT FIGHTING TIME!!

Best of luck, everyone. May you all be champions!

We will be there the last night. 1st time going to show. Super excited!!!

Best of luck to everyone and have a fantastic season!

So excited!!! It's ROBOT FIGHTIN TIME..... Buuuuuuuut you have to wait 6 weeks for the matches. 😂

Good luck everyone, have fun, go get em Duck 🦆 🦆🦆🦆🦆

Surprising our son and picking him up at school this morning and heading to see you! So excited! I even got him to wear his Season 2 shirt without knowing why.

The bots look amazing this season!

When will this season air on tv?

Looking forward the new season.

I’m liking all the Tombstone clones.

Nikki Benegas❣

I am super hyped for Battlebots at the moment it’s going to be amazing 😀😀😀

2 weeks until the new season! YES!

Please post full episodes to the youtube channel too! Or at least whole fights with full commentary

In the blue square.....

Go Ribbot go!!!!!!!

We have a date!

The countdown begins till June 7th

But that's soooooo far away. 😢 We need a sneak peek.

I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE 7TH!!!! thanks for not spoiling the fun guys!!!

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