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5 days ago


We helped Team Black and Blue bring BattleBots' DUCK! to the arena, and now we're offering you an opportunity to get in on the battle! Register for a chance to win your very own DUCK! HEXBUG Micro Robotic Creatures by Sept. 23 (10 winners will be chosen). BONUS: it will be autographed by DUCK!'s team!

Enter here:
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Duck, the most useless bot on the show. 😅

Duck is terrible. Worst bot on the show. It needs an actual weapon. If other bots adopted Duck's strategy, there would be no point in watching. It would be sleep-inducing.

Duck’s new design looks absolutely fantastic. The team made a robot years ago (I think it was called Black Widow) and it looks like they took a lot of design elements from it. Can’t wait to see the new version at work.

Last season "Duck" got eaten alive. It was painful to watch.

Maybe try adding an actual weapon to Duck? I mean a corkscrew would be appropriate... for reasons.

Duck has the best strategy! Let the other bot break itself how can anyone not love this robot!!?

Can't wait for new season

I loved every battle duck had. He always brought the fight and just kept comin' hit after hit

I miss watching this show

Duck! Duck! Duck! Duck! Duck!

Katarzyna Kit

When is Battlebots coming back on tv?

Gladys Enriquez Offutt

Bryan 'Blue' Kuc

I would love to add Duck! to our current collection of BB hexbugs! ❤ 🦆

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5 days ago



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awesome!, i'd love to also see Terrorhurtz re-imagined, in it's later years that thing was scarey...

Great video, thanks Gabe! Cannot wait to see the new Beta

What Fathet

Fingers crossed for Beta’s return! I hope they get their visas approved on time!

I will not mess with coin such as you.

Thank you Gentlemen for your time.

Beta is the best Hammer bot on the planet!

I thought all the British teams dropped out because of travel restrictions.

Love Beta. Awesome!


BETA is coming back?!?

I hope so!!!

Beta is back!!! Bring down the hammer!!!

Beta testing

I hope so we already lost Quantum this week

Keep in mind, the Beta from CC Battlebots 5.0 had electromagnets, but it went awry (adhered itself to the text box floor). We did get Beta in 2016, but this version is the Beta we have been waiting almost 18 years to see in the box: electromagnets and all. This is going to be great!

Tank tool

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6 days ago


Timeline PhotosI wonder if that’s enough weapon bars. 🤔 You can never have too many options! ... See MoreSee Less

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but in what situation, would it be better to use a lighter one? I'd think the heaviest, would always do more damage.. either way, y'all just be happy MINOTAUR isn't in it this year!!

it will be an interesting season , everyone got extra time for finetuning and or upgrades to their bots , maybe we will see another winner this year .... biteforce VS .......

well the new spinner weight limit means the heaviest bar from last year no longer legal right? so these must be all new bars

One for each day of the week

I found out Ray is actually nice and it ruined the narrative 😂😂😂

Never to many when having fun.

Go for it Tombstane. You rock the battle box,

The bars are not he issue, it is the drive sprocket and chain that are weak point, particularly with the energy with impact on anything of similar weight. But we still love this.

My favorite for sure . Cannot wait for the 2020 season. Best bite force

Looking forward to competition by you guys. I have a hard time rooting for a particular team. So much skill, cunning and great people on each team. Makes my engineers heart beat faster 🤓

Spin ‘em up! Let’s see some ACTION!!!

Make them bigger and heavier, I love to see the wedgers send youto the self destruction mode!

How do I smash thee, let me count the bars...

Dang! Bot parts are gonna be flying!!!

If he find a way to protect that chain though

YES No, I mean you can never have enough weapon bars... Right? 😛


Tasers, add tasers

Now that is a lot of spinners

I would love to know what the different uses are for each one. They all look so similar

Looks heavy, how much does one weigh?

Can wait to see the distinction they cause

am gonna build one with spinner front and back,,,

one of the most boring horizontal spinners 😂

That's my boy! Ready for whatever the competition throws at him! ❤

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1 week ago


So much shred ... See MoreSee Less

So much shred

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I'm definitely thankful for all the fans that we still have after these disappointing years. I know that everything that I feel is a reason for these losses will only sound like an excuse, but just know that we ARE trying our best. I've even thought about going back to the old name of just Shrederator and painting it black with the Grim Reaper like the days when it was spinning and winning, but I don't believe in superstition because that is unlucky :-). I can tell you that we've done some rethinking on trying to stay up with the technology curve and hopefully we've brought back the reliability that used to be Shrederator's hallmark. There's been so many fights over the last few years that we were winning right up until we lost... We're hoping to change that statement to there's a lot of fights that we were winning right up until we won. Thanks for all the support over these 20 years of fighting that we've been in this game and never forget that... SPINNERS RULE!

The great thing about battlebots is that there are very few teams that you don't want to see win. I love the full shell spinner concept, but I believe at the heavyweight level the forces are too much to control properly. It seems to work very well in the lighter brackets. That said, we're all pulling for you. Maybe you can get some matches against the hammer bots this year.

I am always excited for full body spinners! Always a great show, but the math means they have to be twice as strong just to survive themselves.

Go Shrederator "Keep on Spinning" good luck!

Nothing against the builders, but the Captain needs to step up in the game much more before I’ll become a believer. And I don’t dislike the Captain either.

Just found out that Bite Force withdrew from the upcoming season because of the virus. I was hoping for Bite Force vs. Hydra, but now, I'll have to rethink that one. Maybe it will happen in Season 6 next year. On the bright side, Bite Force withdrawing means we'll have a new champion this year, unless Tombstone wins it again (Tombstone is still competing this year). All the British teams had to withdraw as well, due to travel restrictions, so I had to rethink Tombstone vs. Cobalt. This is the first season of the new show not to feature Bite Force.

Good luck. I hear BiteForce isn't competing this season.

Shred stools would be awesome!

Just hope your more reliable that seems to be the only downfall of last few seasons

How much Shredderator could a Shredderator shred if a Shredderator could shred Shredderator?

Thought these were barstools.

Witch dr is very distructive ✌

The one on the far end looks like it’s from the old show.

Forbidden Frisbees.

I can't wait to see Battlebots again. #TeamWhiplash

Same old time to update can't even beat a hammer 🔨😂

I want BAttle Bots. Any word when?

Better Driver = Less need for such spare parts. They need a driver! 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

Who can defeat the mighty Bite Force?

A brawl of 5 captain shrederators would be incredible

My boys can’t wait to see you this season!!

Same flaws as before

Planning ahead?

Bangaditty, bang, bang, BANG!

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1 week ago


Stockpile ... See MoreSee Less


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Those Road Champs toys were so cool, I had all of them when I was a kid

Having this much robot merchandise is quite...... Overkill 😎😎😎😎😎😎

I really hope CC brings Minion back to fight.

The GameCube game. Hand it over

CC team was my favorite, especially Minion.

I'm assuming this has something to do with Christian Carlberg? (Judging by the knife on the wall)

that was my favorite robot back in the day when i was little loved overkill

I know Overkill’s blade could mess up spinners. Could it mess up today’s spinners?...

it was my biggest dream to do that

Overkill was always one of my much so I still have the keychain toy

Is he coming back this year?

Holy crap, that’s amazing!

If it is a hint, I hope it's a HW Minion

All type of

Yes, I would like to buy one please

Wait... Is this a hint?

A big a** knife


That’s a killer stockpile

Overkill, jeden najlepszy robotów

All types of

Small stockpile 🤣

oh shit is that the antweight overkill?

Cuando comienza la transmisión de la temporada para México

You can't flip over overkill

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2 weeks ago


🔥🔥🔥Gigabyte’s new look for Battlebots 2020! 🔥🔥🔥 ... See MoreSee Less

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This gives me a 2004-5 vibe, I think they had a black super megabyte scheme back then, or could just be a foggy memory.

That is a wicked paint job! It really looks like it’s on fire!

New paint job reflective of what it usually looks like at the end of a combat round!

Oh, please tell me that this means we'll get to see a spinning fire tornado.

Need more than paint... They also need a decent driver.

Spinners are a high risk low reward model. The area is too small for them to remain viable as powerful kick back along with weak internals cause the beasts to self kill itself

It looks like a Webber barbecue lol Hopefully it gets a sturdier righting mechanism and spinning motor. A hard hitter for sure, but it needs staying power

Seriously thought I was looking at some strangely shaped fire pit. That paint is hot AF!

It looks like it’s ready to take opponents to flavortown!

Awsome, when come on tv???

Great paint job! I'm glad we got to see it before the arena gets to it.

I love gigabyte, but when my wife and I watch battlebots and hes on, we have to pick the opponent to win. Hopefully they can make him tougher so I can once again pick one of my favorite kind of bots to win!

I miss the paint splatter Megabyte

Like A Boss!!! One Of My Fav Full Body Spinners!

Nowy Gigabyte. Taki płomienny kolor

That bad boy over there will burn 2020

That's a way to get fired up!

Firing up the bar-be are we?

Did this predate, or was it inspired by, the CA fires?

Parece uma churrasqueira de frango.

Love Battlebots.

Stupid model, do you learn from fast are u?

Something tells me The Robotic Death Company is going to make some noise and tear up some metal this year! Good luck Fellas...

It will look cool when it's bouncing off the walls

Well, if Gigabytes ever catches fire for real, no one will notice. 🙂

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2 weeks ago


Want to own a champion robot built by us?

Thank you to our friend Ray of Tombstone - BattleBots for coming by the garage, he wanted to take the bots for a spin! Big announcement coming tomorrow morning for Bite Force fans... We had a blast catching up and sharing some behind-the-scenes war stories!
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I diden’t think you guys would be friends. 🤣 pretty sure all the builders are pretty close.

Biteforce replacing their spinner with one of Tombstones bars.

Pic of the original Bite Force, awesome!

That would come in handy for protesters.

Ray checking up on any weak points to target later this year! 😉

Let me check my other pants pockets for spare change !

Bite Force and Tombstone merge on stage in a Voltron-like configuration. Needs to happen.

If you can beat 'em, buy 'em!

There sure is a lot of winning in that garage.

Bite force showed no weakness last tournament

That’s seriously big engineering.

Trudy Ellen Stapleton-Truglia

Can’t wait to see you guys again.

There is one thing associated with the word love for this guy, and that is I love watching Bite Force beat him. Class act against arrogance.

He had an unbeLIEVABLE win streak for a good while, there!

shame bite force pulled out this season and are now selling biteforce so they can fund the next one

bite force is announcing he concedes to tombstone before the season even begins 😁😈

The Master of Disaster!

So are we going to talk about those shit welds or nah.

Braydon check out Rey trying to find a loophole in Biteforce's defense so he can finally beat him 😂

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3 weeks ago


BattleBots - The Musical ... See MoreSee Less

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I need BattleBots!! Good luck to you 👩‍🎓👨‍🎓👩‍🎓👨‍🎓👩‍🎓👨‍🎓👨‍🎓

Brilliant!! Love this so much.

sorry, couldnt listen more than 10 it went...

A parody of Giant Woman: nice! Also, whoops at 1:18, 😆.

Jane Noakes

For a second I thought this was going to be like the Plunder Bird team...

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4 weeks ago


We've revealed 49 of potentially 63 robots coming to BattleBots 2020. Become a BattleBots Supporter to get the sneak peak! ... See MoreSee Less

Weve revealed 49 of potentially 63 robots coming to BattleBots 2020. Become a BattleBots Supporter to get the sneak peak!

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Really? That guy? He’s the worst - the internet told me so 🤪

This is why we love BattleBots... Not only is Social Distancing not applicable to bots, they're actually encouraged to beat the nuts and bolts out of each other!

I was talking to "Awesome," Awesome said "Ray Billings is more Awesome than I" 😁

Tombstone is back baby! Good luck Ray, and Shred some robots! (Also some of these complaining comments are pure cancerous gold)

So sad about Death Roll being unavailable, but the field looks amazing so far! Hope for a great season

So excited to finally have some battlebots action!!! I have been having such bad withdrawals, you have no idea!!! 😩🙈

PROTECT THE WHEELS!!! (Battlebots rule #1) Great to see TS back!

*When someone draws Tombstone in the ballot* Tombstone: So you have chosen death.

I’m glad Ray’s still coming. It would feel seriously empty without him and Tombstone

I think if someone has won the nut multiple times they should automatically go against each other or build a new robot. The same people wining over and over isn't very exciting. And Ray is such a tool.

From South Africa, my son loves battle bots. He will be so happy to hear you guys are coming back. 💪👍

What 49 bots have you revealed? I can’t find that post or posts.

He’s the Tom Brady of battlebots

most destructive robot I have ever seen

I sure hope we get Endgame vs Tombstone this year!

Uh oh, Ray has arrived... its party time!

It's just not BattleBots without Tombstone

I never figured we'd see this beast back in the box... Color me shocked 🙂

Amazing how effective a simple spinning metal bar can be

Tombstone is my favourite bot battler soo powerful

Tombstone vs. Ice Wave is a fight I’ve always wanted to see

Show re-runs!

My man, my favorite bot in the whole field TOMBSTONE!

Ray better be selling those stickers on his bot so I can have one

When is Battle Bots going to be back on tv?

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4 weeks ago


We're revealing 10 out of the 60 bots confirmed for BattleBots 2020, exclusively to our BattleBots Supporters. Become a supporter and see who will be at the October tournament. ... See MoreSee Less

Were revealing 10 out of the 60 bots confirmed for BattleBots 2020, exclusively to our BattleBots Supporters. Become a supporter and see who will be at the October tournament.

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How in gods name are we having 60 bots this year since the restrictions? Note; I’m not complaining I just don’t understand, I thought this year would just be us teams.

Monsoon would be awesome hope it's part tho doubtful due to traveling

Who won last season I lost the station and couldn't see the show

Is Nightmare going to fight this year?

How ya gonna beat the disgusting 'home town descisions'? The judges steal victory from rightful winners time after time. Their mates are not allowed to lose even when their bots have been bashed to pieces.😲😡🤬

Come on supporterset us know some of us can't afford to be a supporter 🙏🙏

I hope some teams that originally weren't going to compete are actually competing.

Is Nick unsure if he will be there or is that his surname?

can someone help since I can't afford to be supporter sorry guys

Not sure who this Team Cyberwar is... 🤔 Do you mean OYES?

Go End Game

Hopefully October 11th because that’s my birthday

October? Like, on tv? To watch?

I’m trying to think of the best ways to watch the tournament without cable... I’m a cord cutter! If I become a supporter do I get the episodes directly?

So you can have endgame but not monsoon? That’s kinda silly

Duck, duck, duck, win

it's mostly going to be american bots but nice to see a few none american bots get in

have biteforce mechanism

Paige I stand corrected...

Hell yes End Game.

Nice ! Can’t wait for the new season.

So....tell me why endgame is more impressive this year? What have you done differently that will get you further in the tournament?

Whats Team Cyberwar Jack?

Martin Chacon October!!!

This one kicks like a mule jajaja

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