A massive thank you to all our sponsors, without whom BattleBots simply couldn’t happen…

Emerald sponsor

VEX Robotics solutions encourage creativity, teamwork, leadership, passion, and problem-solving among groups. That’s why VEX is committed to advancing robotics education as leaders in STEM, making it easy to implement and being your partner along the way!

Platinum sponsor

iD Tech’s mission is to create life-changing tech experiences that embolden students to shape the future. No other program has their track record of long-term student success, their passion, or their reputation as the world’s go-to summer STEM educator. We’re honored to have iD Tech as one or our Platinum Sponsors.

Gold sponsors

BattleBots would grind to a screaching halt if is weren’t for Lincoln Electric. For all our events, they have set up General Botspital: a welding station for restoring broken bots. They also supply top welding talent, who have logged 100s of hours bringing bots back to life. Thank you Lincoln. Weld Red!

HGR serves customers around the world by buying and selling thousands of used surplus items including industrial machinery, manufacturing equipment, parts, tools, and more. Visit any of our locations as we continue to grow across the US or shop online 24/7 at www.hgrinc.com.

Silver Gilt sponsor

BattleBots always brings the noise – and Decibullz has you covered! Our revolutionary products make it easier to enjoy every roar, cheer, and victory without risking your hearing. With us in tow, join the fight for epic entertainment that won’t damage your ears!

Silver sponsor

Protolabs is the world’s fastest digital manufacturing source for rapid prototypes and on-demand production parts. Their automated quoting and manufacturing systems allow them to produce commercial-grade plastic, metal, and liquid silicone rubber parts within days. The result? A manufacturing partner that helps you accelerate speed to market and strategically manage demand volatility across the entire product life cycle.

Altium 365 is the agile electronics development platform for managing electronics product data, engineering workflows, and cross-domain collaboration. Altium 365 creates a continuous digital environment to streamline the entire electronics development process, from concept to manufacturing, helping organizations deliver better electronic products faster than ever before.

Included in BattleBots arsenal of safety equipment, is the novel innovation CellBlockEX, a mineral lithium-ion battery fire suppressant used by the safest fire departments for HAZMAT response. BattleBots has used it for years as an overpacking solution to damaged or defective batteries, allowing the safest containment available. As the Official Battery Safety Partners, CellBlock Fire Containment Systems has provided new gear including FireShield Blankets, and the most formidable battery cabinet available!

At Hollyland, we are driven by the vision of empowering individuals with the means to connect, collaborate, and innovate together. We firmly believe that synergy is the key to unlocking magical outcomes in teamwork. Hollyland products are revolutionizing the way people exchange and nurture ideas, visions, and creativity worldwide on a daily basis.

Participating in BattleBots showcases the versatility of our products and inspires our customers to explore technology in fresh, innovative ways. Bringing the sounds of the robots to life during a live-action show enhances the event’s atmosphere, captivating the audience’s attention and engagement.

Boom & Bucket is a leading digital dealer specializing in used heavy equipment. We provide a reliable and efficient platform for buyers to find and purchase machinery from various industries, including construction, agriculture, and more. With our user-friendly website, BoomAndBucket.com, we’re revolutionizing how heavy equipment is traded.