A massive thank you to all our sponsors, without whom BattleBots simply couldn’t happen…

Emerald sponsor

VEX Robotics solutions encourage creativity, teamwork, leadership, passion, and problem-solving among groups. That’s why VEX is committed to advancing robotics education as leaders in STEM, making it easy to implement and being your partner along the way!

Platinum sponsor

iD Tech’s mission is to create life-changing tech experiences that embolden students to shape the future. No other program has their track record of long-term student success, their passion, or their reputation as the world’s go-to summer STEM educator. We’re honored to have iD Tech as one or our Platinum Sponsors.

Gold sponsor

BattleBots would grind to a screaching halt if is weren’t for Lincoln Electric. For all our events, they have set up General Botspital: a welding station for restoring broken bots. They also supply top welding talent, who have logged 100s of hours bringing bots back to life. Thank you Lincoln. Weld Red!