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BattleBots 2019 Season – Episode 1 airs Wednesday, June 12th on Science Channel.

The 2019 season of BattleBots begins with 69 teams from around the world vying for the most prestigious prize in all of sports: The Giant Nut!

Episode Title: That’s what you call a KO!

Synopsis: Battlebots: Fight Night is back with the largest, hungriest, and deadliest field ever assembled! The 2019 regular season kicks off as 69 teams representing 9 different countries begin their quest for the ultimate world championship. Tonight, the most feared robot in the world, Tombstone and builder Ray Billings, faces off against the most decorated builder in the sport, Donald Hutson and Lock-Jaw. Sparks will fly, metal will fly, and a whole lot of robots will die!

BattleBots airs Friday nights at 8pm*, on Discovery and Wednesdays at 8pm* on Science Channel!

*Important note: Please be sure to check your TV provider’s guide for the exact time BattleBots is airing. Some cable/satellite services only offer an East coast feed for Discovery. This could mean the shows airs at 5pm on the West coast for certain providers.


June 12, 2019
8:00 pm-10:00 pm
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