Robot info

Builder info


End Game


Nick Mabey and Jack Barker


Bar spinner (vertical)




End Game

Jack Barker, Nick Mabey, Shane de Rijk, Steven Barker, Christina Yu, Devin Jerram, Hammond Pearce, Emma McMillan

Years competing:

5 years


Auckland, New Zealand

Favorite tool:

Big orange hammer

Favorite robot:


Interesting fact:
Since installing it, End Game hasn’t needed to use its self righter (fingers crossed for this season!)

Stat history

Total matches3468866
Win percentage68%67%88%88%50%33%
Total wins2347732
KO percentage56%33%75%75%50%33%
Average knockout time98 s100 s70 s82 s138 s102 s
Knockouts against810133
KO against percentage24%17%0%13%50%50%
Judges decision wins320100

Match history

WCVIIEpisode 702End Game vs BlipEnd Game by JD
WCVIIEpisode 706RIPeroni vs End GameRIPeroni by KO 1m37s
WCVIIEpisode 709End Game vs HyperShockEnd Game by KO 2m37s
WCVIIEpisode 713Gigabyte vs End GameEnd Game by KO 43s
WCVIIEpisode 716End Game vs TantrumEnd Game by JD
WCVIIEpisode 718End Game vs CopperheadCopperhead by JD
WCVIIEpisode 725End Game vs JackpotEnd Game by KO 1m25s
WCVIIEpisode 725End Game vs SawBlazeEnd Game by JD
WCVIIEpisode 725Free Shipping vs End GameEnd Game by KO 1m20s
2021Episode 601Hydra vs End GameEnd Game by KO 1m36s
2021Episode 605End Game vs Witch DoctorEnd Game by KO 1m8s
2021Episode 608SawBlaze vs End GameEnd Game by KO 29s
2021Episode 611End Game vs SkorpiosEnd Game by KO 57s
2021Episode 613End Game vs MinotaurMinotaur by JD
2021SCSF 6Ribbot vs End GameEnd Game by KO 1m1s
2021SCSF 6Tantrum vs End GameEnd Game by JD
2021SCSF 6Witch Doctor vs End GameEnd Game by KO 1m49s
2020Episode 501Tombstone vs End GameEnd Game by KO 39s
2020Episode 504Bloodsport vs End GameBloodsport by KO 1m10s
2020Episode 510HyperShock vs End GameEnd Game by KO 53s
2020Episode 512End Game vs Perfect PhoenixEnd Game by KO 57s
2020Episode 513End Game vs RotatorEnd Game by JD
2020Episode 514Shatter vs End GameEnd Game by KO 1m57s
2020Episode 514Tantrum vs End GameEnd Game by KO 1m56s
2020Episode 514Whiplash vs End GameEnd Game by KO 1m50s
2019Episode 1End Game vs Death RollDeath Roll by KO 1m35s
2019Episode 11End Game vs CobaltEnd Game by KO 1m42s
2019Episode 4End Game vs RibbotRibbot by KO 2m1s
2019Episode 8End Game vs GruffEnd Game by KO 2m59s
2019Episode 8Minotaur vs End GameMinotaur by KO 2m36s
2019Not AiredEnd Game vs DUCK!End Game by KO 2m14s
2018Day 1 Session 2Captain Shrederator vs End GameEnd Game by KO 1m22s
2018Day 10 Session 1SawBlaze vs End GameSawBlaze by JD
2018Day 2 Session 2End Game vs Lock-JawEnd Game by KO 2m1s
2018Day 4 Session 1Bite Force vs End GameBite Force by KO 1m2s
2018Day 7 Session 1SOW vs End GameSOW by KO 43s
2018Day 8 Session 2End Game vs War Hawk vs BrutusWar Hawk by KO 1m9s