Robot info

Builder info



Team Captain: 

Jeff Vasquez


Articulated Lifter / Vertical Disc Spinner


Senior Engineering Technician at Meggitt Airframe Systems


Fast Electric Robots

Jeff Vasquez (Team Captain), Matthew Vasquez (CAD Designer, Builder, Driver), Jason Vasquez (Builder, Auxiliary Driver), Debbie Vasquez (Team Manager)

Years competing: 

20 Years


Thousand Oaks, CA

Favorite tool: 

MIG Welder

Favorite robot: 

Iron Giant

Interesting fact:
We design, build and operate robots for TV shows like CBS’s ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and ‘The Neighborhood’, Nickelodeon’s ‘Zoey 101’, Disney XD’s ‘Lab Rats’, and Spike TV’s ‘1000 Ways to Die’. One of our more recent projects was this BattleBots inspired ‘Borderlands 3’ commercial

Stat history

Total matches298867
Win percentage72%75%75%67%71%
Total wins216645
KO percentage31%38%0%33%57%
Average knockout time102 s93 s103 s110 s
Knockouts against61212
KO against percentage21%13%25%17%29%
Judges decision wins167621

Match history

2021Episode 602Bloodsport vs WhiplashWhiplash by KO 2m59s
2021Episode 607Whiplash vs SkorpiosWhiplash by JD
2021Episode 612Whiplash vs IcewaveWhiplash by KO 58s
2021Episode 613Whiplash vs CobaltCobalt by TKO
2021SCSF 5HiJinx vs WhiplashWhiplash by JD
2021SCSF 5Ghost Raptor vs WhiplashWhiplash by KO 43s
2021SCSF 5Whiplash vs Witch DoctorWitch Doctor by KO 2m37s
2021SCSF 5Whiplash vs Black DragonWhiplash by JD
2019Episode 2Minotaur vs WhiplashWhiplash by JD
2019Episode 5SOW vs WhiplashWhiplash by KO 1m46s
2019Episode 9Whiplash vs Witch DoctorWitch Doctor by JD
2019Episode 12Texas Twister vs WhiplashWhiplash by KO 1m39s
2019Episode 15Whiplash vs HUGEWhiplash by JD
2019Episode 16Tombstone vs WhiplashTombstone by KO 1m40s
2018Day 2 Session 1Whiplash vs HypothermiaWhiplash by KO 1m27s
2018Day 4 Session 1Whiplash vs Mecha RampageWhiplash by KO 52s
2018Day 6 Session 2Tombstone vs WhiplashTombstone by KO 1m14s
2018Day 8 Session 1Warhead vs WhiplashWhiplash by KO 2m4s
2018Sweet 16 2018Yeti vs WhiplashWhiplash by JD
2018Quarter Finals 2018Bronco vs WhiplashWhiplash by KO 2m57s
2018Semi Finals 2018Whiplash vs Bite ForceBite Force by KO 1m29s
2016Qualifiers Session 2Whiplash vs Warrior DragonWarrior Dragon by JD
2016Sunday ExhibitionWhiplash vs The Disk o' Inferno vs RotatorRotator by JD
2020Episode 511Whiplash vs HUGEWhiplash by JD
2020Episode 513Whiplash vs ValkyrieWhiplash by JD
2020Episode 514Hydra vs WhiplashWhiplash by JD
2020Episode 514Whiplash vs Black DragonWhiplash by JD
2020Episode 514Whiplash vs End GameEnd Game by KO 1m50s
2020Episode 501Whiplash vs SawBlazeSawBlaze by KO 2m30s
2020Episode 507Whiplash vs GruffWhiplash by JD
2020Episode 510Valkyrie vs WhiplashWhiplash by JD